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  1. Battery

    No probs, for what its worth, its been working perfectly since I got her back. I think its a case of Ford are trying to be too clever hampered by poor quality batteries. Everybody who's replaced the battery seems to be back on easy street again.
  2. Battery

    Been back at the dealer today, they replaced the battery under warranty. Whilst there, the technician/mechanic had a word with me, said that he'd seen a few batteries behave like this. He also said that the mechanism behind operating the S/S is based on a scientific calculation between the battery level and the level of charge being directed to it. The minimum the battery can be at is 60%. He also said the technicians arent all fully clued up as to exactly how this works. He also suggested after a motorway cruise, when coming onto a slip road, to floor the accelerator briefly as this will make the S/S work as it directs enough current. For what its worth, the S/S is behaving as is the heated screen.
  3. Bye bye Mondeo

    I did not know that. Every day's a school day :-)
  4. StartStop stopped working

    Had a similar problem in my MK5, I also had the heated front screen not working. Its probably the battery. I believe once it drops to a certain level, it wont fully charge by driving alone. Dealer charged it up to test it and its worked since, battery is being changed next week, but since being fully charged its worked perfectly.
  5. Battery

    I think they did, so it will slowly lose its charge until replaced. Annoyingly still, heated screen and S/S working perfectly from cold today......
  6. Battery

    OK, so despite all their testing telling them the battery is good, they have a battery on order and my car is booked in a week Friday to have it changed. Annoyingly, since I got the car back, S/S has worked flawlessly.
  7. Battery

    Update.... Was out for a 150 mile round trip drive on Wednesday, on the initial leg of 75 miles S/S did not operate, when I returned it did and whilst in S/S if I turned on the front heated screen, S/S cancelled and returned the engine to service. I presume this meant the screen was heating and needed the engine on to compensate for the power usage. Car was booked into the dealer yesterday, and once again the S/S didn't operate until I got there (about 15 miles). Spoke to the tech yesterday afternoon, he reckons the battery is suspect but all the diags come back as a good battery. They're going to do a cold start this morning and let me know (good morning for it, frosty and really cold.) Still waiting for an update from them.
  8. Battery

    Excellent, I hope the dealer changes the battery - I doubt it though. So further weirdness occurred. On Sunday, took the car out for a family run, plenty of time in the car and plenty of miles. By Sunday evening, Start/Stop still was not working. Took her out yesterday evening for a quick 10 minute trip to the shops, 5 minutes in and I'm stopped at a roundabout, SS icon is greyed out, I deactivated the system, then reactivated it, and lo and behold the car stopped. I then drove to another roundabout and stopped, the grey icon appeared, then about 2 seconds later it went green and stopped again. Seems to be quite intermittent that it will actually work automatically, but Im going to test it by deactivating then reactivating whenever possible! Lat
  9. Battery

    I actually just completed another resting voltage probe with my multimeter, nothing is plugged into the car and as I mentioned when I left her last night the meter read 12.5, today its reading 12.3, whilst shes been in the driveway overnight. I don't think these plugged in devices were causing a drain as power to those sockets is cut off shortly after locking the car, I was more concerned they were preventing the battery from getting enough power to charge. I'll try the same route again with one of them connected, then again with the other and see what happens. (Costing me a fortune in Diesel :-) )
  10. Battery

    Decided to pull out an Apple cable (though it wasn't connected) and a USB phone charger (again not connected) from the 2 front sockets, took her for another smaller run, this time the resting voltage when I got back was 12.5v (Stop/Start still not working). Wonder if one of these 2 devices has developed a fault and is drawing too much power or something, I'll try and narrow it down by elimination later this evening. I've had an Apple cable develop a fault, but the car would report this every time I connected the cable by telling me this accessory was drawing too much power or something. That cable was subsequently binned as it didn't work anyway. She's booked into the dealer for the end of the month anyway.
  11. Battery

    Thanks for the post. Mine is the econetic too and most last year was shorter journeys, it’s only been since the cold snap (as well as the software upgrade!) that this has started. Ive a funny feeling the dealer will just charge the battery and be done with it. Honestly as long as I keep giving her a run once a week that should do the trick!
  12. Battery

    True.. The car is being booked into the dealer at the end of the month. On reflection, this all seemed to start after they recalled the car to upgrade the parking brake software. Not saying that's why this is happening, but it is a coincidence. I went through most of last year with a few weeks going by at a time without any big journeys and the car never let me down. I stuck my meter back on the battery this morning and got 12.15, didn't seem as cold last night either. What temperature range should the stop start be active in? Thanks for all the replies and advice all, very helpful bunch you are :-) Lat
  13. Battery

    Thanks all, think I’ll try and get it checked over the next few days. out of interest, what should a fully charged battery show voltage wise?
  14. Battery

    At the moment only really short journeys, so youve basically confirmed what I suspected. took her out for a run this evening, about an hour in total cruising on motorways. Checked the battery again when I got home and it’s now showing 12.30. (Start stop still not working, but it’s -1/0 degrees at the moment and I’ve read low temps can also disable the start stop system?) is it a new battery situation or just make sure I give the car a good run every week? Thanks, Lat
  15. Battery

    My heated front screen hasn't been working recently & I've discovered that neither is the auto stop start system. I stuck a meter on the battery and found it sitting dead on 12v ). The car starts OK, sounds a little wheezy, just a touch though, when turning over. I had her out on an 160 mile round trip a week and a half ago, but nothing major since. Could the battery be dodgy, or is it just the cold eking away the charge? Lat