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  1. Mine was like that last year, all it needed was cleaning, a little penetrating oil (WD40), leaving for half an hour, cleaning again and some new grease applying to the moving parts and moving it by hand until the grease worked it's way in! It's now better than it was when I first tried to open it when the car was new 6 years ago! I've also used a cable oiler (use it on my motorbikes clutch cable) for the bonnet release cable back into the passenger compartment. You can now release the bonnet with a single pinky! Not sure throwing £264 at a problem that just needs 30 minutes of TLC is money well spent! But an easy fix (just replace the part) for any garage is usually an easy dent in someone's wallet. Just my 2c worth.
  2. The number of updates put out by Ford, in the last 7 years, that are either just garbage or for the wrong version of Sync is staggering. Before Cyanlabs was created (which is all I use now), I was forever editing/correcting the autoinstall script and downloading the correct firmware files from the Ford servers. Nice to see nothing has changed with regards their firmware/map update system! Their tech support was useless and used to be a premium rate phone number too!
  3. If you get the interim check done, they give you another 12 months of Ford Assist (breakdown cover), so it can be worth it! You get 12 months Ford Assist after each service too, so it fills the gaps and keeps your breakdown cover up!
  4. simonb65


    If your feet go under the rear bumper (fender) then this is a common occurrence as your feet activate the hands free tailgate open/closing! You just get used to a) not standing with your shins against the bumper and feet under the car, b) not standing in the centre of the car where the hands free sensor is located underneath! This is not a problem that is exclusive to the Edge! and I suspect it won't be 'repaired' as it is like that by design!
  5. Check your oil, make sure it's not getting 'milky' ! The last place you want it is in the oil system.
  6. Details, direct from the Ford workshop service manual, are in the previous posts ... have you actually read them!
  7. That's a bit the service manual doesn't tell you about !
  8. simonb65


    I got a copy years ago from a 'dodgy' Russian website, but you can now find most of the good EDGE stuff on MACT Ford Edge's website. For downloads and documents, etc for the 2015+ models, have a look at .. Ford Edge MY2015+ Note, these are American produced manuals from Ford's online system, so they don't cover the 2.0L Diesel that we have here in the UK. For everything else, it's pretty invaluable.
  9. simonb65


    On a 2015 onwards, there are quite a few (12!) depending on the audio system. Not sure what you have on a 2011 as we didn't get the Edge in the UK until 2016. But here are the locations on a 2015+ ... D-Pillar Speaker.pdf Front Door Speaker LH.pdf Front Door Speaker RH.pdf Front Door Tweeter Speaker.pdf Instrument Panel Center Speaker sony.pdf Instrument Panel Center Speaker.pdf Rear Door Speaker LH.pdf Rear Door Speaker RH.pdf Rear Door Tweeter Speaker.pdf
  10. The adaptive units with the LED DRL's is a completely different headlamp unit that also needs a separate/different wiring harness, the adaptive headlamps have their own ECU and there is a fair bit of coding of other ECU's in the car. That's why since the car was introduced, into the UK in 2016, the only feasible option to improve the 'standard candle' headlamps is to replace the actual bulbs with individual like for like LED's. The option for this headlamp unit was a £1300 factory fit only. If you do a search on this forum, you'll see the many conversations (and LED replacement choices) about this over the last 6 years.
  11. Hi Goldie, have a look at the documents I posted further back up the topic. One of those details the process.
  12. You need to look at the signals coming out of the Drivers Door Module (DDM). Some wiring diagrams I have that may help that all reference the mirrors ... WRFM15EDGE092a.pdfWRFM15EDGE072a.pdfWRFM15EDGE057a.pdf I had a mirror on my old Kuga that became very slow and strained until it gave up with a fault code that said the motor drive was open circuit. So I guess it burnt itself out or a connection just got high resistance. Ended up getting a whole new mirror assembly ... wasn't cheap!
  13. The attached document is out of the service manual for a 2016 Edge, so the 2 key method 'may' be available. It does state though ... NOTE: This procedure works only if the spare key programming is enabled. NOTE: Two previously programmed keys are required to perform this procedure. So, FORScan can enable the programming if it's not already enabled, but you still need 2 keys to start with!! which @barry1959 sadly doesn't have. So, an expensive trip to a Ford dealer is the only option! Key Programming Using Two Programmed Keys.pdf
  14. No, it was just picked up at my next service and carried out then.
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