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  1. john5

    Tail Gate

    Thanks for that, will have a look.
  2. john5

    Tail Gate

    You may be on it there Stoney, where I live it rains a good 350 days a year, we did have some sun in 1987 :D. Thanks will get the panel off and have a look. cheers John.
  3. john5

    Tail Gate

    Hi James Thanks for that, I haven't got a spare key ( keep meaning to get one ) this has been going on for a couple of days now, but since I put this post on it hasn't happened. Will see what happens ( watch this space :D) cheers John.
  4. john5

    Tail Gate

    Hi My 55 plate Focus Estate opens the tail gate on it's own, this happens about 50 seconds after locking it when parked, or closing it and driving away. Any ideas on this cheers John.
  5. john5


    Hi Thanks for that I did think it would cost a bit. By the time it's been sprayed I will be a few bob down then. cheers John.
  6. Hi Can anyone tell me ( roughly ) the cost of the the panel from the front lights down, in the book they still call it a bumper, and are they colour coded. Thanks in advance. cheers John.
  7. john5

    Egr Cooler

    Hi , I've got a Ford Focus Mk II Last year in October I had to have the EGR cooler replaced.Now 9 months later the car is showing the same symptoms as before & it's going into be checked this week.My question is ,is this likely to be a regular thing cos at £300+ it's no joke,or was it a faulty cooler put on & also someone told me that you can have them blanked off .Is this true?
  8. john5

    Door Locking

    Hi Thank you both for your replies you were both right. I had it looked at and it was caused by a connection, no problems now. cheers John.
  9. Hi When I unlock the doors, if I don't put the key in the ignition and close the door, after a little while it locks itself. Very good idea if I had forgotten to lock it when parked, but a nightmare if I left the key on the seat or somwhere, as I have no spare key. I wondered if it's possible to program it to stop this happening. cheers John.
  10. Yeah your right there, it takes mine about 8 miles at normal driving.
  11. Tried the fuse and bending the metal strips in the socket out still no good, so back to square one. How much of a job is it to get out and replace. Cheers John.
  12. Thanks for that will give it a go in the morning.
  13. Hi The 12v. power plug in the little pocket in front on the gearstick isn't working, how much of a job is it to get it out and replace it. cheers John.
  14. No it was £35 out of a scrap yard, with a tyre that has 1000s of miles left on it.
  15. Yeah I have got a full size wheel now, that's a good idea about the tyre weld, I will get a can. cheers John.