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  1. Mk7 Sport Radiator Grill From European Parts

    The 17" Street Pack alloys.
  2. Mk7 Sport Radiator Grill From European Parts

    I only had my second ZS for about 7 months and in that time I had buckled wheels, engine problems which meant a lot of parts being replaced under warranty i.e water pump, various belts etc. And also a problem with the drivers side door handle breaking meaning I couldn't get into my car using the outside handle. Also one of it's last party tricks was that the boot would mysteriously open on it's own, usually whilst I'm driving! I think the car was possessed if I'm honest Anyway back to the matter in hand.. I might list it on eBay later today and post the link on here as I've had a few people interested so far on here.
  3. Mk7 Sport Radiator Grill From European Parts

    I went for something completely different and got a Mini Cooper S!! I had a Mini before my two Fiestas and fancied another after all the trouble I had with my ZS
  4. Just wondering if anyones interested in purcharing one? I've recently sold my Mk7 and stripped it back to standard when I part exchanged the car. The only thing I have not yet sold is the "Chinese Style" Mk7 sport radiator grill from European Parts, this was a Christmas present this year. I think it cost £146 in total and has only been on my car since January so it's in excellent condition! If anyones interested in making me an offer for it, once we can agree a price I'll list it on eBay and send the link to you.. Heres a picture of it on my car:
  5. Caliper Painting

    I did mine in white to roughly match the paintwork, and to contrast the dark anthracite of the wheels:
  6. Your Fiesta

    With anthracite wheels and front windows tinted.
  7. Filling Up With Fuel ; So Who Amongst You . . .

    A few years ago my Dad bought a brand new Transit van for his company.. was filling up and it got stolen because he left the key in the ignition! Insurance wouldn't pay out either, they said it was his own fault for leaving the keys in the van. So I always lock my car as soon as I get out of it (you can still get in the fuel flap when the Mk7 is locked) then I know I'm safe :)
  8. Changes To The Fez!

    Seen this in person today noticed it a mile off Chris, love it :D
  9. Havn't been on here properly in a while, so thought it was about time I introduced my new car to you all.. About a month ago I traded my petrol ZS in for a diesel one! The cars are pretty much the same spec, the only difference being the colour and fuel really :) In real life the car looks so much better in White than it did in the silver of my previous car, especially when it's clean! Heres a picture just outside the dealership of my old car (silver) and my new car (white): The main reason for getting the car was to save money.. I do roughly 25,000 miles, most of which is motorway driving, so switching to a diesel was abit of a no-brainer, especially when you factor in the better fuel economy, cheaper road tax (£20!!!) and slightly lower insurance. Since getting the car a month ago I've given it a full detail, added white/chrome dmb overlays all round including on the wheels. Future plans include black plastics sprayed gloss black inc Mountune spoiler extension, wheels refurbed and possibly painted a different colour, and a REMAP!! Some more pics of my car (sorry for the rubbish quality, they were taken on an iPhone):
  10. Changes To The Fez!

    Looks awesome so jelous :D I'll be round later for a proper look haha
  11. Opinion on Black Fiesta Mountune

    Andrew, another user posted a picture on this link :) http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9315&hl=hammie&st=15
  12. Tyre And Brake Wear

    I have a 58 reg Zetec S on 17" wheels, currently on 42,000 miles, and am on my third set of front tyres, second set of rear tyres and second set of brake pads!
  13. Wonkey Steering Wheel

    My mum had a similar problem on the Mini she's just bought... something about the steering being off centre.. took it to a tyre garage and cost £20 to be sorted :)
  14. Burn Marks On The Fez

    Mine have the same marks Chris! Glad to see you've finally copied me got some LEDs lol
  15. From Fiesta St To Fiesta Mk7 Titanium 1,25

    Very nice car :) the Sony stereo looks great!