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  1. Also I looked at the guy at the works Focus ST 6 month older yet his looks brand new compared to mine
  2. Yes but it's done 130 miles not thousand. It's two weeks old. Are they built to last or is it just a terrible exhaust because they know people change it ? If I get 4 years out of it I'll be happy if not I won't be
  3. I've sent a quick email to my dealer to see what he says to cover myself
  4. As long as it lasts me 4 years I'm happy ! It's mainly on an actual stretch of pipe. Perhaps the U.K. weather doesn't help etc You'd think Ford would mak OEM exhausts stainless steel. Cant really afford to put any uprated parts on it and I wouldn't anyway I'm happy with how it is in all honesty haha
  5. Not sure buddy it's the bendy part of the pipe which can be directly seen by the drivers rear wheel looking directly underneath. Is this liable to cause any problems. ie become worse gradually to the point of failing ?
  6. Hi again guys any ideas here ? Sitting on 110 miles and currently in the garage. Noticed it by chance really the bendy exhaust pipe near the drivers rear wheel I noticed surface rust spots all clustered in the one area maybe 6 inches long. Is this normal on a brand new motor never mind ST ? Cheers
  7. The garage aren't willing to let their motor come to me so I'm not left with an awful lot of options. Hopefully see what I can do soon
  8. I'm living at home the now buddy. Dad had planned to level the garage off a few year back but hasn't really caught his interest again. I'm hoping the boy at Evans Halshaw gets back to me on bringing the demo which is for sale down to mine to test this theory out. If not the boy across the street has a 14 Reg one which I'm guessing is around the same height as the 66 reg. I may ask him for his opinion we'll see
  9. Aygo 2340mm EP3 2575mm ST 2489mm
  10. It's strange because I had an Aygo and that went in the garage no bother and that is apparently lower on ground clearance: ST: 6 Ep3 type r: 5.5 Aygo: 4.8 The Aygo got in no bother but ep3 scuffed (not 100% sure though) These figures are from auto revolution website
  11. Cheers buddy much appreciated. Unfortunately I can't get he TT in because it's my aunties and she's away now. Couldn't do it earlier because she had the keys. Hoping the dealer helps me out a little. Yeah the top when it levels off is the problem. Thanks again buddy !
  12. Can someone perhaps measure their ST at the lowest points in inches and get back to me with the sizes ? I'm guessing it'll be the sides that are the lowest ?
  13. The TT is actually around 6in on the sides (lowest point) which is a little surprising. Hopefully the boy at the dealership gets approval to test my theory out
  14. I do think it'll go in without many issues but I'd like to make sure. I do believe the TT is a good starting point because it does seem lower apparently by 1.5in. There's a boy in the housing estate across the road that has a 14reg one. May ask him what his thoughts are but it's a little embarrassing asking something like that haha
  15. The EP3 type r made it in with a faint nose underneath all be it they're low as it is. I'm going to use the TT as a tester later hopefully