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  1. key code

    hi, i work at a main agent. if u want to get me the code off the side M?????? and the serial number i can get you the code. agents will charge £15.00 to do it.
  2. cd player

    hi yes i do. i sell a few on ebay for about £50 i have a single disc player available for £40 or a 6 disc unit for £75 postage UK mainland is £15 hope this helps fordselleruk@yahoo.co.uk
  3. Engine spluttering

    hi it is probable the coil pack. i had the same problem with mine a few years ago.
  4. Space saver tyre (mini wheel)

    Hi, it is NOT just the wheel u need. the clamp is different so is the boot carpet.
  5. new key for focus

    Hi, they make the key for the Ghia and Titanium models. they are simply a coded key so there is no problem in supplying one to suit your sport. the only thing will be the cost. with parts and all keys and car re coded your going to be looking at about 200 quid.
  6. Newbie, Got the Focus Zetec 2.0 08

    Hi, yes it can play mp3's. there should be an aux plug in the glovebox on the top front lip toward the left of the catch. if not the radio is compatable but you will need to buy the lead and jack plug from an agent. they should be about £7.00 or £8,00 for the lead and connector. you will then need a set of radio removal keys. Agents are to charge £15.00 for a radio code which means removal of the unit to get the code. If you ask them to fit the plug they will charge you about £75. so i suggest you ask them to remove the radio for a code and then fit the lead yourself. you do not need the keys to replace the radio but you will need your code if the unit has been unplugged. hope this helps. fordselleruk