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  1. Ok, next check that the USB stick Partition Style is MBR, Sync won't update if the Partition Style is GPT. To do this follow these steps: Plug the USB stick into your Windows PC. In Windows search for powershell Select the Windows PowerShell app which the search will find. When the Windows PowerShell app starts type Get-Disk This should bring up a list of the disks & USB sticks on your system, this is my list: Near the right hand side you can see the size of the disk/stick, use this to find the row which contains information about your USB stick. In my case the second row is the USB stick and next to it on the very right hand side it says MBR. Does yours say MBR or GPT next to your USB stick?
  2. 30-40 minutes for a software update. Nearly 2 hours for a map update. Is the USB stick formated to exFat (NOT FAT32)? Have you got the following files and folders on the USB stick? • The folder with the title “SyncMyRide” • One file “autoinstall.lst” • One file “DONTINDX.MSA”
  3. Make sure there are no other USB devices connected. Start the engine and wait a couple of minutes before you put in the USB stick with the map. It's going to take nearly 2 hours to install the map update so best done when you are going on a long jourey.
  4. No. Those are plastic covers to fit over a 19mm nut.
  5. At the top of the page that I linked to above put in the make and model of your phone and it will list all the suitable holders.
  6. Brodit do a mount that fits between the vents. https://www.brodit.co.uk/brodit/vehicles/Ford/Galaxy/2010/653865.htm Note that Brodit mounts come in two parts which you buy separately. 1 part fits your car, the other part fits your phone and the two parts screw together. Not cheap but very good.
  7. It doesn't give the full proper ocd satisfying effect though. For that you need the valves on all four wheels in the same position to ensure that the wheel spokes on all four wheels are at the same angle. It doesn't need any fancy gadgets just jack the car up each time you park it and rotate each wheel to the correct position. If you look at static car displays at car shows or cars that have been professionally photographed for promotional purposes that is what they will have done.
  8. What's a "Personal Jesus"? Does it protect you from accidents?
  9. You are probably on the right track with this. Give the battery a full charge and see if that fixes it.
  10. The miles to empty adjusts to your recent driving. If your new car had been used in town for a while the recent mpg will be low and the miles to empty will also be low. Once you have driven it for a while (50 miles perhaps) it will adjust to your driving style and normal mpg and the miles to empty will become more accurate.
  11. Hi, Yes, unfortunately if the engine is run for more than a few seconds with the oil lamp flashing, the engine and turbo are likely to be scrap.
  12. Sorry I can't help with the correct protocol. Does the unit have a software update available which might add additional choices? Do the sellers offer any support? I notice several spelling errors just on that one screen "Foucs", "cancle", "updata", is it a newly released unit which is still under development?
  13. We are hoping that you have caught the low oil pressure in time and it doesn't need a new engine.
  14. Not very likely. The windscreen is "glued" in place and provides a lot of the structural rigidity of the car. The only bit of technology available is a micro fibre cloth on a plastic stick which can help you reach the bottom of the windscreen. I have given up on these as I find that I can reach all of the windscreen by starting inside the car and finishing outside the car, reaching in through the open doors.
  15. The original fuse that you take out of the fusebox needs to go into the bottom slot (nearest the 2 pins) another fuse for your dashcam needs to go in the top slot.
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