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  1. Some of these responses are awesome! As for me no bonus.... We have a roster which to decide if we work or not. 4 in 25 chance.... I've worked xmas for the last 7 years, due to the leap year ... This is my first year off though... WHOOP!!
  2. I think I agree with you Chris.
  3. Thanks dude. ill have a look.
  4. Gents Take a look at this splitter, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-MK4-ZETEC-S-FRONT-BUMPER-SKIRT-SPOILER-GENUINE-PART-/172418862873?hash=item2824f70f19:g:ZioAAOSwux5YNXnm I know it states mk4 but will this fit the mk2.5? Danny
  5. Cheers Lenny Appreciate the help.
  6. Gents, Sorry for raising a thread from the dead but I'm keen to get hold of these parts! Lenny the Finis number doesn't work on Ford's parts site. Do you or does anyone know what the actual name of these Polyester Polyfoam Polystyrene spacer lifting boot spare wheel stowage surround thingys are?? its driving me mad. Thanks gents and sorry again for pull this back up.
  7. Just checked, found this. do you know if this would fit the MK2.5 https://en.shpock.com/i/V-pFa_DiKcEFi0Xd/
  8. Wes Looking at over £100 from ford, a little excessive for 2 bits of foam if you ask me. Can't find any one eBay. If you see some about let me know. Danny
  9. Hi chaps. You know them Polyfoam spacers that are in the boot with a full sized spare wheel, well i don't have then because have the tiny space saver. I have been searching everywhere and had a look around a scrapyard to see if i could nab one of these illusive things. No luck I have quite a few items I would like the travel with but don't want to compromise space on my boot with a box. Is anyone selling or know of where i can acquire these spacers? Thanks
  10. Hi My Mondeo took a turn for the worse and gave up on me the other day.... much like my family, friends and everyone else I've ever loved :( Anyway I'm Danny and I thought I would sign up as I brought myself a Focus a few days ago and have started upgrading already :D Cheers Danny