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  1. Fuse F55 (10A) in the Battery Junction Box (BJB) is the B+ to the alternator ... Fuse F8 (275A) in the BJB is the fused alternator output to the battery. Although, saying that, like most modern cars, the PCM controls charging in that when you put your foot down it drops the load caused by the alternator by removing the excitation feed, decreasing the load on the engine when you need it most (part of the smart charging strategy), so the physical alternator is just one part of a more complex system!
  2. Hope they checked the alternator excitation fuse first! If you can find the part, this is how you can save yourself a few hundred quid in labour ...
  3. These kits use the actual official Ford TRM, so I would expect the harness to be wired exactly the same whether it's aftermarket sourced or direct from Ford.
  4. This was the tow bar my local Ford dealer fitted when I ordered a tow bar from them, so not the 'official' Ford one, but one they always install and guarantee as their aftermarket offering ... It uses the genuine Edge specific wiring kit (i.e. 13 PIn with Genuine Ford 'Trailer' ECU) ... and that also needed the 'Extension kit' to provide the ATC/Fridge power feed, diect from the battery and switched by the cars ignition ... All ECU's coded by the Ford garage after install.
  5. I was going to say I hadn't noticed the clutch being soft ... but then mines an Auto ! 🤣🤣
  6. Some useful info for reference ... Instrumentation, Message Center and Warning Chimes DT.pdf
  7. Put on OBD2 tool on the car and find out what's wrong with it. I suspect either a) a blown fuse, b) a broken wire (open circuit) on the fuel sender, c) a faulty fuel sender. The OBD DTC will most likely tell you which. Failing that, drop your fuel tank and check the power at the fuel sender and the signal coming out out it! ... or just get a garage to look at it.
  8. Always good to post some pictures of the clip arrangement for future reference, so others will have a clue as what to expect.
  9. Image Processing Module A (IPMA) Camera Heated Windshield Element.pdfInterior Rear View Mirror.pdf These might be useful!
  10. Just for clarity ... the oil light that comes on at start is a 'Low oil pressure' warning. The oil change warning is a 'message' that pops up just like the seatbelt or doos open warnings. They are 2 separate things.
  11. Not sure what they can do other than an oil analysis ... but it would just be cheaper and piece of mind to just change the oil and oil filter and then you know where you are!
  12. Took my local Ford dealer 3 attempts (the last time they came out to me for the inconvenience) before they finally got it right!
  13. High Mounted Stoplamp.pdf Rear Spoiler.pdfLiftgate Trim Panel.pdf Try these!
  14. Are you sure your not just activating the lower hands free opening as your down there (or the harness is waving in front of the sensor!) ECU's are not configured. There are 2 or 3 other ECU's that need configuring to let them know a trailer ECU is installed. That inhibits the reverse sensors, rear fog lights, lamp out and enables trailer stability control as part of your dynamic stability system ... amongst other things! When things are 'activated' correctly, you should get a 'Trailer Connected' message in the instrument cluster when you turn on the ignition and if you put the c
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