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  1. Thanks for the replies. And sorry for the late reply on my part, things suddenly went down hill really fast. Took it to a mechanic, told them about the new thermostat and the lack of heat, and they checked it test drove it and looked in the computer all manner of codes erupted. Including the DPF, both check engine and systems fault lights (red one) went on. Also down on power prior to the codes. Mechanic suggested we get rid of the car, and that the thermostat was probably fine. I have no idea what happened. Only mistake I made I think was to forget to plug the air flow sensor in after my thermostat change, which prompted a code or two, which I cleared and it seemed fine. Maybe this set in motion it's complete electric breakdown. Were also advised not to drive it anymore, as the DPF could clog up at any moment. (which is strange, considering it's quite new, from September) Will try and read the codes, and report back.
  2. Hi, I have a 2006 mk2 Ford Focus with 1.6 TDCI engine, and for years it appears to have been running cool in winter, taking a long time to get up to operating temperature. And sometimes even cooling off when in traffic. In spring/summer/autumn no issues, also not overheating. So I figured it was due to a faulty thermostat and replaced it with a new Ford part. And now it's running even cooler! It will barely get off the minimum mark, and if so only a slight bit when doing a hill climb. But then immediately drop back to the minimum again. When draining the coolant 4 litres came out, and I put 4 litres back in. (fresh Ford coolant) Also: heat out of the vents is not as hot as it used to be. At maximum heat, it's really quite modest. Does anyone have an idea what's going on here? Is there air trapped in the system? I thought I added the coolant and water quite slowly. Thanks, Vince
  3. As it turned out it was the pressure converter/magnetic valve for the turbo, part number y601-18-740.
  4. Hi, I signed up just for this one post, to maybe spare someone else some grief one day. Lets face it, these 1.6 tdcis are finicky and fragile. Anyway, I just did my second ever DIY fuel filter replacement. First time round, 2 years ago, it went without a hitch. Though I did notice, that I kept getting bubbles, no matter how long I bled with my vacuum pump. I kept catching it, and pouring it back in the fuel tank, at some point I felt I'd bled enough and decided these bubbles must have some other source, say the vacuum pump adapter. And it started right up. What did it solve this time round => the occasional complete cutting off of the engine, one time even on the highway. And it being down on power, though I did not notice this particular symptom as it was gradual. Round 2, today, two years later. Same procedure. Again bubbles till the end, and I bled a whole litre. Started up. Nothing. Started about 5 more times. Nothing. Went online, watched two videos, picked up some useful tidbits of advice, like plugging the outlet from which I bled and filling the outlet pipe with diesel, to make extra sure there was no air, and priming the system by only turning on the ignition a few times before actually starting. Bled another litre. Started it up. Nothing! Boy did I hate that engine at that moment, especially the designers. Then I remembered, last time I was being super cheapskatey and pouring the fuel back in the tank, which I didn't do this time on account of a dirty catch container, that had previously held brake fluid. So I opened the fuel tank cap, greeted by the usual whoosh of air. Bled again, though very little this time, and also plugged the outlet. Started it, it ran for a second and died. Started it again, and revved up to 3000, as I wasn't going to let it cut off again. And it was done. :) What a relief. Took it for a test drive, and all was well again. What did it solve this time => no cutoffs, but seriously down on power. No usual turbo boost after a brief delay, it was as if the turbo was gone, it was that sluggish and down on power. Moral of the story: don't give up, never surrender. Try everything. Maybe it was the fuel filler cap and the vacuum in the tank, maybe I tried one time too little to start it up. Who knows.