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  1. Anyone have any issues with their mk7.5 fiesta and LED bulbs? Had my side lights and number plate LED's go because of what I can only assume is condensation/moisture in the sealed units. Any ideas how to get round it? Considered new LED full units rather than bulbs for the number plate lights but it's getting to the point of just sticking all the halogen bulbs back in...
  2. Was never a fan of the mist washer jets - Purchased them professionally painted from PaintModz Blackpool (Highly recommended) but found they sprayed way too much over the roof and sides of my car. Ended up reverting to the originals but in piano black again from PaintModz. Found it most annoying when I'd just ritually cleaned it only to be left with water marks all over.
  3. Mk7.5 Headlight Retrofit

    Thanks for the reply - Had a feeling it would be a no go without some faffing about.
  4. Fiesta Zetec S Insurance 1 years no claims

    I paid £880 on a 125 Ecoboost Zetec S with 1 years NCB. That's with an £11k claim as my Ibiza cupra was stolen & not recovered in March. I'm 21. Happy Hunting.
  5. Apologies if this has already been discussed somewhere on the forum, just can't find it anywhere. I have a 2013 Mk7.5/Facelift Ecoboost - Can the revised headlights with built in DRL strip be retrofitted onto my fiesta that uses standard halogen bulb's as a DRL? I've already seen that the newly revised tail lights can be retrofitted without a problem - Just wanting to know if the headlights are the same! Thanks in advance,