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  1. For that size it's probably just the update voice files. What text does the autoinstall.inf file contain?
  2. Don't suppose they thought the rear one would get covered in dead flies and other insect road kill !! 😂😂
  3. The engine is going into 'limp home' mode is usually a faulty sensor. It reduces the power because it goes into a mode that doesn't rely on the sensors (open loop). This means you don't get the power you would when the engine it being controlled optimally (closed loop). Limp home mode therefore protects the engine from damage. Whilst it resets at an ignition cycle, the fault will still be logged in the ECU, and the sensor that caused it. You really should get it to a dealer ASAP. A sudden loss of power can leave you in a very dangerous situation. I've had it in my old Kuga pulling into a busy roundabout ... not a pleasant experience for me or the guy that almost T-boned me!!!! The time into the journey suggests it may be triggered when a DPF re-gen is started. Which was the fault on my Kuga. The diesel injector and sensor for the DPF was blocked and needed replacing. Certain non-critical faults are reset fully at each ignition cycle. Some take a number of ignition cycles, with no re-occurrence of the fault, before they are cleared. Some critical faults are never cleared until reset by a diagnostic service tool. Anything emissions related (which is most engine control and exhaust sensors) never clear unless by a tool. If you really want to know whats wrong with it, buy a cheap OBDII tool off amazon (£5 to £30) and see what fault codes are present, then post the codes here. Might save you a fortune of a 'rouge' dealer trying to fleece you for something else too.
  4. The Sync2 maps come on SD card. The Sync3 maps for download that this thread is generally talking about is for Sync3 (which loads them in using a USB stick). Sync3 latest is F8. I thought Sync2 SD were names V6, V7 etc. Have you had a look on the Sync update website for Sync2 to see what is offered as the latest? Edit : @iantt replied whilst I was typing!!! Probably the actual info you wanted! Doh!
  5. You do realise the slots at each end of the sill is the drain for the inside of the door skins (i.e. when water goes down the window seal!). So you've now prevented that from draining away, which will just rot your door panel from the inside out! It's better to just wipe it clean and clear the drains every week when you wash it.
  6. I'm presuming you've got it paired through your phone? Without an active route, I get congestion (amber and red overlays on the roads) on some major roads. It's a bit hit and miss when it shoes it. On an active route, it shows roadworks and does re-route due to traffic occasionally. Not sure if its in a map settings option off the top of m y head. Worth a look. Saying that, I wouldn't say its in your face all the time (i.e. like Google traffic overlays are).
  7. That's the one Ian! Cheers, Need to update to F8 then :-)
  8. That's the one Ian. Can you check if there is a link road from Manchester Airport to Hazel Grove (A555).
  9. I'm like you, Still on F7 and about to update to F8. Noticed that the A556 isn't in the F7 update, but then again, there are roads older than 2 years still not in the maps!! You can report map changes and missing/changed road via a link on the Ford website (which takes you to the map provider),. Saying that, Ford are not good at updating or releasing the latest maps. You would have though that a company like Ford could manage monthly or quarterly updates which were really up to date ... but alas NO! When I install the F8 I'll check if the A556 (and new A555) is included.
  10. Do you have a link to the .APK file?
  11. I just ran a shortend script that created a log file, uploaded that (see post from last Thursday). I've also downloaded the F8 map package from a link posted by someone else. The Voice and Gracenote on mine is already the latest, but the maps are one version up (F7 to F8). Unfortunately, I killed my only 32GB USB stick the other day, so I'm waiting for a new one to do the F8 update. If you know what your doing, you can keep one step ahead of the random crap that Ford offer through the update page! 😉
  12. Haha! Just do a search on the web for Sync errors/issues, across the model fleet with both Sync2 and Sync3 its been this chaotic for over 2 years!! No wonder they are loosing sales and starting to make a loss. If this is their software team, just think what their Production, Development, Customer Support and Technical teams are like! CAR CRASH is probably the most appropriate term to use here!
  13. @TDCiST, that's the same offering I've been referring to in my last posts, as well as the LST_ ERR04 post!! Glad it's not just me they have screwed up the VIN vs Sync database!
  14. Always walk to the drivers door round the back, so a quick wipe before I back off the drive, keeps it cleanish!