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  1. The gear change indicator was affected by the clutch software update on my car. Before the update it came on at higher revs than after the update. Before the update it would only suggest moving up one gear, after the update it sometimes suggests moving up two gears. I don't see this as a fault or a problem. I can ignore the indicator and change gear when I want to. The system also reports a better average mpg than before.The mpg hasn't actually changed, just the indication in the cluster display has changed.
  2. Does it work if you lift the handbrake lever (to apply the brake more) at the same time as trying to press the button?
  3. Yes, you want the ELM327 with the HS-MS Can switch. The switch allows you to change between the two Can networks that Ford use. Some modules in the car are on the HS CAN and others are on the MS-CAN. The Tunnelrat version is highly recommended, it's not worth trying to save a few quid on a cheap version that might not work. Get the USB version if running Forscan on a Windows laptop or the WiFi version if running Forscan on an iPhone. The windows version of Forscan has more features than the iPhone version.
  4. The smart charge system can vary the voltage based on the battery state of charge, engine load, battery temperature etc. I have never seen it switch off completely. Usually the charging voltage is high (around 15 volts) when the engine is cold and the voltage drops a bit (a bit over 14 volts) when the engine warms up. Have you tried a volt meter plugged into the cigarette lighter socket to find out what voltage the alternator is putting out whilst you are driving? When you replaced the battery did you get a proper Enhanced Flooded Battery designed for stop/start systems?
  5. A home made mixture of grease, bitumen under-seal and used engine oil, mixed to a firm but spreadable consistency, works well. Horribly messy to apply with an old brush but lasts for years when on. Doesn't set and doesn't wash off with normal use. Soaks into any muck on the underside of the car and keeps the water out. You really want the car on a lift or over a pit to do it properly.
  6. The free cover through the Ford scheduled service is excellent. When I used it the AA came out and, as they couldn't fix the car, they towed it to a destination of my choice (my preferred Ford dealer, not the nearest one). As it includes cover at home and throughout Europe it would cost a lot to buy from the AA.
  7. I guess its due to the question asked when you start a new post: "Title REQUIRED". There have been two recently, the first person answered this question with "Mr" (his title) and this person answered the question with "Mr keates" (not an unreasonable answer). If you are new to this forum stuff it can all get a bit confusing.
  8. They should work in both directions. There is a separate halogen bulb in the headlamp unit for the cornering lights, has one bulb failed?
  9. From the 4dtech website that you linked to: "Adding ambient lighting is an expensive and involved project. This only one small component necessary. Other modules will need to be replaced / programmed." So, like most things, it can be done if you are prepared to throw enough money at it.
  10. Auto dimming reduces the brightness of the cluster lighting when its dark, it isn't auto dipped beam. Is this what you were expecting?
  11. Unfortunately the only alternative is dying young. No thanks.
  12. What precautions are needed to change xenon bulbs safely? The ford manual contains the following warning: Have Xenon bulbs changed by a trained technician. There is a risk of electric shock. There must be some safety rules to follow to avoid getting zapped.
  13. Surely yo will need a resistor in the circuit?
  14. Anything here? https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/ford
  15. All normal. The little orange light illuminates when the doors are locked. The red ! flashes when the alarm is set (just like the flashing red LED on older cars). I didn't notice them for months because I lock the car as I walk away from it.