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  1. Thanks JW1982 So can I just confirm that if I want to change the F3 card, I can use any of the updated cards - F4, F5 or the F6 when it is released, for my 2015 Focus? I won't be limited to the F4 because of the year of manufacture? Thanks Jane
  2. Thanks iantt Did as you suggested and the postcode section was there Many thanks Jane
  3. Hi Stoney I've looked again and clicked on the destination and the postcode section has come up. Thanks for your help Jane
  4. Hello I have recently bought a 2015 Ford Focus 1.5 TDCI Titanium. When I went to use the Sat Nav there was nowhere on the touchscreen to put in the required postcode. The SD card is an F3. I am assuming this is not the right one for the car as it is a 2015 model. When I went back to the garage today they said this was the SD card that with the car. Do the numbers on the SD cards refer to the car model year - i.e F3 - 2013, F4 - 2014, F5 - 2015 etc? Should I therefore be buying an F5 SD card or is there a 2016 updated card that would work in a 2015 focus? Please could any members advise me on this and also would I be able to get this on ebay. Many thanks Jane