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  1. simonb65


    Picked up a new caravan a couple of weeks ago, only did 60 miles from the dealer and the next day when it was sat on the drive I noticed one tyre was flat with a screw in it! Brand new tyre ... 60 miles ... no previous owner!! Cost me £85 before it had actually gone anywhere. Not happy. The (building trade) crap that I find at the edge of the road when taking my dog for a walk is shocking. Not had a puncture in the Edge yet ... but just had 4 new tyres fitted so I'd better not jinx it!
  2. ... and the odd update for Sync2 when my car has Sync3 !!
  3. The download is an update to the Apps. It also contains Gracenote and Voice, but those are the same versions as the last update!
  4. simonb65


    Do a search for "FORScan 2015-2019 F150s.xlsx". This is most of the configs for the F150 which uses the majority of ECU's found in the EDGE.
  5. simonb65


    All ford ECU names and addresses ... Name Short Adress (Audio) Digital Signal Processing Module (DSP) DSP 783 4 Wheel Steering (WS4) WS4 4X4 Control Module (4X4M) 4X4M 761 Accessory Protocol Interface Module (APIM) APIM 7D0 Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) AFS Adaptive Front Lighting System / Auto Leveling Module (AFS/ALM) AFS/ALM Air Conditioning (AC) AC Air Conditioning Control Module (ACCM) ACCM 7E7 Air Suspension (4WAS) 4WAS 020 All Terrain Control Module (ATCM) ATCM All Wheel Drive Module (AWD) AWD Alternative Fuel Control Module (AFCM) AFCM 7E5 Amplifier Module (AM) AM Anti-Lock Brake / Traction Control Module (ABS) ABS 760 Anti-Lock Brake / Traction Control Module (ESOF) ESOF A-STOP System (No Idling System) (A-STOP) A-STOP Audio Control Module (ACM) ACM 727 Audio Control Unit (ACU) ACU Audio Interface Module (AIM) AIM Audio Rear Control Unit (RCU) RCU 774 Auto Leveling Module (ALM) ALM Automatic Ride Control (ARC) ARC 020 ? Auxiliary Heater Control Module (AHCM) AHCM 7E3 Battery Charger Control Module (BCCM) BCCM Battery Control Module (BCM) BCM 726 Battery Control Module (OBD_BCM) OBD_BCM Battery Energy Control Module (BECM) BECM 7E7 Blind Spot Monitoring (Left) (BSML) BSML Blind Spot Monitoring (Right) (BSMR) BSMR Bluetooth Phone Module (BPM) BPM Body Control Module (BCMii) BCMii 726 Body Control Module / Generic Electronic Module (BCM/GEM) BCM/GEM 726 Body Control Module B (BCMB) BCMB 7B7 Body Electronic Module (BEM) BEM Camera Module Rear (CMR) CMR Cellular Phone Module (CPM) CPM 090 Central Timer Module (CTM) CTM 052 Circuit Deactivation Ignition Module (CDIM) CDIM 7E2 Column Lock Module (CLM) CLM Compact Disc Player (CDP) CDP Connectivity Master Unit (CMU) CMU Convergence Telematics Module (CTMii) CTMii Cruise Control (CCM) CCM 764 Cruise-Control Module (CCM) CCM DC to DC Converter Control Module (DCDC) DCDC 746 Deployable Hood System (DHS) DHS Digital Audio Broadcast Module (DABM) DABM Digital Audio Control Module C (DACMC) DACMC 7D5 ? Driver Door Control Unit (DFDM) DFDM Driver/Dual Climate-Control Seat Module (DCSM) DCSM 776 Drivers Door Module (DDM) DDM 740 Driver's Seat Module (DSM) DSM 744 Electric Parking Brake (EPB) EPB 02A Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC) EATC 098 Electronic Crash Sensor (ECS) ECS 058 Electronic-Controlled Power Steering (EPS) EPS 730 Energy Management Module (EMM) EMM Fire Suppression System Module (FSSM) FSSM 059 Folding Top Control Module (FTCM) FTCM Forward Sensing Camera (FSC) FSC Front Body Control Module (F_BCM) F_BCM Front Control/Display Interface Module (FCDIM) FCDIM 7A5 Front Controls Interface Module (FCIM) FCIM 7A7 Front Display Interface Module (FDIM) FDIM 7A6 Front Distance Sensing Module (FDSM) FDSM Front Electronic Module (FEM) FEM 052 Front Lighting Control Module (FLM) FLM Fuel Additive Control Module (FACM) FACM Fuel Fired Coolant Heating Module (FFH) FFH 00F Fuel Indication Module (FIM) FIM 016 Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) FICM 7E6 Fuel Injection Control Module (OBD_FICM) OBD_FICM 7E5 Fuel Injection Pump (FIP) FIP 016 Fuel Operated Heater (FOH) FOH 00F Gateway Module A (GWM) GWM 716 Gear Shift Module (GSM) GSM Generic Display Module (GDM) GDM Generic Electronic Module (GEM) GEM 052 Generic Electronic Module / Smart Junction Box (GEM/SJB) GEM/SJB 052 Generic Function Module (GFM) GFM Global Positioning System Module (GPSM) GPSM 701 Head Up Display (HUD) HUD 7B2 Headlamp Control Module (HCM) HCM 734 Headlamp Control Module 2(B) (HCM2) HCM2 7C3 Headlamp Leveling Module (HD_LVL) HD_LVL 071 Heated Steering Wheel Module (HSWM) HSWM 714 Heated Steering Wheel Module (HV) HV Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) HVAC 733 HVAC Integrated Module (HIM) HIM Hybrid Electronic Cluster (HEC) HEC 060 Image Processing Module A (IPMA) IPMA 706 Image Processing Module B (IPMB) IPMB 7B1 Information Center Module (ICM) ICM Injector Control Unit (ICU) ICU 016 Instrument Cluster (IC) IC 060 Instrument cluster (INST) INST Instrument Panel Control Module (IPC) IPC 720 Integrated Air Bag Module (IABM) IABM 058 Intelligent Cruise Control Module (ICCM) ICCM Intelligent Power Distribution Module (IPDM) IPDM Interior Lighting Control Module (ILCM) ILCM 7B5 Left High Intensity Discharge Lamp (LHID) LHID Left Power Sliding Door Module (LPSDM) LPSDM 0B0 Liftgate / Trunk Module (LTM) LTM 775 Lighting Control Module (LCM) LCM 070 Message Center (MC) MC 061 Motor Pretensioner Module (MPM) MPM Multifunction Steering Wheel (MFSW) MFSW Multi-Information Display (MID) MID Navigation Controller (NAV) NAV 068 Next Generation Speed Control Module (NGSC) NGSC 013 Occupant Classification System Module (OCS) OCS 765 Overhead Trip Computer (OTC) OTC 061 Park Brake Control Module (PBM) PBM Parking Aid Module (PAM) PAM 736 Passenger Climate-Control Seat Module (PCSM) PCSM 730 Passenger Climate-Control Seat Module 2 (rear) (PCSM2) PCSM2 777 Passenger Front Seat Module (PSM) PSM 0A6 Passengers Door Control Unit (PDM) PDM 741 Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) PATS 0C0 Power Running Board (PRB) PRB 766 Power Steering Control Module (PSCM) PSCM 242 Powertrain Control Module (PCM) PCM 7E0 Rader Brake Support (EBS) EBS Rear Air Suspension Module (RASM) RASM 020 Rear Air Temperature Control (RATC) RATC 099 Rear Audio Control Module (RACM) RACM Rear Body Control Module (R_BCM) R_BCM Rear Electronic Module (REM) REM 050 Rear Gate/Trunk Module (RGTM) RGTM Rear Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (RHVAC) RHVAC 785 Rear Left Door Control Unit (DRDM) DRDM Rear Lighting Control Module A (RLCMA) RLCMA Rear Right Door Control Unit (PRDM) PRDM Rear Seat Entertainment Module (RETM) RETM 771 Rear Vehicle Monitoring (RVM) RVM Reductant Control Module (DCU) DCU Remote Anti-Theft / Personality Module (RAP) RAP 048 Remote Climate Control (RCC) RCC 098 Remote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit Module (RESCU) RESCU 091 Remote Function Actuator (RFA) RFA 731 Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) RKE Restraint Control Module (RCM) RCM 737 Retractable Hard Top (RHT) RHT Right High Intensity Discharge Lamp (RHID) RHID Right Power Sliding Door Module (RPSDM) RPSDM 0B1 Satellite Digital Audio Receiver System (SDARS) SDARS 782 Seat Control Module E (SCME) SCME Seat Control Module G (SCMG) SCMG 712 Seat Control Module H (SCMH) SCMH 713 Secondary OBD Control Module A (SOBDM) SOBDM Secondary OBD Control Module C (SOBDMC) SOBDMC Security module (CSM) CSM 0C1 Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) SCR Side Obstacle Detection Control Module - Left (SODL) SODL 7C4 Side Obstacle Detection Control Module - Right (SODR) SODR 7C6 Smart Brake Support/Mazda Radar Cruise Control (SBS/MRCC) SBS/MRCC Smart City Brake Support (ICA) ICA Smart Start Unit (SSU) SSU Speech Recognition Module (SRM) SRM 772 Steering Angle Sensor Module (SASM) SASM 797 Steering Column Control Module (SCCM) SCCM 724 Steering Column Locking Module (SCLM) SCLM 0C3 Steering Column/Instrument Panel/Lighting (SCIL) SCIL 070 Steering Effort Control Module (SECM) SECM 7C5 Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) SRS Telematic Control Unit Module (TCU) TCU Tire Pressure Monitor (RTM) RTM 751 ? Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) TPM 751 ? Tracking and Blocking Module (TBM) TBM 0CE Trailer Brake Control Module (TBC) TBC 757 Trailer Module (TRM) TRM 791 Transfer Case Control Module (TCCM) TCCM 761 Transmission Control Module (TCM) TCM 7E1 Transmission Range Control Module (TRCM) TRCM Variable Assist Power Steering (VAPS) VAPS 030 Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM) VDM 721 Vehicle Emergency Messaging System (VEMS) VEMS 091 Vehicle Security Module (VSM) VSM 755 Virtual Image Cluster (VIC) VIC 060
  6. Their location makes no sense for a drain hole. Maybe it was a riser in the mould in order to guarantee the plastic flowed onto the mould without distortion due to cooling and flow. Not saying it is, but I would have expected a breather/drain to be at the bottom where water would drain and there was no chance of it flowing in as the water beaded down the outside surface!
  7. Marks like that are usually where the mould has push out pins to eject the part from the mould.
  8. Having a look on the Ford Motorcraft site, for similar size cars they are quoting around £110 to £120 ...
  9. Not done the pads on my Edge yet, but always do pads myself. For the Edge they are around £25 a set for the fronts, so unless it takes them 2 hours to do a 30-40 minute job, I'd personally say that's a bit pricey, but then again dealers always are!
  10. If you show Navigation on your cluster using the Right steering wheel options, pressing OK will sound the next nav instruction. You can change the volume whilst shes talking. Just press OK again if you haven't set it to your liking! (It's a pity there is no repeat instruction option on the Sync screen itself!!)
  11. Does anyone know of a guard for the EDGE that has mesh covering roof to floor, so that the back seats can be folded down without the obvious 'gap' the standard guard leaves?
  12. Our Cockapoo is a proper dog, they are great! (he's even got a Scottish name) ... He even looked like Rod Stewart when he was younger!
  13. Sounds like a battery or electrical issue to me! You need to check the battery volts both engine off (> 11v) and engine on (>14.5v). Maybe your alternators shot!
  14. I can't see any holes in the centre section (at least not rearward facing), but if you look at the inside seam, there is a bead of sealant down the side and bottom edge, so there are no visible water drains or breathers from outside of the car!