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  1. No i think it just does it up to 3rd. It happens to my b/f too, so its not the way I am drving it. If you slowly lift the clutch up, and gently onto the gas, its fine, but then obviously slow and annoying to others lol. It used to happen a little on my Puma, only until it warmed up.
  2. Hi all I have had my Fiesta for about a month now. My problem is if you bring your foot up too quick off the clutch,the car like jolts. Thats the only way i can describe it. Worse when its cold, infact when it warms up its not too bad at all. Any ideas, or is this something to put up with? My mom has a Fiesta and it doesn't do this. Lucie :)
  3. O/T - X Factor

    Rikki really needs to get that weird eyebrow spike sorted out. It is really annoying me now. Haha the eyebrow! Its annoying me too
  4. O/T - X Factor

    Was that all it was? Danni made it out to be more than that!
  5. O/T - X Factor

    Yeah loved Lucie, I also thought Jamie was good too. What was Danni on about with Danyl? Lucie ;)
  6. I will watch tonights then vote :P
  7. I know its really bad, I think I will be going to Pumabuild in Birmingham. They cut one for my Puma, think it was £90 and that was for a remote fob. The key is only £65 cut and programmed. :D
  8. Cleaned and Porter cabled my Fiesta

    Aww thanks very much! :) I only bought it last week, took me ages to find one without rust on the arches, really pleased with it.
  9. Hey all Thought you would like to see some pics of my detail...... Not the best colour to get the mirror effect but it seems to stay cleaner for longer Comments appreciated :)
  10. Air freshners

    Has anyone tried the California scents in a tin? They last for soooooo long and are well worth the money.
  11. Hi all Just phoned a few local Fords.... Currently all i have is one remote key so thought i had better get a spare sorted. Here are my results: Nearest Ford said i need 2 additonal keys 1 red 1 black (as i have the 3 key system) plus 2 hours (1 hour for each key) labour to programme, Total including keys = £250! Next said £37.00 for 1 key and £80.00 labour = £117.00 Next said £79.95 for 1 key and this includes prgramming. Edit I have a 1.25 Y Reg Fiesta
  12. Help with paint code

    Hi all My paint code is J1. I have a Fiesta 1.25 Y reg (01). I am really not sure whether my car is tonic or Steel blue? When i click on the below and go to 2001> its saying Tonic but i am sure thats the later shape colour not mine? http://www.fordpaintcodes.co.uk/ford-fiest...l-models-and-ka Any help appreciated
  13. Just in case anyone else ever wants to know, it is the same! :D all better now
  14. Anyone please? Mine has a split and the scrap yard only has a mk 4 one? cheers guys
  15. Cost of cambelt fitted?

    Oh sorry, 1.25 Zetec too :) Thats not a bad price at all, thanks very much.