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  1. Hello, recently my mk7 ecoboost hasn't been starting, it is very inconsistent as after a few tries it will start. Sometimes it has taken up to 45 mins to start but then it ran fine for about 2/3 hours and when I went to start it again it wasn't having any of it. Today I tried to start the car after the stop start wouldn't start the car back up again. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. Hello ladies and gentlemen. Two months ago I picked up my 1.0l eco boost fiesta zetec s. I'm in love with it and saying I moved up from a Renault Clio 1.2 the pier is pleasing me absolutely fine.. for now. Allthough I love the sporty look of it I still think it can do with some improvements, for example lowering it a slight bit. Some more dramatic looking wheels, blacking out the rear windows. Just to name a few things. I'd like to share my journey with all of you and really get the community involved in the build. I'd like to start off cosmetic and build to to performance eventually. Any input of mods and and where to find parts are greatly appriciated. Hope to hear from you all soon.