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  1. Just wondering for those that tow, what do you tow, what is the MTPLM, what experience do you have and do you find the Edge up to the job? Does anyone tow a 1800kg MTPLM twin axle caravan? and how do you find it handles?
  2. I think they kick in at less than 18mph, above that they both revert to whatever the front fogs are set to.
  3. Don't forget the front fog are cornering lights, not just fogs, so it makes the logic a bit more complex if you expect them to be DRLS! In the US/Canada, they have lights (DRLS??) on the fog surrounds, where we get a chrome trim.
  4. Just pop LEDs in place of your Halogens, makes everything better (and easier than coding changes).
  5. See Attached, Page 4 -> Go to pinpoint test D on Page 19. Turn Signal and Hazard Lamps DT.pdf
  6. The ECU has detected a fault with one of the indicator circuits. Have you changed lamps (front or mirror repeaters to LED??), Have you tapped into them for a trailer? A diagnostic tool would show the low lying fault.
  7. Interesting! The bulb holder looks like a separate part (and would have to be to mould the main body), but how they attach is a mystery. it may be bonded (glued or ultrasonic welded), which is a on-cost to the part, or for ease of manufacture and cost it may just clip together with concealed clips. If I had a broken unit, I'd be tempted to get a saw through that bottom picture vertically in the centre on the holder to see what the cross section looked like!
  8. So, what happens when the orange coating flakes off the bulb and fails an MOT because the indicator repeater is showing white?!! The Service manual says you have to remove the mirror glass and top mirror cover to get to the indicator assembly (sealed???) ... see attached. @eddiek, can you post a closeup pic of the back of the bulb housing where the connector goes. With the lens bonded on, the bulb must come out there somehow. Exterior Mirror RI.pdf
  9. Totally agree! Ford themselves define the line between acceptable and no acceptable ... if your light cluster crosses that line, it's Fords responsibility to rectify it! (unless there is small print in the manual saying that everything written in it is to be taken with a pinch of salt and is just made up for the hell of it!
  10. The issue with sealed units are that they need to be sealed with an inert gas in them (like double glazed windows are), but they aren't due to cost, so it depends on the humidity control of the manufacturers. From my experience, the manufacturers in India I've visited, don't have good environmental humidity control! So the moisture is present from day one. It then just needs the right external temp and pressure to bring it out and once its condensed out of the air, it won't evaporate back! I've worked on everything from instrument clusters to ECU's and moisture, condensation is only controlled by a breathable Gortex plug/membrane or internal heater elements.... which would make a significant impact on the build cost of a light cluster (not so much on a cluster or ECU)!
  11. The newer facelift and renamed models were announced in Jan 2018, for delivery mid 2018. The production orders for the 2015 model were stopped end of 2017, whilst the UK stock supported purchases from then until the newer 2018 models were allocated production slots, built and shipped to the UK (a 3-4 month process!).
  12. I'd forgotten I'd done that, well spotted! @Trent Edge, looks like the numbers of us original owners, from new, are slowly dwindling as the new wave of 2nd ownerships begin sweeping in!
  13. @Baileymex Miko Suede (Dinamica) / Ebony is part of the Lux pack. On the sport, with that you get sunroof (moonroof !), 10 way drivers seat, 8 way pax seat, heated/cooled front seat, heated rear seats, climate control and power foldable mirrors. As Trent says, the 2018 face lift was the point at which the Sport was renamed to the ST-Line. Not sure what 'Equipment Package 17' is, but mine has it too! I haven't got 'ICE Feature Pack 23', but I believe it is the Sync2 - DAB / AM / FM radio with 2 x USB, 8" Colour TFT multi-touch screen, antenna harness assembly and antenna with no navigation.
  14. This is starting to be seen as an issue on the Edge (now they are a few years old). The Solenoid in question seems to be a common issue (Fault Code P06DD) on the 2.0L engines in the ford range and there are a number of videos on YouTube that show you its location (next to the oil filter) on other models, and how to replace it (1 nut and a connector!). It seems to be a quite common part (NOT TO SURE OF THE ACTUAL PART NUMBER USED ON THE EDGE!), so I might get one in the toolbox ready! This video is for the 2018 Focus with the 2.0L diesel engine ... Be interesting to see if regular oil changes would prevent it from getting clogged up and maybe an ultrasonic cleaner would flush out and fix a stuck sensor! P.S. Had limp home kick in on my old MK1 Kuga and that was the regen diesel injector blocked on the DPF! Fix with a replacement.