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  1. Humming noise at 50mph

    Both front tyres didnt need balancing! So can just assume that budget tyre is culprit. Noise is much more noticeable on some road surfaces than others so must be " crappy " budget tyre. Get what you pay for I suppose!
  2. Humming noise at 50mph

    One was a budget tyre and one a Firestone. Firestone( never used ) was my spare so tyre place just fitted it without balancing it. I am embarrassed to say that I havent checked the Firestone pressure yet
  3. Humming noise at 50mph

    ok will try it
  4. Humming noise at 50mph

    Thanks for the reply. Noise is almost certainly coming from front of car. There is no vibration connected with the noise and no noise/vibration from gear box. <_<
  5. Humming noise at 50mph

    I own a focus tddi estate and recently I have been getting a humming/droning noise when I reach 50mph ( it is literally bang on 50mph). It subsides slightly past 50mph but does carry on. I recently had two new tyres on the front, one of which was not balanced ( but i dont think noise started immediately after fitting.) I have also had two front wishbones fitted at the same time. Garage has checked wheel bearings and they are okay. Any ideas?