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  1. Still.looking for a pair if these
  2. After some advice please, I have a 3 door st line 140, I am looking at getting a set of cill trims from an st, see attachment, they are red led and illuminate, there is a small plug on the ends of narrow ribbon wires, how do I get wires into car, and where do the plugs plug into? Do they need turning on with forscan? Also does anyone have a set of these for sale for a 3 door 2016 fiesta?
  3. Hi I’m after advice, I have the bog standard radio, satnav in my fiesta as per photo with red circle, I want to know, is it possible to upgrade to the Sony head unit, which comes complete with screen etc, if yes is it a simple swap? Do I need a radio code for replacement unit, or is it a dealer plug in job? And lastly is there any advantage over Sony unit as to ford standard one? Apart from Sony one being more attractive to the eye. Many thanks and I await your reply’s. also where do I get the most up to date map Sd card from, I’m bit confused as to which one I need.
  4. I looking at buying a fiesta st line, I am confused as I can’t find out what this switch is for, help please.
  5. Hi all new member to this group i currently own a mk3 focus s 1.6 tdci. Looking to do some mods so any advice or tips most welcome.
  6. Hi i am looking to upgrade my boring seats to st half leather, or titanium full leather, my questions are 1/ will mk2 seats fit, a mk3 ? 2/ if electric adjustable is wiring loom pre installed, with just a case of plug and play with maybe an additional relay? 3/ are all seat air bags wired same in looms in car? 4/ will 2015 on model seats fit mk3? Many thanks