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  1. Has anyone replaced a front fog light. I think a stone has smashed it. Are they expensive to buy. Tia
  2. Ja1973


    I've just had a conversation with a dealer who tells me the Sport is due to be replaced with an ST line.
  3. I paid £30 for the foam canon. I use pro valet snow foam £28 for 5 litres. I'll take some photos the next time I wash her. The results are amazing. The guy I used done 2 coats of wax and scotch guarded other interior. Cost me £300
  4. I've found a website called cleanyourcar. I bought a foam lance. Snow foam and maguires shampoo. For the wheels I use iron x and maguires tyre dressing. I had the car detailed as soon as I collected it. My neighbours think I need to get a life but the results after every wash are amazing. It is annoying when the boot opens though.
  5. Could anyone give me the heads up on how long it takes from order to delivery for a factory order. I was planning on keeping mine for 2-3 years. But I need a tow bar and the prices I'm been quoted at various ford dealers is mad. Between £900-£1100. We get Privledge through a family member so should get a good price.
  6. Ja1973

    Tow bar

    Has anyone had a non factory fitted tow bar. Any recommendations. Particularly in the Surrey area. Thanks
  7. Ja1973

    Heated Seats

    Just got a call from the dealer. They have found no fault.
  8. Ja1973

    Heated Seats

    It's booked in for this Wednesday. I'll let you know.
  9. I don't think you can get bars with the glass roof.
  10. Ja1973


    This dealer apparently if owned by Ford. Unfortunately for me all my local branches are Trust Ford. What's annoying the most is no doubt it will require parts and will need booking in again
  11. Ja1973


    I've just phoned my local dealer to book in my Edge with faulty heated seats. 1st available date is 1st March. I also made an enquiry to book in my wife's fiesta for a service and was told any day next week. It bugs me that you pay Audi and BMW money for a car and get the same poor Ford service.
  12. Ja1973

    Heated Seats

    Thanks for that JGB. That's really annoying. I had heated/cooled seats on a Mondeo a few years ago. They worked really well. Although I really like the Edge I wish I'd waited until there were a few more on the roads in the UK. it reminds me of 2006 when I bought an Smax that was riddled with faults and the service department at the local dealer couldn't resolve.
  13. Ja1973

    Heated Seats

    Got it booked in Wednesday. Will let you know.
  14. Ja1973

    Heated Seats

    Thanks. I'll get it booked tomorrow
  15. Ja1973

    Heated Seats

    It is it has 3 settings. They are all just Luke warm.