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  1. Filters etc

    Arrgggh. Now I just feel stupid. I have a new air/oil/fuel filter(s) to fit to my Encore . . . But even with the internet, and a servicing guide to hand, even the air filter is eluding me! The one filter easily removable is the one beneath the passenger side of the windscreen, but the replacement on is a different size, being shorter in length, wider in breadth, and slightly thicker too. Am I just being a complete tool, or is it somewhere else entirely?! Please someone help if possible, it's doing my head in somewhat now. Oh yeah, passed my test last week also! Just waiting for my insurance cover note then taxing the car!!
  2. Lake District

    I like the area around Pavey Ark, and there is a lot of open space on the hills behind it. Requires a bit of a walk to get up their mind . . . . and with regards to the weather suddenly changing, this is what happened when me, my ex and my mate where on our way down the mountain early this year . . . Wherever you go, have fun.
  3. Filters etc

    That is very helpful, thank you very much. Are these jobs easy to do for a total car servicing novice. Im not an idiot, just never messed about with cars before. Is there anything else you could recommend i do? Yeah extra power gains are really not going to be worth it i dont think on this particular car lol. I'm just after making it run as smoothly as possible, and as cheaply as i can really, as a garage service on a car that cost less than 500 might be excessive.
  4. What to look out for?

    Yeah i think one of the ka's i saw online had some rust on a pillar . . . which was a shame as it was a luxury ka, and was pretty damn cheap, but quite scruffy compared to others.
  5. What to look out for?

    I think most of the ones i have narrowed it down to are collection models, with air con, electric windows, and most with cd players too, but are not from after 2002. Increasing my budget would be great, but alas i cannot do that at the minute, and for a first car i just need something reliable, cheap to run/insure, but isnt an old dog ha ha. After this car ill certainly be looking down the much newer route.
  6. What to look out for?

    Hey, I currently have a Fiesta 1.3 encore from 1997 . . . and am rapidly approaching my driving test. However, I am going to be buying a Ka in the next few days, as i dont fancy no power steering and the stuttery engine the fiesta has. It wont be a new Ka (unfortunately), as ill only have about 1700 to spend. I have my eye on 5 at the minute, from 2000 to 2002, but what i really want to know is, is there anything particular i should look out for, common faults that sort of thing? Thanks for any help.
  7. Hey, I'm taking my test very soon, and have a 1.3 mk4 encore for when/if i pass. It seems the car hasnt really had much use for at least a good few months (save for my dad using it once or twice), and i also doubt many parts have ever been replaced on it. So what im wondering is should i buy some cheap standardish air/oil/fuel filters when i pass just to have it running as well as i can? I'm not really looking for expensive parts that will give extra hp, unless they are good value ha ha. Saw some Bosch stuff online, can i assume that is ok but basic?
  8. What insurance company are you with?

    Seems Hastings are my best bet at the minute. Was kinda hoping Quinn Direct or Adrian Flux would be cheaper, but where several hundred more expensive. Any other possible places for a new (yet 27 years old) driver?
  9. What's yours called?

    Despite trying to think of a name for my old Fiesta, it seems that the irony laden White Lightening is the name that is gonna stick. I only said it once as a joke, but nothing better has presented itself yet. And on top of the irony of it, the connotations of being associated with a very low quality 'cider' and drunks on park benches just adds to the 'humour' of it all.
  10. Air freshners

    Good to know, cos i just bought this one today, but wont be using it just yet.
  11. mk4 Fiesta gearstick surround

    Well im fairly close to that state too at times, especially being new to all this, so ill search one out soon and see how it goes
  12. mk4 Fiesta gearstick surround

    Cool, thanks. Does it fit easily enough? To say im a novice would be bang on the money. How much would it cost to get one from a scrap yard?
  13. Ford Car Keys

    My mum and dad have the same problem with their cars, a T reg Focus and an R reg Fiesta. Both sets of keys would open each car. Now i own an older too Fiesta and im slightly concerned by the issue, as my key will open the Focus also.
  14. Redex

    Yeah, Halfords do them for £1.99 i think. Guess ill just give it a go. If it cant do any harm then it might do some good ha ha, and im happy do pay a little for that.
  15. Hey, I was just wondering if it was possible to buy and fit a standard Ford plastic gearstick surround to my Encore Fiesta? I mean the whole surround that also has the 'coin holder' and 'cup holder' type indents into it. I ask because my Encore model doesnt have this and only has a long gearstick that i do not particularly like the look of if im honest. Any help greatly appreciated.