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  1. 30 seconds to do a quality redaction. I guess it's good if you don't want peeps checking if the vehicle is taxed or not lol.
  2. As little as that eh? Sigh, I guess it will be just all show and no go lol....
  3. Arguably the most difficult part of motorway driving is joining the motorway. The number of times I have joined a motorway and had to slam the anchors on for some melon who couldn't foresee that as he was driving past the junction someone else (me) might wish to join and they should either A. Speed Up to get past the junction or B. Move lanes to allow me to join without causing death and mayhem is mind blowing. Then there is club 40 - 50 (nothing like 18 - 30) who are just plain dangerous. And we can talk all day about the 'Daydreamers' who are off in their own wee world, and have no notion of whats around them lol.
  4. Learners should be able to demonstrate certain levels of control and ability before being allowed to take to the motorway. Slowing down city traffic is one thing, but making an absolute balls up on the motorway when there are HGVs and folk doing 70+ is a recipe for disaster. At least with pass plus, they have passed their test, and more than likely have been out driving on their own, getting some real experience, before doing it.
  5. I love my focus. I'm treating it as my do-er-upper as well as my daily drive. I certainly want to do things like lower it, rear disc conversion, among other things. It would be nice to give it some more power too. Supercharging or turbo charging ain't going to be easy, nor an ST conversion. And without a garage and a second car to use, it seems this would be a step too far for me at the moment. I appreciate the advice everyone. Suppose I can always get a remap done to squeeze out a few of those MIA horses.
  6. And everybody keeps saying "it would be easier just to buy an ST" lol....
  7. I was afraid it would be more complex than I had hoped. I knew a custom intake would be required, and uprated injectors. But you mentioned a whole host of stuff there I hadn't even though about. So parking this idea to the side, how difficult is it to swap the engine for an ST engine of the same / similar era??
  8. Are you referring to the fact I will need a remap or new ECU?
  9. As per title, can it be done? I've been looking at the various options (supercharging or turbocharging) and while both will require some amount of work to it, I'm interested to find out if anyone has seen it or done it before to a MK2.5 1.6 Zetec. I'm sure I could fit all the gubbins in the engine, but looking at the air intake, the 1.6 zetec has, from what I can see, a main intake pipe which enters a distribution block (presumably where the MAF is located) and then 4 separate air feed pipes into the crank case. I wont be undertaking this project for a while, as I want to do my research so thought I would start here on FOC, home of the wisest and cleverest ford owners anywhere.
  10. They could have got some red RS' on their stand to complement some of those smurfs lol...
  11. I think the hold up was an accident. The other side was queues to buggery as well but it at least was moving the whole time.
  12. That was some effort. Got in a while ago. Parked up. Mines on the left.