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  1. Has anyone had any luck with fitting a 2nd hand fuel pump or is it just false economy
  2. Thank you. I was a bit surprised by them saying that the pump had broken down because it ran fine apart from the odd bit of smoke at idle.
  3. I assume that cleaning out all the fuel lines and replacing the pump/damaged injector should solve this,
  4. I have sent the injectors back to be checked and have been informed that they are all sowing signs of damage from possible the pump falling. Has anyone come across this before
  5. Anyone? It's still showing no fault codes
  6. I have reset the pilot injector values and taking the car for a drive, the car is suffering from a knocking noise that wasn't there before changing the injectors. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this? Thank you
  7. I have now replaced all the injectors and the car is running worse and smokes heavily under load. They have been coded in.
  8. Thank you. I thought it might be something like this and have ordered 2 more injectors.
  9. had a problem with diesel smoke from the exhaust at idle when warm. I had my injectors tested and 2 failed the test, these have been replaced with recon injectors and coded in but I now have a rough spot at 1500 that wasn't there before. Any ideas?
  10. What are peoples thoughts on recon injectors for this engine
  11. The coding is correct on the injectors. Any other ideas anyone
  12. I was told by someone that I should replace all 4 injectors but I didn't know if this was necessary due to 2 of them testing ok
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