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  1. Can't advise about the radio but my 12 reg Focus with 18 in alloys is the worst ride I have ever experienced in a car, so much so I am seriously considering getting rid, after only owning it for just over a month
  2. Don't know if it helps but try Timpson, the shoe people,
  3. No checked that , this has only happened over the past few days, wondering if it could be the air con but don't really know how to check , thought I had bought a car not a sieve!
  4. Reading the forum made realise how many fords are not exactly watertight, so have been checking my mk 3 zetec s ,checked boot, OK then checked the passenger footwell after the weekend heavy rain suddenly thd carpet is soaked, have checked the pollen filter, no blockages, made sure there are no leaves blocking anything, the car had been parked up for3 days so assume water getting in while stationery, been to Ford dealers , £120 per hour to check and it can take 3 hours , so,no thanks, anyone any hints where to,look ?
  5. I have a 12 reg focus s and the gearbox is smooth , no notchiness, as to the parcel shelf , Ford may be able to build cars but they certainly can't design a parcel shelf ,mine is the same but you can buy metal fillers from e Bay as a new shelf is about 80 pounds, cant the seller fix your problems?
  6. My 12 reg focus s is fitted with 18 in ,40s , they are so ***** noisy, driving is unpleasant on some! or most roads , so much so I am considering going over to,16 in wheels , which are , I think the standard fit for the focus, am I correct in my way of thinking?
  7. Maybe worth tryingTimpsons, they helped us with a car key problem once
  8. OK but my concern is that we also run a Peugot partner and the noise difference is amazing, never seem to have an issue with noise on any type of road surface , cannot figure out whst is going on, now you say there is no real difference on 17s, then I am more confused
  9. OK took my 12 teg Focus zetec s down to West Wales over the last few days ,the car ran fine but on some road surfaces the road noise was horrendous, couldn't talk without shouting and forget the radio ? Now wondering wether to go onto 17 in , my question to anyone using this size on their car, do they run any quieter with the smaller wheel ? Or am I fighting a losing battle? Surely all Focuss can't be this bad?, love the car hate the noise
  10. just been reading about a problem with the door seals coming adrift on Focus models, decided to check mine ,12 reg mk 3, only to find a previous owner has cut away the seals so on both back doors they are only attached to midway down the door , leaving the bottoms with no seal on at all. Been to local Ford dealers quoted me £78 pr door plus £70 each side for fitting Been to a scrap yard and got a door seal from a scrapper, it seems to be the same diameter but doesn't have a wire running through it, I intend to attach a part of this seal to the missing bottom of the doors on my car, anyone see any problem with this?
  11. Just been reading about this problem with other peoples cars and decided to check my 12 reg mk 3, on both rear doors previous owner has cut the strips half way so bottom of doors has no seal on , went to local Ford dealers, £78 per door plus about £70 each door to fit, ! Sod that ,been to scrap yard got a complete door seal from another Ford, seems to be same size so will use to go around the missing area on each door , anyone see any problem with this,?the replacement seal doesntseem to have any wire running through it , will that make a difference?
  12. the stop / start function on my Focus seems to be acting strangely, when it decides to function , sometimes it will restart the engine by pressing the clutch , as it should, but a few times the engine will stop and a notification will show up to manually start the engine , bit of a pain really, is this usual or have I got a fault somewhere
  13. The road surface coating would make sense , this is the second car I have owned which has been noisy on certain roads , I sold the other one , a Megane estate , for the same reason , preferthe Focus though !
  14. just got a12 reg focus zetec s , fitter with 18 in alloys, car runs fine but ,on some road surfaces , the tyre noise is quite bad , is this usual on these cars or is it just down to the quality of the tyres, ?they have good treads but seem to be of a medium quality
  15. ok sorry it is a 1.8 diesel, dont know re glow plugs as i have not owned it for long , hope that helps
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