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  1. I got mine off using a 30mm socket. No, I hadn't got one either so off to B & Q. A whopping £1.47 spent on the socket. I want to know why on earth Ford used this ridiculous set up of several smaller nuts. Why not one proper sized one? I replaced the bearings whilst I was in there and the new nuts were exactly the same as the old ones... well weird
  2. Just wondering if there were any members in Lincs area at all? Midlands group seem to be mainly west around Birmingham, East tends to be Norfolk, Suffolk areas, North East looks like being north of the Humber. Just wondered if anyone was slightly south of the river... Been on other sites (don't ask...) and same problem. Everyone is MILES away
  3. Why do you think we call cars "She"...?
  4. Does anyone know anything about any Ka related kit cars? I've looked at the MEV Exocet, based on a Mazda MX5 and fancy making a similar spaceframe to fit a Ka. Might have to design my own, keeping the Ka dimensions for wheel base and steering/suspension etc. Basically take everything off the ka and bolt it to a spaceframe chassis then get rid of the rusty bodyshell, flogging off any good bits (unlikely to get much, lol) I know the old Sylva Jesta went Ka based but I can't seem to find any others? There's LOADS of rusty old Ka's going cheap that would make good donor cars. Any thoughts?
  5. Kit car? You mentioned a kit car? What is it? Tell us more!!!! I wanna know. I LOVE kit cars...
  6. And another annoying little thing.. As we all know, it was throwing it down yesterday and the day before, it was that bad that the rain was still in the buckets... Now the carpet in the boot is wet through. Lifted it up, no damage to the floor , no rust or anything, no drain holes or anything like that. I drove over 100 miles yesterday in all that rain. No other water on any other carpets. So, I suspected the boot may have a leak around the seal. Just took it through a car wash. nope, nothing leaking, no sign of water dripping in. Checked the rear wiper tube to see if it was dripping from using the rear wiper... nope, absolutely no evidence of that either. Wondered if anyone else has had the same problem? I'm wondering if maybe the water runs down the seal and somehow manages to get in at the bottom? Don't want to go paying for a new seal and then finding it's not that. Might try some silicone sealant along the bottom lip (on the boot, not MY bottom lip.. and I don't want anyone else's lips on my bottom either, lol) and then push the trim back on, see if that works. Any ideas?
  7. Hi My Ka has an intermittent fault on the central locking. Every now and then it refuses to open the doors, either by the fob or with the key. Sometimes it will make the recurring cycling noise but even so I can't interrupt the cycle by attempting to open the door. My only option in these cases is to use the fob to open the boot and physically climb into the car and manually unlock the passenger door and then the drivers door. This has been the cause of many funny looks and one Police patrol gave me a really good glare as they passed. Fortunately they probably thought that A) I'm too old to be TWOCing cars, B) I'd have more knowledge of how to get in without looking so suspicious, and C) I wouldn't be daft enough to pinch a tatty old Ka.. Trouble is, if anyone else is using the car and it happens to them (ie family) they can't physically do it so it'll leave them stuck. Any ideas on this? I suspect the wiring at the door post but it looks like the previous owner had a problem too as the drivers door has some holes where rivets have been drilled out etc. As it's intermittent I didn't find out about it until recently ( and the toe rag who flogged it "forgot" to inform me of lots of little bits... and if that MOT was done properly and not by the "mate" with a garage so he could get shot of it, my name is Willy the Womble) Still, I love it to bits, handles great, drives well, stops well (well, it does now I've fixed the suspension rubbers and the rear brakes, the heater and the rocker cover gasket. Just got the aircon to sort now and this annoying fault...) Any help greatly appreciated. Cue for forum members with big cars and huge engines to fall around in derision at a humble Ka. Go for it. Enjoy. Some of us don't need flash cars to make up for lack of tackle elsewhere, lol...And we actually enjoy the challenge of fixing things.
  8. I have an annoying central locking fault myself. Not the same as yours so I'll make another post but let us all know if you do find the solution..
  9. Hi I had exactly the same problem! Did everything you did, changed the switch panel in the dash, even took out the fan motor.... That was when I found the problem. Under the glove box there is a multiplug with two fairly thick wires that go to the motor. I cut the thing off and replaced with electrical multiblock, 20p from the local hardware shop or a bit more from B&Q. Worked straight away....
  10. Hey Just joined this forum and thought I'd just say "hi". "Oh mah gawd!", they all shout, another newbie... And to a degree you are correct. Fortunately, I have gained some knowledge and experience of many cars and motorcycles, including Fords. I currently own a Suzuki GSX600F and a Hartford 125 project bike to play with but the focus of this forum (if you pardon the pun) is my little Ford Ka Luxury 1.3i. I absolutely love the little tug. Yep, it's seen better days but it handles like a gokart and it's just so much fun to drive. No, it won't win any races but I'm not entering any. If I want speed and whatever, I can get the bike out. Fact is, I bought it cheap, it runs perfectly, I've replaced back brakes and some suspension rubbers, put some new tyres on and sorted the tracking and I LOVE IT!!! lol Is there any cure for this? Will medication help? Or am I condemned to being a sad old ***** with a Ka? Any help will be greatly appreciated