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  1. Boys Vs Girls

    all this proves is that more males use this site than the ladies
  2. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    yes i put the whole thing in the bucket , next time I will try and keep the inside from getting wet, I tried turn it inside out but the neck is to tight and i cant do it. oh well I guess it will just have to sit on the radiator untill it dries out.
  3. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    change of subject but how the hell do you get the inside of a wookies fist dry? Ive used mine once dried the outside ok but the inside is taking forever, 3 days since i used it and it started to smell like someone has pi**ed in it, ive had it on top of the radiator etc
  4. How dirty!!!

    mines the dirty its been since I took delivery, cant wait till the hose thaws out so i can give it a clean and use my new wookies fist.
  5. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    got a wookies fist for xmas, cant wait to give it a go , the cars filthy!!
  6. New car millages....

    took delivery early sept 09 now showing 1800miles, ime a sad git I run out when it starts to rain and put it in the garage, I dont like her getting wet.
  7. No Fiesta for me til 2010

    I see a lot of people on here have had STs and have now got fezzas , I really fancy an ST why did all you ex ST owners sell up and get a fezza, dont get me wrong I think the fez is a great little car miles better than the mini ours replaced, I really wanted an ST but the wife hasent past her test long so the fez was a better choice for us, I am hoping things pick up so we can go back to a car each then I am out looking for an ST.
  8. yes I think the week after xmas I am going down the dealers to order the part and arrange fitting and see what happens. Whats the worst that could happen?
  9. I have a 5 door which had rear spoiler and valance put on at the dealer because stupid ford wont factory fit these items to a 5door they have to be orderd as a accessory. The part I am looking at is called -body colour front bumper extension and anthracite spoiler lip, so it makes it sound like it fits over the existing bumper when orderd as an accessory, the reason I ask about front sensors is because in the ford book it says you cant fit front sensors to a ZS so it makes me think its something to do with the spoiler even though the sensors are up level with the number plate
  10. I am looking to fit the front ZS spoiler on my titanium but I think I have read somewhere that this cant be done if you have front park sensors, could someone please let me know if this is possible.
  11. Titanium vs Zetec S (driver ages)

    I am only 45 with a Titanium, would have got a ZS but not in 5 door and not as many toys
  12. Mountune/Pumaspeed?

    mountune just has it for me, but to be honest I dont like any of them, I would not have the styling kit just the performance upgrade.
  13. my mk7

    I would like to see a car with the rear diffuser colour codeed also, I never liked all that black espcialy on a bright coloured car
  14. POP!

    Dont work on mine says ive got 16" wheels when ive got 17 inchers
  15. First service and paint flaw

    Yes I have got paint problems , mines got a problem on the offside passenger inner wheel arch its as if they have sprayed over sand paper :(