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  1. I have a problem with my petrol gauge not working, it is stuck on full, and the trip meter is showing maximum miles on the read out please help thanks MICKJ ps I now have a 61 reg mk 3 Focus
  2. Hi I have just purchased a 61 plate focus Mk 3 and an trying to get an accurate paint code' The code i have found is UD which i,m told is Candy Red any one know if thats correct? Is their any variations to that pint( ie metallic or florescent) If there is any help out there i would be very grateful Thanks in advance MICKJ
  3. Hi I am having a big problem with replacing the plastic cover off my 2008 focus style. I have tried all the usual suspects ( Amazon and EBay ) and even though they advertise as ford parts, non are suitable. If any one out there can advise me where to look i will be very grateful. A new one would cot about 60 pounds and i can,t afford that MICJ
  4. Can anyone tell me which is the best dab Ariel to usr in my 08 mk 2 focus any help thanks mickj
  5. will try this out thanks in advance
  6. thanks for the advise but i have an after market GPS just installed. how would i convert to DAB radio, i do not want to change this one as it is new
  7. I have been trying to improve my radio reception by installing a signal amplifier, but so far no luck. The last one i tried greatly improved the FM reception but i had no AM signal at all just very loud static. is there any one can advise on any other ways that i can improve the reception. thanks MickJ
  8. Hi i am thinking of changing my standard cd 1600 radio player for a new 2din sat nav all singing and dancing one I know i,ll have to buy a new lead kit to be able to use all the controls, but what about the fascia panel? The one i have is a standard one with the kind of oval one, but all the new radios are rectangular. Will that mean i will have to try an cut to fit or is there anything else i could possibly buy Any help welcome Thanks mick
  9. Happy Birthday mickj!

  10. Thanks very much for the suggestion regarding the replacement facia panel, but that one is to good for my car and also to expensive. I,m looking for a bog standard one to replace the one in my car. ( see photo) Thanks anyway MICKJ
  11. Hi I have a 2008 focus style and i am trying to find a replacement facia panel. Most of the ones i,ve found have the square hole for the radio, but the one i have is rounded any help and i would be v ery grateful thnks mickj
  12. Hi i have just become a new member, although i,ve had my mondeo for about 10 years now with very few problems. But at the last MOT it failed on a few things one important being dicoloured headlights. because of the expense involved,I have ordered new ones and would hope to replace them myself. I have now heared that it is a very difficult job to do, and I would appriciate any advice anyone could give me. With thanks MICKJ
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