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  1. My Car

    is on piston heads for sale fiesta 1.6 titanium with full mountune etc etc take a look
  2. Detailing

    ok so my new st will be with mid july hopefully.so who would like to pop around and give it a good clean/detail i have all the gear.etc etc food and beer tokens being offered.
  3. Spirit Blue Mk7 St-2

    Just ordered my st2 in blue today test drove it earlier was impressed with it a bit different from my mountune 155 fiesta.I no it may sound a bit daft coming from a 45 yr old but can you fit a dump valve to it pshhh pshhh
  4. Long Time

    Hello it's been a long time since i've been on here.So hello to all the newbies, So here goes the time is running out on my Fiesta's options plan from Ford so what shall i do keep it give it back or carry on agrement with a focus maybe Also if anybody is interested i have some tickets spare for goodwood motor show on thursday they are free well sort of lol.
  5. Long Time

    i would just like to say thanks for the warm welcome
  6. Should I Buy A 6 Speed Manual Fiesta?

    not yet 6 speed is coming on the st model end of 2013
  7. Ive Seen It

    the new prposed fiesta st 1.6 ecobost 187ps was on show at goodwood yesterday and how nice it looked i have pics but not very good at posting them will try later.
  8. How Many Miles Do You Get From A Full Tank Of Fuel.

    ok i'm currently averaging 48,4 mpg in my 140 mountune it's rather boring but it means it only costs me £20 a week rather than £30 a week to get to work at today's petrol prices.it involves not going over 3,000 rpm and not exceeding 60 mph.
  9. wow that video is not even worth watching shows you nothing.
  10. testing water

    hi just testing water to see if any 1 in herts essex nth london area would be intereasted in a meet either 1 evening or a sunday afternoon some time names and ideas please.
  11. Leather Seats For A Mk7

    get me some decent bucket seats and rails you can have mine.
  12. Summer Meet Anyone?

    hola balo
  13. Summer Meet Anyone?

  14. secret hole

    i meant to post this a while back when i found it on my car whats it for seems to be a bit pointless to me if u no where it is u will no what i am on about.
  15. Fiesta St Here In Late 2012 . . .

    Ford will finally give us an official hot version of the Fiesta, due to arrive next year. The Fiesta ST will sit above the current fastest Fiesta, the rather lukewarm Zetec S. This contradicts Ford's original line at the launch of the current car that there wouldn't be an official hot version. It is thought that this change of heart has been brought about due to the introduction Fiesta in the WRC this year in order to comply with the new S2000 rules that have come into force this season. The Fiesta ST will get a 180bhp version of the 1.6-litre Ecoboost engine, which is broadly (and we mean very broadly) similar to the one found in this year's WRC car. The Fiesta ST is set to compete against rivals such as the Renaultsport Clio 200, the Seat Ibiza Cupra and the Volkswagen Polo GTi. Whilst there is no official word on performance, it is a saf(ish) bet that it will be on a par with the Clio, giving away 20bhp but weighing in at almost exactly 200kg lighter than its French counterpart. There has been no official word on price, but expect it to go on sale at around £16,500 pounds, undercutting its Renault rival by £300 against the Cup version and £1300 against a highly specced model. Ford is also dipping its toe into the hot hatch water first with a limited run of 500 'warm' 134 bhp S 1600s. This will be used to test the market for a small hot(ish) Ford.
  16. Omg

    Just had my renewal through for my car £650 Best quote so far £580.
  17. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Ok i am posting my latest mpg from my car 1.6 140mountune,and it is 50mpg which i have a photo to prove.But !Removed! hell ooops for swearing it was boring, i drove back from bournemouth on sunday at 60mph on the old cruise control and did not even touch the brakes untill 3 miles from home. at ont stage it topped 51.2 mpg and it cost me 14 £ in fuel.beet that public transport.
  18. Well It's All True

    now ban me please
  19. Omg

    the points has very little affect and the mountune is a recognised upgrade from the manufacturer.IT's the going up nearly £300 i don't get.
  20. Omg

    do u live in the middle of no where.
  21. Omg

    9yrs + no claims bonus 3 points speeding and i'm 42 swtf is going on looks like i'm paying for all these young chavs insurance.o and i am a profesional driver.car is garaged and my area is ok.So does anybody wanna buy my car.
  22. Windscreen Washer Failure

    A little tip in these cold conditions put pure screen wash in the washer bottle it won't freeze we do that in all of our lorries at work.never frozen yet.
  23. 17" Zs Wheels Rubbish On Snow And Ice

    ditched me 17's brought two 15 inch steels from ford fitted some £80 winter tyres and it pulls like a train in the snow no more wheel spin for me yipee :P
  24. Winter Tyres On Zs 17"

    blimey i see we are all rally drivers now blimey to front snow tyres are good enough.in a ditch may be you mate but not me because i'll be taking it easy even with my 2 front snow tyres.
  25. Winter Tyres On Zs 17"

    ok getting back to this when every body poo hood my thing about putting winter tyres only on the front just been advised by a tyre retailer that it is fine to put winter tyres on the front of a front wheel drive car because that is where the car is driven from.would you like the number.