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  1. Haha, I'll just have a quick flick through the service manual before I place mine! 😉
  2. Looks like an outside air temp sensor/circuit fault. Its a separate one to the inlet air temp the engine uses for its power calculations. If the car sees a temp lower than about 6 Deg C, then the air con doesn't produce cold air (saves engine power by dumping the load!) as it can use the already 'colder' outside air to create the air temp needed in the cab. So, the air-con blowing warn air is most likely a knock-on effect of the sensor giving a faulty temp reading. The fact that most temp sensors read from -40 to +120 suggests to me that the sensor is open circuit (wire broken, loose connector or fault with the sensor itself).
  3. That's the perception you get when they apply the same styling concepts across a range of cars. I have to say there isn't much difference between the KA+, Fiesta and Focus now (apart from size), but Fiesta to EDGE (which is actually based on the Mondeo platform) is a bit of a stretch!
  4. No, they are quite a bit longer, about 5" wider and about 4" taller. The width shows on the inside. I've sat in a Kuga since owning my EDGE and the Kuga felt very small on the inside! You also won't notice as the driver, but the EDGE is much bigger in the back.
  5. If you got this update from the Ford Sync3 Update site, then you'll get the next files once the system has registered that you've installed the pre-requisites. If you don't get it from Ford, there are downloads on other Ford Forums (F150) that have the latest maps (F8), but if you don't have the right files on your Sync first, you'll just screw it up! You could pop into your dealer, if they are anything like mine, they'll have all the updates on USB sticks and would do it for you if you don't want the hassle.
  6. JR3T-14G422-BD-TAR is the voice files (for nav directions) update. JR3T-14G433- AB-TAR (I would have expected JR3T-14G423- AB-TAR) which is the gracenote database application. GB5T-14G386-AB-TAR is the log file creator. So, all you have here is the pre-requisites to the map update itself. I still would have expected this to last 10 mins or so. Leave the USB stick in after it says its finished, cycle the ignition and let it detect the USB again and run through the update. If successful, you should get an .xml log file in the SyncMyRide folder when its done. The map update file, when you get it will be either JR3T-14G421-BC.tar (F7) or JR3T-14G421-BD.tar (F8).
  7. Firstly, what does the contents of the USB stick contain, specifically in the SyncMyRide Folder? 3 minutes is way too quick for maps, they take about 50 minutes. You may have an update for one of the pre-requisites, but can only tell if you let us know what was on your stick.
  8. Not had as many issues as others on here, mostly niggles. It's a great car for long distances (really comfy). Plenty of room for everyone (including the dog!). Had mine since Dec 2016 and its had an Airbag recall, Adaptive steering recall and A/C pully recall. Build quality is not the best. Panel fit and alignment is not the best. Sync is a nightmare to update as Ford just F**k it up every time! Saying that, I've had it nearly 2 and a half years and on the whole I've loved it. But if you read this forum, you'll find its a bit Marmite! The only option of a Diesel is a bit of a killer, although Ford are releasing a multitude of electric/hybrids over the next 18 months. Would I buy another when its gone ... I would like to if it was EU built (better build quality and attention to detail) ... but No! I'm looking at the Volvo XC40/60, Hyundia Tuscon/Santa Fe, some other Kuga sized SUV's, or even back to the good 'old Kuga itself (had a MK1 which was by far the best car I've owned to date although they got rid of the split tailgate which was one of my top 10 features!). Also the 'new' price is way too much now (still a lot cheaper for the features than a BMW, Audi or Range Rover). If you get a 1 year old 2nd hand 2016/2017 with Sync3 model (build date Sept 2016 onwards!), you'll be getting a good deal, but may still have a few niggles to contend with during ownership.
  9. The text I posted was from the Owners Manual, it's in black and white (and Ford's own words!!). Don't see how any dealer can dispute that. Not only are there a number of cases in the USA that are being replaced, but quite a few in the UK are having theirs changed, some are on their 3rd and 4th sets of rear light clusters!. As I always say on here ... if you are getting fobbed off by a dealer, when clearly there is a case and others are being sorted ... FIND YOURSELF ANOTHER FORD DEALER AND TAKE IT TO THEM!
  10. If it beads into water droplets like you are seeing (and is not just a light vapour mist that will naturally clear), I agree with you that this is not acceptable.
  11. I've noticed the website has now given up on offering the 'wrong' update and has reverted back to 'Your maps are up to date'. Talking to my dealer earlier this week, he told me the Sync3 v3.3 update was due for UK release in April.
  12. The 0.0mb update is an erroneous mix of Sync2 and Sync3 files, which are on different operating system platforms and so are incompatible. The update fails because Sync3 tries to run a Sync2 update file!! That's where my Ford Sync Update is currently 'stuck' too and I did it myself! Sadly as @KDA points out, I'm not going to call Ford on a premium rate number just tell them their system is sh*te! They should be grateful they are getting feedback and take it for free as they obviously don't pay their QA department enough. My car is going in on Monday for a couple of outstanding recalls, so I'll get them to see if they'll kick Ford customer relations too.
  13. There are many that have updated to Sync3 v3.0 and F8 maps. Some have used the Ford Sync update website and had no issues. Some of us have had issues with what Ford has offered, but by engineering what the Sync update tries to give you, have created our own updates using the files direct from the Ford servers or other owners who have 'hacked' their way there! I've just put F8 on my Sync3 v3.0 system, but it was from a F150 forum/owner. It's the same file that others on this forum are being offered through Ford Sync Update. Unfortunatley, the website is currently offering me (and many others) a corrupt update that doesn't work on Sync3 because its a Sync2 update!! So, I went and found the files I need myself and wrote the appropriate install script. I know that's beyond the majority of owners skills or ability, but that's how I've done it. The Ford Update system and the files they release is a total mess !! Looks like you have a Fiesta, from your signature ... have you checked to see what other Fiesta users have done as 6.1 is not a map release version that has ever been on an EDGE?
  14. I'd leave it on as it does report back the update log file over WiFi, especially if one isn't created onto the USB stick! So, it's a simple way to keep the Ford servers up to date with your current config.