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  1. hello,does anybody have a passenger side headlight (hid) for a titanium x sport for sale please?
  2. wicket73

    Mondeo headlight

    Hello,has anybody got some mystical magic way of cleaning the Inside of the headlight?ive got some water marks that are letting the side down!!
  3. wicket73

    mondeo headlights

    Update.problem found,passenger side headlight connecting block badly coroded.bought a s/h headlight with cleaner bolck fitting monday.
  4. Hello,i have some fault codes from my headlamp control module which i need some help with,the codes are, b1c98-11-6c b1c98-13-6c b1c99-13-6c b1a57-87-2f any help please?
  5. wicket73

    mk7 fiesta alarm issue

    update. car all fixed.it was ther bonnet catch rocker switch.
  6. wicket73

    mk7 fiesta alarm issue

    Yesterday we went out to the car and had a bonnet open warning flash up on the display.and the bonnet wasn’t open so I’m guessing this is all related.booked in at the dealers today.
  7. Problem solved.broken wire.
  8. wicket73

    Mondeo a/c issue

    Hello,just got the a/c fixed on my titanium x sport but I have another issue with it. The passenger side blows colder than the drivers side which is annoying to say the least!has anybody else come across this problem and how do you cure it??
  9. wicket73

    mk7 fiesta alarm issue

    I have got forscan and the correct lead so i will plug it in tommorow and see what that brings up.
  10. wicket73

    mk7 fiesta alarm issue

    Thats a good question!!i think its the sensors inside the car
  11. wicket73

    mk7 fiesta alarm issue

    hello,my wife's fiesta titanium x has just developed an annoying problem. She got home from work last night and within five minutes the alarm was going off.i went out and unlocked it and checked that all the doors and windows were closed and locked it up again and all was fine for an hour and then it did it again.i went out and unlocked and locked it up again and all was fine until 4.00 this morning and it did it again and then again at 8.00. i am at a bit of a loss as to what could be causing this so any help would be greatly appreciated.It is a 64 plate ecoboost titanium x with 28,000 miles.
  12. hello,i am having problems with the a/c on my mondeo.had it regassed,did not work so dug further and found that the purple wire near the gearbox was broken so fixed that,also noticed that the rad fan was not working so replaced that.got it plugged into my echanics diagnostic machine and it worked!for a minute and then stooped again.so i have done the diagnostic test on the climate control unit itself(mine has the blauplunkt sat nav in it)and it is showing two codes,oxf077 and ox96f,could any body shed any light as to what these mean please?
  13. hello nottsmondeo,it was the switch for the hot/cold function.changed that and both seats operate as they should.took about a minute to swap out and replace.
  14. Hello,could anybody point me in the right direction as to where I can get a new/used bonnet soundproofing panel for my titanium x sport please?ive tried eBay.i am also on the hunt for a pair of headlights too. thanks in advance.
  15. hello,ive got a problem with the a/c on my mondeo titanium x sport. after reading through this fine forum i found that the purple wire from the pcm was indeed broken so that was repaired but still no a/c (sorry meant to say i had it regassed first and the a/c wouldnt work). So the next item we found was that the rad fan was also u/s so that has been replaced but here is where things get a bit strange! If my mechanic plugs his diagnotic machine in and does a reset the a/c works for a minute and then stops again!!so i am wondering whether i have to book it in to my dealers for a proper ford diagnostic test or if one of you fine people could could point me in the right direction? Now my second issue is that there is a fault with my headlamp control unit so that was replaced but i still have the warning message on my dash!again does this need a ford diagnostic reset?or is there another way?i am loathed to pay fords going rate but at the minute i dont really see an alternative.