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  1. Those two are quite similar. The cheaper one has a slightly better fuel economy rating (C is better than E by about 3%, although tyres only account for about 20% of total fuel used). Both have similar wet weather performance (B). You won't notice the noise difference between 72dB and 71dB. All new tyres have the same tread depth (about 7mm) but some compounds are harder than others and will last longer (the tyre label doesn't show this important bit of information).
  2. If you haven't disabled the stop start then it might work occasionally when all the things that allow it to work are in a happy place. It needs a good charge in the battery (although the charging system is designed to not fully charge the battery), the right cabin temperature, the right temperature range outside, a warm engine, good brake vacuum and the driver's door must not have been opened. If your battery is the original 6 year old one then stop start isn't likely to work very often. Don't worry about it, it isn't designed to save you fuel, its designed to avoid gassing pedestrians at traffic lights. My battery is 7 years old and the stop start hasn't worked for more than a year.
  3. It'll be the new eco friendly static electricity, not enough power in it to give you a shock but its saving a penguin somewhere.
  4. If it is the flashing red ! between the dials on the instrument cluster just above the steering column and the yellow light on the lock button on the audio system then that is normal. The red flashing ! indicates that the alarm is set and the yellow led indicates that the doors are locked. It should always have been like that but you haven't noticed it previously. It took me about 2 years to spot it on mine.
  5. Have you also noticed that your ESP light comes on when you switch the ESP off and that the wording on your power outlet is upside down? 😉
  6. Above the plugs that you have taken out is a layer of sound absorbent material which will be completely saturated with water. This sound absorbent material slows the escape of water through the holes. You may find that if you push your finger through the hole more water will escape (and run down your arm). You really need to get the sound absorbent material out and dry it but you can't do that without removing the bumper and the vents.
  7. Pour some water over the windscreen, see where it comes out?
  8. Did you look at the link I posted? It shows you how to get the bumper off and seal the vents.
  9. I would start with the boot. If there is lots of water in the boot it tends to run forwards when you hit the brakes or park on a slope. If you park on the left hand side of a crowned road the left hand side of the car floods first. Is the spare wheel well full of water? If the water is coming from the boot then there is lots of info on fixing it in this thread: https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/70704-possible-mk3-boot-leak/
  10. It is now 51 weeks since my stop/start last worked on a 2012 Focus. I'm fine with it. I think that the purpose of the system is to avoid gassing pedestrians whilst I wait at the lights rather than to save me fuel. I'm still on the original 7 year old battery which I suspect is the reason for the stop/start not working. Whilst the battery will still start the car in the mornings I'm not buying a new one.
  11. You could get them to do an instant transfer from their phone banking app into your bank account. You check on your phone banking app that you have received the money. Assuming both parties are using modern banking facilities.
  12. It can if enough water gets in. The spare wheel well fills up and then the water sloshes forward under the back seats and into the footwells. Is the spare wheel under water?
  13. What is the freezing point of the irn bru? Will it be ok as winter screenwash?
  14. Search GPS speedometer on your favourite search engine for lots of options starting at about £12. You can mount one on the passenger side for use when you are instructing.
  15. Yes that's one possibility. They also do another one that fits on the A-pillar if you prefer the phone up by the steering wheel. You will also need the second part of it that fits your phone. The phone part and the car part screw together to make a complete unit. Also available here: https://dsldevelopments.com/ and here: https://www.brodit.co.uk/ and here: https://www.drivesafeandlegal.co.uk/ Prices vary between the above suppliers and Amazon.