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  1. Hello and Welcome Tech pack isn't classed as a mod as it is manufacturer fitted, insurance company should be able to tell this from the reg of the car. Mod's would be anything fitted to the car that isn't standard on the car, ie aftermarket wheel's, body kit or engine change's Not to clued up on the auto wiper's, only have a boggo Zetec :( , think they adjust the speed themselves to the amount of rainfall. I know that my old Mk6 Fiesta the intermittent wipe speed could be adjusted by the lenght of time between turning it on then off, not sure if this work's on the auto type Hopefully some-one will be along that know's more that I about the wiper's
  2. Hello FIESTA_MAD I keep mine at 30psi front and rear with no problem's There should be a sticker on the B-pillar on the driver's side giving info on the tyre pressure's for different load's in the car, but 30psi alround does me :)
  3. Three page's in and no-one has said it, I'd rather push my Fiesta :P Very nice buy, alway's liked the Corsa, any mod's planned for it All the best with it
  4. Middle set look the best with the indicator/reverse light's tinted, top one's look too standard and bottom one's too Lexus
  5. Same style as the Mk6.5, only it had proper metal handle's rather than cheapo plastic Seen a few of the newer Zetec's around and prefer the older eight spoke design, Zetec S rim's look good in 17 inch but don't look the best in the smaller size, too compact of the design
  6. Got my Mk7 last year and test drove both the 1.25 and 1.4, couldn't find much difference between the two, so went for the cheaper 1.25. As Ford don't do engine badge's I can alway's bluff it's the 1.4 :D If your current Fiesta has the 1.3, the 1.25 will be like night and day All depend's on what one your happy with and budget Good luck with your buy
  7. ^^^^^ Wiring should already there, plug is covered in foam and is taped onto the B - pillar just above were the seatbelt bolt's onto.
  8. Hello Keith Ford list the timing belt to be replaced at 10 year's or 125,000 mile's for the 1.4 petrol and diesel. Personally I wouldn't trust this and would change it at 6 year's or 60,000 mile's, along with the auxiliery belt, cheaper than replacing bent valve's if the belt let's go. Not to sure if Ford replace the tensioner and idiler pulley at the same time. Hope this help's you out abit
  9. As per title, Anyone know what lub Ford use for stopping this, can something similar be bought from Halford's and were on the steering column it is applied thank's in advance
  10. The butterfly type wiper's would cure the poor wiper setup Passenger door mirror that tilt's downward when parking, better view of the curb Sony head unit with sat nav built in to the screen at the radio display on top of the dash Eco boost type turbo setup on the 1.25 and 1.4
  11. Maybe a different model radio fitted to the Zetec S that the one in the Zetec due to the Zetec having only two speaker's as standard. All four are working prefect so no big problem
  12. Brayster inspired by your photo's I decieded tonight to fit the speaker's I have had laying. Original Ford one's so no cutting of loom's, bit of a pain with the removal of the panal's but speaker's are a good job once fitted. The fader on the radio only work's left to right :( not front to back but that's no problem. Any one know if the small clip's on the panal's can be gotten from Ford as a few went in behind the quater panal
  13. I have had Fiesta's from the Mk5 to the Mk7 and in my own opinion I prefered the Mk6.5 over the rest. If the dealer could get me a brand new one I would change the Mk7 asap. Mk7's kinetic styling make's it a good looking car the same as the Mk6 was a good looking car in the new edge styling phase. Mk7 need's the Mk6's steering and braking system's (Mk7's steering too light, pedal feel's softer). Just feel short changed with the Mk7 with it's poorer wiper's, creaking/clunking steering, only two speaker's on the Zetec trim (would swap the tweeter's for rear one's), engine temp gauge, few other cost cutting thing's too. Small thing's but owning a Mk6 was just more enjoyable to me
  14. Mk7 is the better looker, Mk6 facelift is the better car