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  1. Potential Buy - MK7 Fiesta Zetec S

    It'll stand me £6000 or so, got it in white, but I have seen other options roughly £5500-£6500, metal editions also.
  2. Potential Buy - MK7 Fiesta Zetec S

    I was looking to pay £5000 for a '12 plate, but if it were to be white it was going to be around £6000... I ended up with a '12 recently myself. 40k miles, again mostly advisories in the last 4 years, notably for tyre wear.
  3. 1.6L Zetec S Remap

    I didn't think silicone piping was going to be much of an improvement anyway, the car is likely going to stay with me for a year or two so may just do some bits to it to make it look better, and not play with the engine bay as much as I was expecting to. If I could insure an ST I would but I feel that's a 2019/20 kinda option atm :( Celtic Tuning have a map available claiming a decent ish increase in HP, thoughts?
  4. 1.6L Zetec S Remap

    I thought as much, the only reason I've gone for the 1.6L is because the engines on the 1L are notorious for problems, as far as I've been informed, and that's before a map. Any other options to get a boost in performance? Things like air filter, exhaust system, maybe silicone piping etc, I'm not sure if this is much of an increase - if anything - but in fairness I'm not expecting it to be that much of a boost, just something over nothing.
  5. 1.6L Zetec S Remap

    Any recommendations for the best stage 1 remap for a 12 plate 1.6L ZS? I'm seeing a good amount of choice for the 1L Ecoboost but can't find a viable option for the 1.6L engines. In my head Revo would've been the go-to but I'm quite sure they haven't got the option for this engine. Cheers.
  6. Anyone used/bought these? (DRL Fogs)

    In all honesty I'll look to get them when I get a new Fiesta, I do like the look of them, the autobeam ones too, but yeah mostly to use as DRLs more than anything else. I don't particularly care what people think anyway but I can understand how it may look chavvy to some hahah.
  7. Anyone used/bought these? (DRL Fogs)

    fair point lol
  8. Anyone played around with these on a MK6 fiesta? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-3-COB-LED-Halo-Projector-Fog-Angle-Eyes-Blue-White-Ring-Light-Headlight-DRL-/152183235720?fits=Car+Make%3AFord|Model%3AFiesta|Plat_Gen%3AMK+VI&var=&hash=item236ed3e488:m:moI_4qw2C30ArfdltPWHuDA sorry if this is the wrong area, I'm in work and short on time atm. cut to the chase; they're cheap and seem like they'd go on a fiesta, I've got the facelift fog lamp covers, not the st variant ones, but as far as I know they're the same size, just different design, any chance I could get these in and keep my current fog bulbs also? Cheers lads.
  9. K&N Panel Air Filter MK6

    Yeah man, decided against it, I probably would've been all about it if I didn't ask but I'm not too worried about it after reading the replies. I'll be looking to the new car and putting it in that kitty instead.
  10. K&N Panel Air Filter MK6

    I agree with you mate, I've literally avoided anything chavvy (in my opinion anyway) because I have the same view on things, even as a 1.4L it's not worth doing much to, but if this filter doesn't make much difference then I'll not bother. It's due a service soon enough anyway but wanted to clarify if it was worth me bothering or not.
  11. K&N Panel Air Filter MK6

    I've just spent like 45 minutes reading peoples comments elsewhere saying there's a bit of a growl (in comparison) and a minor throttle response increase, but in terms of power there's minimal change, if any, but that's expected. I'll probably end up with it, unless the induction kit is good-to-go with the standard engine and that much more worth it? (I don't intend on keeping this car for long, I'm intending on changing it anywhere from November-March for the black edition, but I like burning money)
  12. K&N Panel Air Filter MK6

    Anyone recommend buying one for (mostly) an improvement to the sound of the engine? Also, anywith a video of a standard MK6 Fiesta with the K&N air filter put in to replace the normal one? Only video I've seen is some fellas on facebook, and it did seem to make a slight difference to the sound of his car, thinking of getting it on mine but don't want to spend something like £35 on something that would cost a third that normally, or less. (Edited as I overestimated the cost of it)
  13. Which Fiesta?

    Yeah, I've been stuck with 5 gears since I passed my test anyway, and do very minimal amount of actual 5th gear driving due to where I live and how I travel, but it's one thing I'm kind of not too bothered with, but obviously yeah a 6th gear would be nice to have. I think the ST versions are a bit off budget for me, but who knows come November!
  14. Which Fiesta?

    Going to look into getting a new car sometime soon, I've spent the last 2 days looking at the 140 bhp 1L ecoboosts, and the 123 Zetec S, but there's the 1.6L versions too, what one would you lot suggest, and why?
  15. *MK6 07 plate Fiesta* Any help on this? I changed my spoiler last night, but had to drill through the top of the boot to fit it on properly, now today I've just started to drive to work and as I cleared my back window I noticed my wiper was stuck at an unusual angle, when I got out I noticed my boot was unlocked and able to pull open. I think I've drilled through the wiring which connects this but I can't be 100% til I get home from work - is this an easy enough fix or am I having to look into getting a strap or something to hold it down?