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  1. Your Opinions About My Wheels Please

    I would still have tempted to be honest. £100 per year works out at £8.33 per month, which is the cost of 1.5 fast food. Could you give up the junk food for the wheels? :P
  2. CHATZY Chat Rooms

    aw man it's gone
  3. Happy 2,500 Posts To Me!

    That's a hell of a lot of posts!
  4. Show Us Your First Cars!

    I really didn't like the Seat. Looked lovely, but was an awful thing to drive. The interior rattled all the time around corners, the rear seats fell out when you folded them down and the ride was awful. Looked lovely though!
  5. Show Us Your First Cars!

    I wanted to have the new Fiesta, but Ford wouldn't let me have one. In my despair as many people do when they can't get the one they love, I slept around a bit... Pre New Fiesta Trauma: Post Fiesta Trauma: And I still want the new Fiesta!
  6. Zetec S Alloys Ruined

    It's not just ford. Alot of large manufacturers are churning out really bad quality alloys. I hit a pothole in an Ibiza a few weeks back and it put a huge dent in the alloy. Down with this sort of thing!
  7. Mk6 Hesitation problem

    I had this problem and the coil pack fixed it. The problem however came back with a vengence the following year, again coil pack solved it. Apparently water leaks through the washer fittings and drips onto the pack causing the problem. I put sealent on the underside of the washers to see if that worked, but sold the car soon after so I can't give you a follow up! If you look into it, ford added sealing around the washers for the facelift version. The problem obviously didn't go un-noticed! SO my advice, change the coil pack and talk to your dealer about fittings for the windscreen washers!
  8. Best Place to Buy?

    SO long as your not buying a Ford Fiesta you wont face any delay or dealer problems :) Oh wait a sec.... :P
  9. Fiesta Forza Frolics...

    Argh missed it. You narrowly escaped the beating of a lifetime Dan :P
  10. Forza 3

  11. Forza 3

    1. Buy a 360 elite console 2. Buy two xbox 360 steering wheels 3. Give one of them to me 4. Profit?!
  12. Forza 3

    My gold shotgun would say otherwise. Will see you then I'm sure!
  13. My visit to the car breakers....

    Looks really good with the colour coded bumpers. You could always go to the breakers and take out the wiring and control for the foglights from the same old fiesta? I'd be tempted to take every optional extra that I didn't have an install it!
  14. mk7 Fog Lights...

    I don't think it matters too much really. THe only time you will have them on is when no-one can see anything, so its not as if anyone will be able to appreciate the effort you have gone to :P