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  1. The Latman

    SYNC Updates

    Hahahaha 😃
  2. The Latman

    SYNC Updates

    Yeah I figured it would be something like that. I will be installing the update, just need to be in the car for 90 minutes or so!
  3. The Latman

    Dab issue

    Put your phone into flight mode first, then plug it into the car. See if its interference from the cell signal? If not, is it an electrical issue?
  4. The Latman

    SYNC Updates

    Found them on the Ford site, whilst SYNC is up to date, there's a 20GB map update for me..... Has there been massive changes to it, thats a BIG update.
  5. The Latman

    SYNC Updates

    A few months back someone posted a message and link in this forum to advise that the SYNC update was available for download, I duly downloaded and installed it. How do we know when there are further updates for it? I was quite surprised that the SYNC update didn't happen using the 'via WIFI' option (parks right inside my wlan range so it always logs on to my network.)
  6. The Latman

    Hand brake

    Whatever you do, don't forget to pull that switch's hit and miss whether or not it flags up the fact the parking brake is off......
  7. The Latman


    That's what I found as weird as well....
  8. The Latman

    67 Plate Sync Apps

    I dont have an android so I'm sure someone will correct me if wrong, but i think he needs to download Android Auto from the play store, then just plug it in to the car. If it doesnt load, check the settings. Should be a button for Android Auto/Apple CarPlay preferences and just turn it on.
  9. The Latman

    67 Plate Sync Apps

    If he plugs his phone in he will certainly get Android Auto. There's also a Ford app, but all its really useful for is assisting with rerouting around road incidents. It does update your phone with the status of your car and mine told me there was a recall as well. To be honest, the app is quite flakey. Android Auto should be pretty good for him as it will include whatever music service Google uses, Google Maps as well as the Google now assistant. Should also be able to use Whatsapp (well, I can with Apple CarPlay) as well as text messaging (all dictated of course).
  10. The Latman


    Hey All, Latmobile's going into the dealer to sort out the rattle (which is driving me mad), whilst there I believe they are also taking care of a recall: RECALL Ford Mondeo Electric Park Brake Drive Away Release (992) Anyone heard of any issues with the brake system that's prompted the recall? Lat
  11. The Latman

    Mk V Creaking

    Hey folks, Has any other MkVs developed a creak from below the central console almost underneath the gear stick. Its noticeable whenever rough roads or speedbumps are present (so practically all the time). If so, any idea what it is? Lat
  12. The Latman

    Sync Updates Now Online In UK

    Update went well, visually I can see there's been a wee change, probably mostly under the hood. Anybody got any decent release notes for it? (Release notes for a car....what an age we live in..)
  13. The Latman

    Sync Updates Now Online In UK

    Is there anything of note the update does? (Downloading it now)
  14. The Latman

    Extremely 1st world problem

    My wife said that as well.......might give that a try..... :-)
  15. The Latman

    Extremely 1st world problem