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  1. S-Max Bonnet Latch Problems

    My bonnet latch problem was a 15 minute fix. Unclip the plastic cover and undo the 2 10mm bolts holding the catch. At this point you might hear/feel the catch click back into position. My catch had a very small amout of corrosion just where the cable emmerges from the nipple, which a bit of 3 in 1 oil and wiggling soon eliminated. Douse the whole thing in oil and re-attach and hey presto it even has a nicer sounding "thunk" when closing now. There are several stories on the internet - the same fix done a couple of years ago and still works. I hope all these mechanics who are charging £125 are doing a bit more than this.....? The problem is the usual poor engineering design in non critical components. The cable has to pass through an unecessary tight 90degree turn and then is exposed to the elements just where condensation with drip onto it. (I hope the designer has since realised he is crap and got a less demanding job)