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  1. Looking forward to the mods bro where abouts are you from? St. Helens here (north west)
  2. Sorry not been posting in a while, been saving money! Have some big mods planned for the next 1-2 months will be posting a lot soon about it. ;) @JJHarrison hi mate, heko windeflectors are the ones I got but from eBay, they're brand new and the company which ships them are based in be U.K. Delivery only takes like 1-4 days they use Hermes tracking too. Link - http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FIESTA-MK7-3DOOR-2009-up-HATCHBACK-TEAM-HEKO-WIND-DEFLECTORS-TINTED-NEW-/151734298242?fits=Car+Make%3AFord|Model%3AFiesta&hash=item235411a682%3Ag%3AlmUAAOSw9N1Vllpk&_trkparms=pageci%3Ace0c643f-e02c-11e6-a600-74dbd18058ec%7Cparentrq%3Ac33e87671590a357c0f7c7c6ffad46e2%7Ciid%3A1 As for the gel overlays question even though it wasn't too me, email geloverlays@yahoo.com if you have PayPal he's a lot cheeper I believe ordering mine soon.
  3. @alexp999 yeah have noticed that for 6-10 minutes after switching off the engine.
  4. Even after like small commutes? Say like a small 3 mile drive to work ?
  5. @b4zz thanks mate ;) @pringle1987 is it essential to idle for abit before switching the car off, can't really be doing that bare in mind I'm only keeping the car for 3 years.
  6. @pringle1987 looks good mate will be ordering my mountune and engine cover soon 👌 Is the superchips really worth it ?
  7. @JJHarrison they look mint mate, defiantly worth it, I can drop you a link to where to buy them if you want, and got my sunstrip fitted today by merseytints in St. Helens, will drop some pictures below.
  8. Fitted wind deflectors, sunstrip is being fitted tomorrow will upload picture tomorrow, just waiting on mountune parts then triple composites 😍
  9. @pringle1987 thanks mate, ordered my heko wind deflectors a exterior gloss black sunstrip, and yeah I was thinking of getting the rear windows darker I do have the privacy glass but thinking of leaving it now, also ordering front splitter, and spoiler extension soon and possible side skirts. And possibly a superchips remap after I've fitted the mountune charge pipe and induction kit.
  10. Love the seats mate, what else do you have plannned ?
  11. @b4zz Cheers mate, not my first car though past my test when I was 17 and had a Vauxhall corsa which was only 80bhp so this is a big difference shame my friends still have slower cars isn't as fun for me.😉 @Tomson Ordered my back S badges fitted the ones to the front, also ordered some red and black mats for the insides to match the theme, waiting for a price on getting my back windows tinted then ordering my moutune induction kit, thanks mate, will upload pictures when it's done. also has anyone got pictures of tbe red editions with a sun strip on them ;)
  12. Had problems with the car already, brand new car from the factors, within the first week of owning it a lot of condensation build up in front head lights and back lights, being replaced by Ford soon Also broke down phoned Ford being not very happy as my gear selector cable wasn't pushed on probably from factory and came fully of as I was driving around a roundabout... Credit to Ford for getting the AA out time within the hour to fix the problem for free, AA man said he's been to loads of fiestas this past month as the people who make them in the factory's just Arnt pushing part on properly
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