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  1. AUX on Focus '57

    I fitted this kit (1426121) to my 06 Focus and it works fine. You will need a set of 4 removal tools for the head unit (approx £5 off ebay), a set of Torx keys to remove the glovebox, a 20mm hole cutter or drill to make the hole in the glovebox for the jack socket and the 4 digit code for the head unit if you have to disconnect it. You will also need an audio lead to connect your ipod or mp3 player to the new socket. Everything else you need is in the kit, even cable ties to secure the new cable to the loom. The job should take under an hour. Note: Don't try getting the head unit out with anything other than the correct removal tools as you'll just get frustrated and probably scratch the fascia. Good luck.
  2. Headlight warning

    Mine's an 06 1.6 Zetec petrol and there is an audible warning (intermittent beep) for side or headlights on. Mine works when driver door is opened with key in 'off' position
  3. Engine hesitating on 06 Focus

    Seem to have my misfire problem sorted but noticed that even when ECU had logged the coil fault there was no DTC code listed when I did the dash computer diagnostic check. Do DTC codes have anything to do with ECU error codes?
  4. Engine hesitating on 06 Focus

    Was worried about the possibility of damage to cat so had the coil pack replaced today, thankfully not as expensive as I feared. Found a good local garage which didn't charge for the diagnostic check, just for parts and labour, though I think I could have replaced the coil myself.
  5. Engine hesitating on 06 Focus

    Finally got to the point this week where the engine warning light came on for a trip to work and back. Misfire got worse during these two journeys. Next day the light didn't come on and the car behved normally, however I have had the codes checked today and the fault logged points to a faulty coil pack. Plan to get this replaced early next week.
  6. My 06 reg Focus 1.6 Zetec petrol has an intermittent fault which is getting worse and driving me mad! When being driven at steady speed, usually between 2 & 3000rpm, i feel a slight hesitance from the engine which feels like a misfire but I'm not sure that's what it is. Under aceleration either gentle or hard the car performs perfectly, the hesitance is only when running on steady throttle. I have done the dashboard computer test but no DTC codes are logged and i have also had it hooked up to a diagnostic rig but again no fault codes are evident. The problem only occurs when the engine is at working temp and sometimes when the fault has been evident the car will idle roughly, but only for a couple of seconds at a time. Again, following the rough idling the car will drive away perfectly normally. I appreciate that without fault codes this kind of thing is hard to pin down but i would welcome anyones ideas on this. I am keen to avoid the 'change this sensor, change that sensor' scenario as i could spend a lot of cash before solving the problem and accept that i may have to simply wait for it to get worse to the point that the problem becomes more obvious. Anyway, anyones advise or suggestions would be appreciated.