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  1. They also tend to melt the wax that you've spent ages applying to the car doors.
  2. Yes. Keep it away from anything that gets hot. No need for rust converter or paint, the sticky mess soaks in to all the crud and rust that's already there and stops the rust progressing any further. Its a messy job getting it on but it will stay on for several years.
  3. A nice sticky mixture of old engine oil, grease and underseal stays on for years and never sets. It's probably not very environmentally friendly. Dont ask me for the recipe, I just combine the three ingredients into a big tin until it is thick enough to stick to the car. Brush it on. Helps if you have access to a lift or pit.
  4. 1. Is the alternator charging the battery? What voltage do you read at the battery with the engine running (expect about 14.5v). 2. Did you reset the battery monitoring system when you fitted the new battery? 3. It is possible for new batteries to be faulty.
  5. Make sure that the battery is fully charged. These racks don't like bad batteries.
  6. BCM = Body Control Module. Otherwise known as the passenger compartment fuse box (below/behind the glove box).
  7. If you hit the brakes hard the dash cam might have noticed and stored the file away in a separate folder to prevent it from being overwritten. Look for a separate folder on the SD card with only a few files in it. Is the footage you are missing stored in that folder?
  8. Have you charged the battery or replaced it if its dead? The power steering is electric on these and can throw up faults if the battery is low, which seems likely if the car has been standing for a while. If it needs a new steering rack the Ford original is more than £1000 plus fitting, with refurbished units available for about half that amount.
  9. If you have a full size spare wheel there will be a thicker spacer under the boot carpet which lifts the carpet higher in the boot. The boot liner has shorter upright sides to compensate for the thicker spacer under the carpet. The top lip of the boot liner touches the back of the rear seats. If you get the wrong liner and spacer combination it wont fit properly. So the 40mm upright goes with a full size spare wheel and the 80mm upright goes with a space saver (or tin of goo).
  10. Likely to be a leak somewhere. When the gas gets low these tend to be cold on the passenger side and warm on the drivers side. Did it work before the re-gas?
  11. This tends to happen on the Mk3 when the gas is getting low. The hissing noise is probably related to a leak in the system somewhere (the condenser is a popular place), the hissing doesn't come from the same place as the leak. After a while the gas will get so low that both vents blow warm. The solution is to get the a/c system vacuum tested, repaired and refilled.
  12. The Americans will get new doors, we will get a cable tie to hold them shut.😎
  13. I've just had exactly the same set of warning lights on mine. Forscan identified the problem as a wheel speed sensor and told me which one (rear left in my case). Sensor changed, problem solved.
  14. Good spot. So the photo is not stock, it is copyright Bauer Media Group?
  15. The ones with the tow bar prep do a few fancy things that you don't get when splicing into the wires in the boot. The car detects that a trailer is connected and disables the reversing sensors and the rear fog light on the car. This stops the reversing beep annoying you because it is detecting the trailer, and prevents you from being dazzled by the fog light reflecting off your white caravan.