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  1. hello nottsmondeo,it was the switch for the hot/cold function.changed that and both seats operate as they should.took about a minute to swap out and replace.
  2. Hello,could anybody point me in the right direction as to where I can get a new/used bonnet soundproofing panel for my titanium x sport please?ive tried eBay.i am also on the hunt for a pair of headlights too. thanks in advance.
  3. hello,ive got a problem with the a/c on my mondeo titanium x sport. after reading through this fine forum i found that the purple wire from the pcm was indeed broken so that was repaired but still no a/c (sorry meant to say i had it regassed first and the a/c wouldnt work). So the next item we found was that the rad fan was also u/s so that has been replaced but here is where things get a bit strange! If my mechanic plugs his diagnotic machine in and does a reset the a/c works for a minute and then stops again!!so i am wondering whether i have to book it in to my dealers for a proper ford diagnostic test or if one of you fine people could could point me in the right direction? Now my second issue is that there is a fault with my headlamp control unit so that was replaced but i still have the warning message on my dash!again does this need a ford diagnostic reset?or is there another way?i am loathed to pay fords going rate but at the minute i dont really see an alternative.
  4. Problem solved.turned out to be the switch.
  5. Hello I have a heated/cooled seat problem in my titanium x sport. the problem is the passenger seat does not seem to work yet the drivers seat does. the drivers side of the switch lights up (albeit one of the lights fails to light up)but the passenger side does not light up at all. i have had the switch out and there doesn’t seem to be any loose wires and I have checked the relevant fuses but all seems fine. i have done some digging and I believe that a common fault with these is the switch? p.s I forgot to mention that the fan under the passenger seat is always on from the second the ignition is on to about 5 seconds after you turn the ignition off.
  6. Hello,I took my Mondeo titanium x sport down for an air con re gas last week but it turns out this is not the issue.looking through the forums this seems to be a common electrical issue but I wondered if anybody could tell me a few common areas for us to look at please?
  7. Mondeo headlight issue

    Which headlight though?you say it's the headlight not communicating but how do I know which one is the problem?
  8. Mondeo headlight issue

    Hello,it's got the hid's and the cornering lights are working fine.
  9. Hello I seem to be suffering with the dreaded Mondeo headlight issue! I have the headlight warning message on my screen,all bulbs are fine,all connections are good but what I don't seem to get is the headlight test on start up with the lights on so I am wondering if it's this. please help!!
  10. Mondeo dpf overload

    Thanks for the help,I will do all of the above checks and go from there.
  11. Mondeo dpf overload

    Which is why I have posted on here so I don't waste money.👍
  12. Hello I have had a warning light up on my dash of my 08 plate Mondeo titanium x saying the diesel filter is overloaded.i take it this is the dreaded dpf problem rearing its ugly head?any solutions would be greatly appreciated!
  13. USB query

    Hello,I have just removed the glovebox out of my Mondeo titanium x to see if I could put a USB port in to allow music streaming.i have pulled the cable down and I'm not quite sure what to do next?have I got to upgrade the Bluetooth unit or can I get a lead that plugs into this and then into the USB port I've got?
  14. mondeo audio

    hello,i have a mondeo titanium x 2009my,that has a blauplunkt travelpilot touchscreen system which only allows me to use my phone via bluetooth and nothing else.it has the aux socket in the glove box but i would like to fit a usb socket.Has anybody done this and fitted the newer bluetooth module to allow ipod steaming?i know that the model number for the bluetooth module(8m5t-19c112-av but i would like to know how to fit this and the usb.
  15. Hello I have a Ford Focus titanium with the travel pilot fx headunit/sat nav and don't see to have any gps?any wise people out there that can tell me how to rectify this?