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  1. Radio Code

    I have lost the code for my radio and after shelling out nearly £800 on a flywheel and clutch i have now found out ford want £50 to give me my code which i dont have can someone please help. The serial number is M049672 Thanks.
  2. Radio Code

    cheers. i really appreciate it.
  3. Radio Code

    Could someone please help me with my radio code. i have just had some work done and cant find trhe code for the radio and ford want 50 quid. The serial number is M327652. Cheers.
  4. As already stated it is the intercooler pipe vibrating on the lower cross member. You can get to by driving up a high curb. Raising the passenger side. Just put some foam or even an old rag between the pipe and the metal bar (cross member) You can get an uprated bracket from ford but its not worth it when a bit of foam is cheaper. Seriously it works. Very common problem.
  5. Cd Jammed in cd changer

    If you have a 6006e 6 disc changer then it is shot. And these things are not the most reliable to be honest. they either eat CDs or wont play from a certain slot and then it is downhill from there. I cant help you get the CD out without oppening the thing. But i do have a 6000 CD player for the mondeo if yours is a pre facelift (made before late 03) in very good condition with the code if you want it £50 delivered. Its not a multi changer but the single CD version.
  6. mondeo de-cat

    Whoever told you that is correct. You dont need a cat.
  7. Mondeo tdci 130 P0201 fault code.?

    Thanks for the advise. Is that a main dealer job or can i get an indi to do it.? Im trying to avoid the main dealer and save money. As i have the DMF to deal with. And off topic. I dont suppose you know anything about solid the solid flywheel conversion. Im tempted to do this as it would never need changing again. Good or bad idea.?
  8. I did the fault code check on the dash today out of curiosity and i got a P0201 fault registered. I have searched the web and it seems to be an Injector circuit fault on cylinder 1. The car runs fine with no smoke or anything unusual. And the Injectors were replaced at 80k. The car has now done 100k. Could this be an old fault or should i be worried. I have a DMF which needs changing soon and i could do without another big bill. Please give me some advise. Thanks in advance.
  9. Radio code.

    Thank you. I just have to wait half an hour now before i can try it.
  10. Radio code.

    Sorry colin i wrote the wrong serial number. Mine is MO66095.
  11. Radio code.

    Cheers colin but that does not work either.?
  12. Radio code.

    The code written on my 6006 cd player does not work. I cant read it properly as whoever wrote it has the handwriting of a small child. Its either 1189 1789 or either of those with a 5 instead of a 9. I have exceeded the amount you can put in now and have to wait 30 mins between efforts. Most irritating. The serial number is MO66905
  13. Mondeo tdci 140

    To be honest you have to drive like miss daisy to get the manufacturers figures. But you could try cleaning your EGR and the MAF sensor if yours is a late 115. The early ones did not have one. As for more poke. The roverron synergie tuning box comes highly recommend. And is only 150 quid. A lot of TDCI owners use it and are very pleased with the results. When you considor a remap can cost up to 400 and give similer results its very good value.
  14. Isofix Help/ Information

    I have done a bit of research on your behalf. It seems that only ford supplied seats have Iso fix. It seems the Recaro supplied seats do not have iso fix points. Which seems crazy as im sure the rears are the same just leather.? Although i have heard you can get adapters for it. Fordmondeo.org is a more active site and you well get a better answer there. Or try STowner (i think thats the name. Its mondeo.orgs sister site) both are very good and informative and there will be someone there who can help you better than me. I am a member of fordmondeo.org and the TDCI section has been very usefull to me. Well worth a look.
  15. Isofix Help/ Information

    Firstly congratulations on your pending arrival. And now for the answer you have been patiently waiting for. I have been dieing to answer this but it has taken 2 days for my account to authenticated. Your car does have iso fix points. If you lift the bottom of the seat (the bit your !Removed! go's on) and run your hand along the bottom of the bit your back sits against you will feel the iso fix points inside the seat material. They point down not out like most cars which is why you probably cant find them. You will know what i mean when you locate them. The easiest one to find is directly next to the seat belt fastener on the drivers side. So look fro that first to get an idea of where they are. You will need to cut the seat material to access them. (i would suggest a stanley knife for this) so be careful. If done properly with patience you should make it invisible to the naked eye. I dont know if there are points in the front as i have not looked but if you place a baby seat in the front the car automatically detects a baby seat and disables the airbag. You can not do this manually. I hope this helps and congratulations. Neil