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  1. Perhaps a very late last model escort from year 2000 ish? I think there were some around then before the escort was finally finished
  2. They weren’t that bad, they were nicer to drive than uk cars of same era but they did rust a bit. I know uk cars did as well but the Japanese ones even faster. Recall bumpers rusted rapidly from the back so the chrome remainded like some kitchen foil
  3. The thing that looks like the fuse box has circuit boards inside with computer chips on . They can get water inside and green corrosion. Hope your problem is just a plug needing some fettling
  4. My brothers 2008 focus did not have cruise but when the other things you mention all arose one day I fixed it by reseating all of the plugs on the bottom of the fuse box / bcm. Under the glove box, above passengers feet . They can get kicked but also suffer corrosion. It was one particular plug, I can’t tell you which. Car was mk2.5 2008 1.8tdci.
  5. You can get a key blade cut on eBay from a photo. You can buy a key with immobiliser chip in it (check it is right type of chip) and program yourself using forscan with extended licence on a windows laptop using a good elm 327 device eg from tunnel rat electronics. Places like Timpsons charge over a hundred quid I think. And that is by cloning the key which some might say is not the right way to do it.
  6. In some places it will be referred to as mk vii (Roman numeral 7). As uk numbers the marks of fiesta differently to some other places. Mk8 in general uk terminology.
  7. 32,000 miles with original tyres on the front? They must be bald mustn’t they? I can understand back ones ok at that mileage but not the front
  8. I do agree, when there is traffic delay / diversion by roadworks or accident the priority to get things sorted and back to normal seems very low. Perhaps someone should raise the issue of pollution / climate change, how much extra is caused by long diversions or traffic in queues. But to be fair I have noticed in recent years that when stretches of resurfacing is done on dual carriageways and motorways I drive on it seems to be done at night and cleared away by peak time.
  9. Assuming this is mk6.5 which went from about 2005 to 2008. I had a mk6.5 2007. The seat lifted up by putting your hand down the back of the base and pulling up. It has two hinges along the front edge so when you lift the back edge it comes up in an arc to the vertical. Mine was zetec. Maybe some other spec models saved money by having a fixed base.
  10. What mileage have you done? It seems unusual that a 2019 car needs new rear discs and pads.
  11. I have 14inch wheels on my mk7.5 , bigger wheels with lower profile tyres can look good but the downside outweighs that in my view . I appreciate other people put more emphasis on the looks and are happy to put up with the harsher ride and more vulnerability to damage rims on kerbs and bent wheels from potholes
  12. Sorry if this does not help. Do you have a registration document from the country it was registered in? If not, does it have a registration plate on so you can perhaps contact dvla equivalent in that country . You do not need extra proof of age if you provide the registration doc from the country it came from, but failing that, perhaps dvla would accept letter from their dvla equivalent?
  13. On modern cars they have a pedal spring which kind of works both ways. Over centre is the term I think. On the first half of travel as you start pushing pedal down, you are pushing against the spring. But when you get past half way the spring is pulling the pedal down to help you. I am wondering if there is something wrong with the pedal spring so that it’s not assisting you on the lower part of the travel. I can’t say 100% certain that fiestas have a pedal spring that operates this way but I would be surprised if they were not designed that way. On my wife’s Mazda 2 the pedal does a horrible click when the spring goes over centre half way down. It was a common fault and many were done under warranty but ours didn’t start doing it until a couple of years after we bought it 2nd hand. I’ve tried greasing it to no avail. I believe on warranty fixes Mazda we’re replacing the whole pedal box
  14. I have mk7.5 2015. Seat base is not hinged like on mk6.5 , on mine it clips in. You have to try to get your fingers underneath and pull it upwards. I can’t remember if that has to be done along front edge or rear edge. I think it’s front. It’s not designed to be moved when you fold the seat backs down
  15. My brother had a mk2 2008 focus. On his car all those problems were caused by one plug on the underneath of of the bcm / fuse box underneath the glove box. Unplugging and plugging them back in cured it. I can’t tell you which one of the multiple plugs it was.
  16. The 1 litre turbo Ford engine must be the least tolerant engine, it self destructs in the blink of an eye if something is wrong. You can’t take a chance on it.
  17. You need to make it harder to steal than the next car in the row. As an American said to me, you don’t need to run faster than the bear, you just need to run faster than the bloke next to you. I like that saying
  18. I would be nervous about the wet belt problem. But also bear in mind that if someone thinks they can get more money by showing evidence of wet belt replacement then it would be easy to fake the evidence of that( invoice). And there is no way you would be able to see if it’s been done by looking at the car. 1.25 litre will seem very slow compared to 1litre turbo but the 1.25 has much higher chance of trouble free motoring
  19. If you get alloys make sure you put them on car right away and spin them checking inside and outside for them being bent. And return them if not right - assuming seller said none are bent. It is common for them to be distorted on the back as alloy wheels are weak and at the back they are not braced well. And the bigger they are, the lower profile the tyre and hence more likely that pot hole shock reached wheel and not fully absorbed by tyre. On my previous mk6.5 I changed to steels after 3 alloys got bent.
  20. As mentioned above econetic diesels had 14inch alloys apart from Style econetic which is steel . But also some older fiestas had 14 inch alloys with 175 65 14 tyres eg my sisters 2004 fiesta mk6 ghia. I am 95% certain 2004 mk6 wheels are same dimensions - offset etc
  21. Re the tulip mania comment , that’s how I view crypto currencies. Anyway - escorts- I recall my brother had a 2 dr mk1 which cost him about a hundred quid. He had to regularly top up oil. Then the bonnet release broke so he just drove it until it ran out of oil and destroyed the engine. And it went to the car crusher. 2dr mk1 values are crazy. People are even converting 4 dr shells to 2 dr.
  22. I agree with Dave, the new probably not bedded in yet. Don’t know how many miles you have done with new pads on one side. If you now replace the other pads you might still have imbalance as one side might be 50% bedded in and the newer one much less. Have you actually failed the mot on it? You might find you need to buy a new set of 4 and put them all in now to get through mot.
  23. How did we get in this situation where someone felt it was necessary to produce this abi agreement, did some insurers act unreasonably against people with winter tyres? I never would have thought it was necessary if the tyres are the correct size. I can’t see why it’s any different to me putting rovello tyres on my car when the original Michelins wore out. Same size tyre , different make different tread pattern.
  24. You will probably find it will stay there unless you removed headlamp and blow hot air in bulb hole with hairdryer. Don’t do too mad , I caused a lot of damage to plastic doing this on a rear lamp
  25. When I was first driving in 1982 generally insurance companies asked about modifications that increased performance, but they then started asking about everything you might have altered or added. I think some insurance companies take the view that if you are the type of person to alter things then you are an undesirable boy racer. And then because insurers sometimes react unreasonably to declarations of modifications it encourages people to not come clean about their car. If you declare stuff you might find ‘computer says no’ type of mentality. I am not encouraging people to withhold truthful answers to the questions insurers ask.
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