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  1. The Latman

    Mk V Creaking

    Hey folks, Has any other MkVs developed a creak from below the central console almost underneath the gear stick. Its noticeable whenever rough roads or speedbumps are present (so practically all the time). If so, any idea what it is? Lat
  2. The Latman

    Sync Updates Now Online In UK

    Update went well, visually I can see there's been a wee change, probably mostly under the hood. Anybody got any decent release notes for it? (Release notes for a car....what an age we live in..)
  3. The Latman

    Sync Updates Now Online In UK

    Is there anything of note the update does? (Downloading it now)
  4. The Latman

    Extremely 1st world problem

    My wife said that as well.......might give that a try..... :-)
  5. The Latman

    Extremely 1st world problem

  6. The Latman

    Extremely 1st world problem

    I actually had a Focus that had some really horrible greasy marks on the inside, a few weeks later it got a nasty stone chip on the exterior, when Auto Widnscreens came out, I convinced him to swap it out.......HATE cleaning windscreens :D Thanks for the advice btw
  7. After the Latmobile being buried up to her bonnet in snow a couple of weeks back, I had discovered the dreaded 'ice on the inside of window' irritant. I'm now left with an annoying watermark all over the interior windscreen. Cleaning the inside of a windscreen is perhaps the most hated task I ever have to do, I have been known to leave slight marks on the inside just to not clean it, but this is faaaaar too annoying...and distracting. Any recommendations for an easy to use (and we're talking VERY easy to use that requires MINIMAL elbow grease!!) product that delivers great results (with minimal streaking!) Another option is if anybody can do it for me.......Not asking too much am I....
  8. The Latman

    Mondeo Climate Control Not Working

    I had a similar problem on a Focus years ago, got it regassed by Kwik Fit and it lasted a day......took it back to the dealer & turned out there was a tiny hole in the AC pipe.
  9. The Latman

    Mondeo 2015 Sync 2 Updates

    Have there ever been Sync 3 updates?
  10. The Latman


    No probs, for what its worth, its been working perfectly since I got her back. I think its a case of Ford are trying to be too clever hampered by poor quality batteries. Everybody who's replaced the battery seems to be back on easy street again.
  11. The Latman


    Been back at the dealer today, they replaced the battery under warranty. Whilst there, the technician/mechanic had a word with me, said that he'd seen a few batteries behave like this. He also said that the mechanism behind operating the S/S is based on a scientific calculation between the battery level and the level of charge being directed to it. The minimum the battery can be at is 60%. He also said the technicians arent all fully clued up as to exactly how this works. He also suggested after a motorway cruise, when coming onto a slip road, to floor the accelerator briefly as this will make the S/S work as it directs enough current. For what its worth, the S/S is behaving as is the heated screen.
  12. The Latman

    Bye bye Mondeo

    I did not know that. Every day's a school day :-)
  13. The Latman

    StartStop stopped working

    Had a similar problem in my MK5, I also had the heated front screen not working. Its probably the battery. I believe once it drops to a certain level, it wont fully charge by driving alone. Dealer charged it up to test it and its worked since, battery is being changed next week, but since being fully charged its worked perfectly.
  14. The Latman


    I think they did, so it will slowly lose its charge until replaced. Annoyingly still, heated screen and S/S working perfectly from cold today......
  15. The Latman


    OK, so despite all their testing telling them the battery is good, they have a battery on order and my car is booked in a week Friday to have it changed. Annoyingly, since I got the car back, S/S has worked flawlessly.