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  1. Mine is a 2016 66 plate (late 2016) with Sync3. Been running F8 for over a year now (there are numerous topics on how to do the map upgrade when the Ford Sync Update doesn't offer it to you). This video shows how to enable cameras on Sync3 ...
  2. DRL's are on all models (mandatory in the UK for a few years now) and are turned on when the ignition is on and engine running. You can't turn them off, other than ignition off! I think they go off when you turn headlamps on, they don't stay on as well as side and main beams.
  3. @HamsterThat's exactly what I was trying to say! So certainly no disagreement from here. The Space saver has been chosen to suit the vehicle its installed in for the purpose of getting you home (with clear instructions in the manual to support it's use), so therefore the risk of damage to any other drive train components is not going to happen (by design). My point was, IF it did cause secondary damage, whilst being used in the recommended way, Ford would be liable as they are the ones who chose, did the analysis, provided it and instructed you how to use it! So if that was incorrect, then Ford are responsible. As you say, these components are selected based on engineering calculations and suitability by the vehicle teams during the design/development process. (I used to work for a major UK construction equipment manufacturer and believe me, these things are all part of the design and validation process). So, I'm not going to disagree with you, far from it ... but that was what my original comment meant (even if it didn't read that way!). Absolutely!
  4. ...and they are? oh, please enlighten us.
  5. I suspect that Ford have already thought about that and any potential damage that is caused by using the provided space saver is a clear cut case for Ford to repair as it can be proven that the factory supplied wheel was not fit for purpose. On the other hand, if you use a non-approved wheel and any issues are caused because of it, you'll be picking up the repair bill yourself. Ford will wipe their hands of your very expensive problem! Just something to think about before you go fixing/creating a problem that doesn't currently exist!
  6. It's only function is to get you directly to a place where you can repair/replace your standard tyre ... space savers are not aesthetic fashion accessories or long term replacements but are a step up from a simple type repair kit! They also usually carry lower speed ratings too, so you need to watch your max speed when running on it. For those commenting on the size ... The clue is in the name ... "Space Saver"!
  7. 2018 Paint Codes... 2019 Paint Codes...
  8. Just for reference (2016) Paint Codes 2016 UK Edge, VIN plate format and paint code location, LC is "Nautilus Blue" (UK branding), "Too Good To Be Blue" (USA)... 2016 Paint Codes...
  9. Just for reference (2017) Paint Codes VIN plate paint code location (Early Ford VIN Plate format) ... 2017 Paint Codes...
  10. Shadow Black. The paint code is on your VIN plate.
  11. Obviously much older than you young man! 😂
  12. Yes, and I think the issues was compounded by parking you car with the front facing downwards as the drain tubes are in the front of the roof channels and down the A pillars. Blocked tubes lead to leaks and drips from the overhead light and mirror assembly and possibly finding its way down the outside of the tube in the A pillar down to the footwells.
  13. Oh well. Seems like a common query (from the "Ford Edge UK" group) ...