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  1. Hi guys I want to treat my car to some new spark plugs as I have had it a year now and have not replaced them yet. Car is a Focus 1.6 petrol 2009 63,000 miles. What spark plugs would you recommend and where is the best place to buy them. Thanks in advance
  2. Super price I thought mine was cheap at £300 all in including cambelt,auxiliary belts,water pump and coolant change 👍👍
  3. Anyone else got any views on my choices Cheers
  4. Hi guys I need a new wax/sealant but don't want to spend much. Which of these three would you go for and why. Thank you in advance
  5. Just had the cam belt a few months ago so I will definitely get one to save anything messing that up. And my engine compartment in pretty damn clean so I would like to keep it that way 👍👍
  6. Think I might buy one to keep all of the road spray and dirt and stones out the engine bay. Might get one from the scrappy or eBay
  7. Conflicting evidence Anyone else 👍👍
  8. Hi all I have a focus 1.6 petrol 2009 zetec model Just wondered if it should have an engine under tray. Cheers
  9. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Eibach-Pro-Kit-Lowering-Springs-Ford-Focus-II-1-4-1-6-1-8-CHEAP-DELIVERY-/291606985665?epid=1709443995&hash=item43e5217bc1:g:DPwAAOSwKsRWF5pV&utm_source=FordOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks&utm_campaign=referrals&utm_source=FordOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks&utm_campaign=referrals Damn good price BUT they are from POLAND.
  10. That looks very sexy 😜 What sub are you putting in there mate? 👍
  11. Looks really good buddy 👍😀 Your motor is sweet looking mate.
  12. Why did you use a heat gun for the de badging. You should have put that fire on instead.
  13. Looking good buddy De badged is the way to go Good choice of overlays
  14. Any pictures yet. Hopefully you have redone it with the carbon weave going all the same way.