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  1. bit of an update then. Got the car recovered to a local ford specialist garage, first they managed to get the car started however noted straight away that A: fuel was spraying out of the bolt on injector 2 and 4, however this appears to have been down to them not been tightened up to the correct torque. and B: there was very little fuel going through the fuel line from the filter to the pump, They suspected this was due to a low quality filter been fitted and / or the diapham not been replaced during this process. They have fitted a genuine Ford fuel filter and made sure that the air was bled from the system, they have as mentioned also tightened up the injector bolts to the correct torque. The car appears to be running fine now, if anything it seems a lot more responsive and quicker on acceleration also. The garage did say that they would investigate further should I have any more difficulties but for two days now its been running fine. Im hoping thats it sorted(for now until the next issue comes up!) So, if anyone else is reading this and has similar issues to what I described, check the above, it may save you time and money in the long run, oh and if you get a service done like I did, make sure the garage dont fit ***** quality parts! lol
  2. I have a scanner and app and an obd2 which i can use on my iphone but it does not show any codes. i have spoken with a garage who are comin g out today to recover the car and do some diagnostics on it to identify the fault, but they have said already an area of concern is the fuel filter, apparently if ***** quality filters are used this causes the issues i have described. interestingly the fuel filter was changed a while back so thi may very well be part of the problem. i will keep the thread updated as i find out more info :)
  3. Looking for a bit of guidance on starting issues im having with my 2.0 tdci mk focus estate. A few days ago it was difficult to start the car and i had to leave the key turned and the engine turning over for around ten seconds before the car spluttered into life - followed by a big white cloud of smoke out the rear. after a minute or so the car settled down, the smoke cleared and the car was running fine. I then had the same issue a few days later, again, after a minute or so the car settled down and was running fine. I then had an issue the very same day where the car kangaroo'd a little whilst driving steady at 30MPH, this was followed by the engine dying completely and an engine management warning coming up on the dash. I coasted to the side of the road and turned the ignition off, I tried to start the car and it started absolutely fine no issues at all. At this point I realise that there is an issue and mentally tell myself to get the car checked out as soon as I can - The car continues to drive fine for the rest of the day however and I intended to go to a local garage the following day and get it checked out. Anyways, were now on the next day, I go out to the car and cannot get it started at all, the engine turns over however it will not fire. nothing. I had a look at the fuel line and noted that there were air bubbles in the clear line from the filter running to the fuel pump. I also noted that the fuel line was not securely clipped onto the fuel pump, I securley reconnected this and turned the engine over, Fuel was seen pulling through from the filter however a huge bubble of air was also in the line. I cracked open the bolts on the fuel lines going into the injectors one at a time and could see they were all pushing fuel past OK - I nipped these back up and thats as far as I have got. The problem I now have is I cannot get to a garage as the car wont drive, and I am not sure what to do or what may be the issue. Does anyone have any advise or had similar happen? I only got the car two months ago and i'll be honest its my first Ford, and also my first diesel so im a little outside my comfort zone on the mechanical side of things!
  4. Quick follow up question on this.. i have got the square style stereo but have just bought the facelift style stereo which is round, I have got some black adaptors that clip into the dash to mount this new stereo however I'm not sure of the process of this, does anyone have any advice or guidance on this??? Or have you done a similar install??
  5. heated windscreen help

    Thanks everyone, I'll have a look in the morning :)
  6. heated windscreen help

    brill i'll have a look.. if the ribbon has snapped is this an easy fix?
  7. Radio Fascia

    Just found this topic, sorry to dig up an old discussion but was wondering if anyone had any updated info or a guide on converting a pre facelift mk2 stereo to a facelift style stereo. Im wanting to do this on my Focus, I have read through all the above and from what I understand I will need a facelift type faceplate/surround for the stereo (obviously. And I understand I will also need to obtain two clips that the stereo will clip onto somehow. Is that all the additional extra's that will be required? will the steering controls work OK and does anyone else have any input or advice on how this all fits together ?? (a guide would be magic!) Cheers!!!
  8. I am having a few issues with my heated windscreen on my mk2 Estate, only the passenger half appears to be working! Is this an easy fix or will I be looking at something expensive!
  9. It has some black plastic at the base of the sleeve below where th staples are but its broken into about 5 bits and i can't get it to clip back in :( Thanks for the link, I'll have a look. Im finding it a real nightmare trying to find one tbh!
  10. Ah gotcha, I suspected I may have to use some ghastly mounting frame to sort the issue, but never thought of an aftermarket face plate. The latter option may work the best for me tbh as I intend to wrap the dash in 3M carbon as well! Thanks for the guidance and the links, I think I will go down this route more than likely!

    I had this on my company car for months, went through the brakes, disks, wheel balancing etc and it turned out that there was a flat spot on one of the tires, replacing the tire resolved this issue for me. Just a thought, not sure if you have tried this or not :)
  12. Hey guys, I have recently picked up my 2005 Focus Estate and the gear gator is damaged, from what I can see there is some sort of plastic clip that goes around the base of the leather sleeve and this then clips the sleeve into the plastic housing on the base. The previous owner appears to have tried to repair this with staples! This is the bit im struggling with, I can find loads of ebay sellers who are selling just the leather sleeve part, but what I need is the leather sleeve with the fittings that I can then clip into place on the base. Anyone have any ideas where I can get these?? Cheers, Ell.
  13. Hi guys, I have recently bought my 2005 Focus Estate and I want to upgrade the head unit. It is a pre facelift dash as the Sony head unit I have is square, not oval shaped. I am looking at getting an Android styled head unit, but this has raised a couple of questions I was hoping someone could help me with. 1: If I take the square Sony head unit out and want to fit a like for like replacement is this a standard double din? 2: Does the pre facelift variation of the focus use a "canbus" 3: I have seen this stereo which I like the look of, its not main brand I know but im not to bothered about that - what concerns me is that it wont fit, I have been told the head unit is double din size 179(W) x 100(H) - will this fit on my dash or will it be to big / small ? - Will I need anything else or should it bolt straight in! I really hope someone can help with this, I have searched high and low and cannot seem to find a clear answer! Many thanks, Ell.