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  1. Just get close to the car in front and you'll get half of them lit (or if your closer than the adaptive cruise control is set for). As @Edge of Reason says, if the car thinks your not braking quick enough and a collision may occur it flashes the LEDs in you line of vision and flashes a red warning on your cluster. If you set pre-collision assist to brake for you, it gets more "interesting". Especially when it gets a false trigger from cars parked on right hand bends that it thinks your going to drive into!!!
  2. That link road is on the F8 maps, as is the A555 (M56 Airport to A6) SEMMS road :-)
  3. Can't find the link on the F150 forum that I used, but the same instructions and files I downloaded are here ...
  4. Same as @Edge of Reason, my old Kuga had the same symptoms, but my DPF injector was blocked and so it couldn't do a regen. Not had the issue on the Edge though!
  5. Yeah! just read that the 2019 Sync3 APIM has different partitioning! Well done Ford ... made an update system that's already riddled with issues and changed it yet again!
  6. Try this ... This is where I got and installed the F8 maps from for my EDGE because the Ford Sync Update site was about as much use as a chocolate fire guard!
  7. simonb65

    RIP Edge

    Might be better build quality, but you do get more features for you cash in the EDGE. Price up a similar spec'd BMW, Merc or Audi and your looking at £7K to £10K more! (went though that exercise before I bought my fully loaded EDGE).
  8. simonb65

    RIP Edge

    The launch in the UK has been a disaster by Ford from the start ... The first models over were old US Sync2 stock. (Which got absolutely slated in UK reviews) They changed the specs and colours just a month after they officially launched. Even after launch, dealers didn't get the promotional materials, colour swatches, trim swatches, etc needed to actually sell the cars. Finding an EDGE in the colour/trim I wanted took me 3 days driving around all the Ford dealerships in the Cheshire/Staffordshire/Manchester area to find one I could actually look at. The launch was not really advertised in the media and neither has the car since (1 advert and recently included in a brief new advert for the Ford SUV range). Initial waiting times for delivery was 5-6 months. Build quality is shocking. Loads of reliability problems. Some dealers don't get sales or technical training until 3 months after the official launch (9 months after the first cars were in the showrooms). Some dealers 2 years after launch still don't know how to (or want to) handle some of the faults and refuse to accept they are faults. The number of recalls (3) in 18 months on a car which has already been out in the US/Canada for 18 months is not good. Big Price increase 6 months after launch. Tax on diesels hiked up and Ford still refuse to release a petrol model in the UK/EU. 18 months after launch, the car gets a face lift (and another massive price hike) ... and still no petrol options, whilst the new price takes the diesel tax to new eye watering levels! oh, and did I mention the build quality and reliability? Sync update issues/process (just a total mess) and lack of any real updates on a system just gagging for regular feature enhancements (no updates over WiFi in the UK). Ford have decided to stop production of right hand drive models in Oakville to save costs. So, all-in-all, its hardy surprising why the EDGE and Ford as a whole are currently going through the worst ever period in the their history. Someone at Ford UK needs SACKING. Someone at Ford marketing needs SACKING, someone at Oakville quality dept needs SACKING. I'm glad Ford have taken the bold (and overdue) move to re-structure (but not for those dedicated workers who loose their jobs because of it). I just hope that they are looking at the operational, technical and quality improvements and not just hacking away portions of the business in order to purely cut costs. Sadly, I think that's why the EDGE didn't really stand a chance in the UK and is ending in September 2019! Still ❤️ mine though!
  9. simonb65

    RIP Edge

    Someone on the FB group in Norway said it was going to be replaced by the Explorer! I've heard a 7 seat Kuga may be heading this way, but looking at the way Ford are looking at streamlining and re-jigging their European presence ... absolutely ANY could happen! lol PS. ... and NO, @Hamster, I'm not putting a bet on this one either!
  10. Haha, I'll just have a quick flick through the service manual before I place mine! 😉
  11. Looks like an outside air temp sensor/circuit fault. Its a separate one to the inlet air temp the engine uses for its power calculations. If the car sees a temp lower than about 6 Deg C, then the air con doesn't produce cold air (saves engine power by dumping the load!) as it can use the already 'colder' outside air to create the air temp needed in the cab. So, the air-con blowing warn air is most likely a knock-on effect of the sensor giving a faulty temp reading. The fact that most temp sensors read from -40 to +120 suggests to me that the sensor is open circuit (wire broken, loose connector or fault with the sensor itself).
  12. That's the perception you get when they apply the same styling concepts across a range of cars. I have to say there isn't much difference between the KA+, Fiesta and Focus now (apart from size), but Fiesta to EDGE (which is actually based on the Mondeo platform) is a bit of a stretch!
  13. No, they are quite a bit longer, about 5" wider and about 4" taller. The width shows on the inside. I've sat in a Kuga since owning my EDGE and the Kuga felt very small on the inside! You also won't notice as the driver, but the EDGE is much bigger in the back.
  14. If you got this update from the Ford Sync3 Update site, then you'll get the next files once the system has registered that you've installed the pre-requisites. If you don't get it from Ford, there are downloads on other Ford Forums (F150) that have the latest maps (F8), but if you don't have the right files on your Sync first, you'll just screw it up! You could pop into your dealer, if they are anything like mine, they'll have all the updates on USB sticks and would do it for you if you don't want the hassle.
  15. JR3T-14G422-BD-TAR is the voice files (for nav directions) update. JR3T-14G433- AB-TAR (I would have expected JR3T-14G423- AB-TAR) which is the gracenote database application. GB5T-14G386-AB-TAR is the log file creator. So, all you have here is the pre-requisites to the map update itself. I still would have expected this to last 10 mins or so. Leave the USB stick in after it says its finished, cycle the ignition and let it detect the USB again and run through the update. If successful, you should get an .xml log file in the SyncMyRide folder when its done. The map update file, when you get it will be either JR3T-14G421-BC.tar (F7) or JR3T-14G421-BD.tar (F8).