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  1. Is the cable not attached to the handle? The handles are quite stiff, you have you give it a really good pull to release the bonnet catch!
  2. This forum is a UK based group and we didn't have the Edge over here until 2016 (2015 onwards model), so help may be limited! I would suspect that if its a newer iPhone, then the problem may lie in incompatibility. Apple do some wired stuff with Bluetooth in order to maintain its closed 'ecosystem'. It maybe that changing your phone (or at least trying it with an Android phone and Bluetooth audio) may pin point where the incompatibility lies. PS Trading in the car because the phone doesn't work seems a little drastic! It's way cheaper to get a different phone 😉
  3. Try this ... Rear Door Window Control Switch.pdf
  4. Socket in it's down/usable position ... Socket partly tucked away (showing direction of travel and the pivot point) ... NOTE: When it's fully tucked away behind the rear bumper, you can't see it unless you get on the floor, you can only feel it!
  5. Is it swung up (sideways) out of view ... mine does! If your electrics include a trailer ECU, then it will show a trailer symbol on your reversing camera when the trailer is plugged in. Have a look (search) on this forum, it's been discussed many times. See advice-needed-for-fitting-tow-bar-and-electrics-on-edge
  6. If they don't supply spare fuses, they won't supply a fuse puller! It's a cost thing (yes I know they cost pennies, but when you sell millions of cars that all adds up!)
  7. Sadly, ever since the Edge was introduced into the UK, the technical knowledge of the car in a lot of Ford dealers has been very poor. If you know someone with an OBDII reader or have a cheap one yourself, posting the DTC's on this forum may get you some answers and info you could throw at your dealer to help them out, because it sound like they are just changing things for the sake of changing rather than actually figuring out the root of the problem! Don't give up on the car, they are great (had mine since Dec 2016), it's the dealers (well, some of them) that should be confined to a skip.
  8. I'm presuming you have an Auto! Sounds like you've lost half the gear box (the even half!). Do you know what the associated fault codes (DTC's) that accompanied the issue? If started out intermittent, that could be a sensor, wiring or a setup that is borderline in terms of the sensor reading. There are also actuators in the gearbox for controlling the clutches and gear selections, they too could be the issue. A DTC code will be logged for open/shorted sensors, open circuit actuators, sensors reading out of 'normal' range or actuations that just take too long due to stiction or mechanical restrictions. So diagnostics is a big key here.
  9. I use this with a blanket underneath to give additional protection ... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07MRHCW7V Dog (Cockapoo) loves it way better than being in a soft crate in the boot with the back seats down!
  10. Sounds like a loose connection causing a high resistance! Glad you finally got it sorted and it probably cost a lot less than other solutions that are normally attributed to charging/battery/alternator issues!
  11. +1, The other thing is how much more power do you get in the general driving RPM range? I mean peak HP is only going to be achieved at or near the red line, below that ,in the normal RPM range, you'll get a very small percentage of the peak gain! So what's the actual point? Just askin' for a friend!
  12. Fuse F55 (10A) in the Battery Junction Box (BJB) is the B+ to the alternator ... Fuse F8 (275A) in the BJB is the fused alternator output to the battery. Although, saying that, like most modern cars, the PCM controls charging in that when you put your foot down it drops the load caused by the alternator by removing the excitation feed, decreasing the load on the engine when you need it most (part of the smart charging strategy), so the physical alternator is just one part of a more complex system!
  13. Hope they checked the alternator excitation fuse first! If you can find the part, this is how you can save yourself a few hundred quid in labour ...
  14. These kits use the actual official Ford TRM, so I would expect the harness to be wired exactly the same whether it's aftermarket sourced or direct from Ford.
  15. This was the tow bar my local Ford dealer fitted when I ordered a tow bar from them, so not the 'official' Ford one, but one they always install and guarantee as their aftermarket offering ... It uses the genuine Edge specific wiring kit (i.e. 13 PIn with Genuine Ford 'Trailer' ECU) ... and that also needed the 'Extension kit' to provide the ATC/Fridge power feed, diect from the battery and switched by the cars ignition ... All ECU's coded by the Ford garage after install.
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