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  1. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Damn that came out great! Good job bro! Did you have some help?
  2. Looks fantastic man. You're quite the resourceful guy, lol. Have you lowered the car at all? More low would make the world of difference.
  3. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Buy this car and save for an ST Estate. Teeheehee
  4. Look good. Death to Chrome!
  5. Air filter

    Year/Model car will help
  6. Under Bonnet Shield

    The main purpose is to help smother an engine fire allowing the driver extra time to exit the vehicle. The tabs holding it in place will melt and the shield will drop and mould around the fire. Some say it's to protect the lifespan of the paint on the bonnet. Some say it's sound. It's more than likely all those things.
  7. 2015 st3 Autolock doors?

    Seriously? That's odd. I wonder where my Focus is from then, I'm in S.Africa, it is sold as a 2.0Gdi Sport. (2013 mk3). Worked for me, I also deactivated the seatbelt chime.
  8. 2015 st3 Autolock doors?

    A.K.A. Auto lock feature
  9. New Focus turned me in to an L driver!

    I know exactly what you mean. It's quite embarrassing as I've been driving manual cars for over 20 years. It's like I either over rev, or starve it causing the car to bog forward and nearly cut out. No matter what I try, I can't seem to nail down the exact clutch taking point. The best solution so far is to practically "launch" from stand still all the time, looks like I want to race everyone. Lol
  10. 2014 SE hidden features

    I disabled my seatbelt reminder chime.
  11. 2014 SE hidden features

    There's a hidden diagnostic menu. And here's a video with some funky jive music.
  12. What car are you talking about? I know the Focus MK3 has a resonator hose that mounts to the bottom of the airbox. It is totally possible to remove it, just seal the hole at the bottom. Or buy the Focus RS airbox which doesn't have the resonator and is a direct swap.
  13. new grille installed. picture inside

    Nice. Have you thought about blacking out that chrome piece?
  14. Will these alloys fit?

    How can the seller not know? Just count the holes. Also, offset has nothing to do with the amount of studs. You need to ask what the wheel diameter and offset is. Like 17"x6.5 or or 18"x9 etc. Can I suggest that you do a quick google to first understand wheel dimensions.
  15. Thanks. Will appreciate it greatly!