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  1. I have recently bought a ford focus 1.6 petrol 51 plate roughly 155k miles when revving the car you hear a strange knocking sound top of Engine and when I drive this knocking is noticeable when hitting 2500 to 3000 revs while driving but on idle it's quiet. I have recently put the right oil in as well but was happening before I put oil in. Any ideas ?
  2. OK thanks for replying I'll get timing belt checked over as it most prob needs changed like you says 150k miles so will need checked. if you see any other forums or if anyone out there that had a ford focus with same problems please message me thanks
  3. sounds like this maybe a bit worse than that but it seems like the same rattle but to me on that video it sounds like a cat rattle my rattle is a bit more powerful and bit more steady clackering
  4. Everything seems good tho. brilliant car until I heArd this horrible knocking/rattling in the top half of engine. isn't heat Shields or nothing it's Deffo in the engine worse when revving and driving hard to describe the sound other than sounds like bolts clashing all over in the top half of engine I do have a bad cat at the minute as the honeycomb is wrecked in cat but that's a rattle in the cat but this is the engine and it's doing my head in but when I youtubed it there was a video similiar to my noise nd it said timing belt. I could get a link to that video to show you
  5. I don't know a lot about engine's but I'll get the timing belt checked. I thought it was the oil either wrong oil in or none in at all. there was no oil on dipstick when pulled out I asked the lad about this and apparently when he googled it he said that many people with focuses said it's happened to them as well but when I put oil in there was oil on dipstick not a great lot maybe clogged up or he's drove it that long with so little oil in
  6. I asked the lad that just sold me it and he says he's never changed the timing belt at all on focus but it's like a rattle noise like bolts clashing around in the top half of my engine I've just bought the car so don't know about service
  7. I don't know if I'm asking in the right place on forum but I have a problem with my ford focus 1.6L 2001 rougly 150k miles petrol engine it is rattling on the top end like bolts rattling around loud when revving in idle you hardly hear the noise just when revving and driving I have done a oil change today as dipstick was dry but engine is still rattling at top end. help and suggestions needed thanks
  8. Petrol engine roughtly 150k miles
  9. I have a ford focus 1.6L 51 plate I am getting a weird rattle sound top end of engine sounds like loads of bolts rattling around in my engine. I have recently done a oil change as the dipstick had no oil on it the noise is loud when revving the car hardly hear it when idle tho. HELP needed. any idea?