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  1. Audio Levelling

    I use MP3Gain to normalise the volume of the mp3 files on the usb stick, this makes the volume of all of the files similar without destroying the quality of the sound in the files. You can get MP3Gain here: http://download.cnet.com/windows/mp3gain/3260-20_4-113429-1.html
  2. Removing dashcam

    Open the door and remove the triangular end panel on the dashboard. Can you see the cable behind that?
  3. Forscan lite on iphone

    iPhones don't support bluetooth connections to elm adaptors. For connection to an iPhone you would need a WiFi elm adaptor.
  4. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Mine was only wet in the back so easy to remove. I see that yours has got wet all the way to the front foot wells, I haven't had the main carpet out. It will probably need the seats removing and the centre console and several bits of trim. You might be better cleaning it in place with a wet & dry vacuum and drying it with a hair dryer.
  5. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    The soundproofing went in the tumble dryer on a low heat setting. The carpet just dried in the sun with the tailgate open but that's unlikely to be an option for you in November.
  6. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    The grommets are underneath the car behind the back wheel arch on a flat section of steel. If you look at the first two photos that WES180 has posted above the grommet is in the bottom surface below the large rectangular(ish) hole. In the second photo, which is shot looking into that rectangular hole, you can see the round hole where the grommet has been removed. On my Focus the grommets had been installed from inside the box section so I had to push them to remove them, I couldn't pull them from outside.
  7. Anyone know what this is?

    Both sensors are used to control the dimming of the mirror. The sensor nearest the windscreen stops the mirror from dimming in the daylight. 1. The forward-facing sensor detects low ambient light levels and signals the mirror to begin looking for glare.2. The rearward-facing sensor then detects glare from the vehicles traveling behind you.3. The mirror dims in proportion to the glare detected compared to the ambient light level.
  8. Servicing.

    I don't think that the £149 service includes breakdown cover any more. I think that they dropped the roadside assistance back in March when they increased the price from £125 to £149 and included the pollen filter or the air filter.
  9. Servicing.

    According to the website a Motorcraft £149 service = Oil and filter change, 30 point eCHECK, Antifreeze check and top up, Brake fluid check and top up, Windscreen washer check and top up, Check and adjust tyre pressures, Battery check, Reset service light, Wash and Vac, Steering check, Visual alignment check, Brake check (wheels off), Check and advise on transmission oil level, Pollen or Air filter change The interior or air filter is included in Ford Motorcraft Service. Replacement of both filters is optional and will result in an additional cost. The check list seems to have progressed from ticks on a bit of paper to electronic clicks. If the parts/oil cost £40 and the vat is £25 it would leave about £85 for labour.
  10. Focus mk3 stop start not working

    Mine hadn't worked for about 6 months until I went on holiday to Cornwall. Whilst there it started working and worked several times every day for two weeks. Now it doesn't work again. The smart charging system tries to keep the battery charged to 80%. The stop/start needs the battery to be above a certain charge level or it won't work. My battery usually shows 11.4v on the diagnostic display with the engine not running. My theory is that the hills in Cornwall allowed the regenerative charging system to charge the battery to more than 80% and that caused the stop/start system to work for a while. Now I am back in Lincolnshire and all journeys are on flat ground the battery has dropped back to 80% charge and stop/start no longer works.
  11. Opinions on this car please?

    Last MOT 11/8/2017 had the following advisories: Front brake disc worn, pitted or scored both sides. Front brake pads wearing thin both sides. Offside rear tyre worn close to the legal limit Central (?) front tyre worn close to the legal limit. Might be worth asking them to fix those things as part of any deal to buy it.
  12. Opinions on this car please?

    Registration number is: BJ10 WYD See here.
  13. Ford Focus iphone Mount

    One of their holders fits on the drivers side A pillar. That would allow you to mount your phone above the dashboard but not as far away from you as a windscreen sucker. Perhaps that would suit you better. http://www.brodit.com/product.html?id=604621&pn=prod&brand=Ford&model=Focus&year=2014
  14. Ford Focus iphone Mount

    The Brodit Proclips are good but expensive. Details here: http://www.brodit.com/proclip.html. They are in two parts. One part fits the car, the other fits the phone and the two screw together. I have my iPhone mounted just under the air vent to the left of the radio and use it as a satnav successfully.