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  1. Hi wondering if you can help with a few questions is it possible to replace the engine with 1.6 s ?...I’ve read online need ECU/Door locks and keys/lomas can someone give me full list items need for this please
  2. Hi any help please Need new engine for my 2010 1.25 my engine code is SNJB will SNJC engine fit mine ? New engine from 2015 Ford Fiesta thanks
  3. I've change the Radio still the same ***** off now
  4. It won't let me put a CD in!,yep says no disc
  5. Battery seems fine starts 1st go!. Did test today come back 12.6v with Engine off lights on!
  6. Hi was display unit working at all ?..mine seem fine menu still works!,but soon turn stereo on sreen says ford audio
  7. I've been too ford told me it's no security measure!,they never seen this befo!,I've told em been happening to lot people online
  8. Really amazes me because I read through forums A lot of people disconnected the battery haveing same problems!.. but no one explains how to fix it
  9. Do you think it's because battery was dead!, Ive re charged it!, not given the full voltage out ?...was thinking about getting new car Battery today was told get calcium one
  10. If I press CD it says no CD in drive!, only thing that comes up on the screen
  11. Don't know anyone sorry with mk7 Soon as I turn the power on it all lights up Just says Ford audio!
  12. They don't have codes!.. i've been searching last few days no one knows how fix it!
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