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  1. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a replacement 12V power outlet socket for a 2006 Ford Focus Zetec Climate. I have tried changing the fuse but still not working. Trawled around ebay, breakers websites for a replacement but with no luck so far. Also, is it easy to fit a replacement if I manage to find one? Many thanks in advance !! :D
  2. Aerosol Painting

    Thanks for the reply Titch. How long do you give between each coat and how long between last coat and putting the laquer on. Thanks !!
  3. Aerosol Painting

    Hi all, I have just had to buy a new wing mirror for my Ford Focus Zetec. The best i could find was one that was primed ready for paint. I then managed to get a Ford Jeans Blue aerosol and Lacquer. Having never aerosol painted before I am feeling a bit dubious about doing it because of potential drips etc. Would you class this as a relatively easy job and has anybody any tips. Many thanks in advance !
  4. Roof slot covers

    Hi all, I have a 2006 Ford Focus Climate. On fitting a roof box I have managed to damage one of the oblong plastic covers that screw onto the trim on the roof. It is the cover that you have to unscrew to fit the roof box onto the car. Does anyone where to get replacement covers? Many thanks in advance Jon
  5. Cigarette Lighter

    Hi all, I have bought a 2006 ford Focus Zetec Climate. This may sound daft but I am struggling to locate the cigarette lighter. Not that I smoke but I have a tyre compressor which plugged into the cigarette lighter on my old car. There is a power outlet socket on the dash but I believe this is not intended to be used with these sorts of things. Please can anyone assist me with this. Many thanks in advance :D