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  1. well, at least it worked for one of us! did you use 5w-30 after?
  2. Update.. Unfortunately we're still burning oil on 5w-40 after using that engine flush. Weirdly my MPG has gone up by 3, but the oil consumption remains the same. I'm currently looking at other cars, maybe a Honda Civic. I've heard their engines are brilliant.
  3. Right... so I managed to get this special engine treatment on a next day delivery. I dropped the old oil and put some cheap ASDA oil in. I then followed the instructions on the can, but instead of revving the engine for 10 minutes I was revving it for over an hour and a half.. sometimes stopping for 5 mins then starting again. The neighbours were not best pleased with the smoke and smell. I then changed oil to 5W40 and changed filter and sump plug. Drove about 10 miles to clear out the remainder crap and smoke (I could literally see people couching as I drove passed) then topped it off to max and drove most of the evening. I gave up after hitting 113 miles and went to bed. Checked it today and IT'S STILL ON MAX! Lets not get our hopes up but early signs are looking good! 🙂 Special thanks to 1979damian! I will keep you'll updated!
  4. Yeah, it's annoying. Depends how i'm driving though. Short journeys 5-7 miles per day will drop the oil by about 150-200ml per week. I went to see family in North wales which is about 300 miles and it used about 150mls. The forte did help quite a bit. I need to do an oil change anyway so I'll try this magical stuff and if it doesn't work then I'm only down £15. I am going to be using 5w-40 instead of 5w-30 also. I can dream
  5. Cheers mate, I'll give it a go! Annoyingly it doesn't look like I can get any delivered in time for the weekend.
  6. How long did you leave the flush in for? I've checked with Ford and they would only recommend a 5w-40 which I think is slightly thicker
  7. Changed that also. Old one was pretty clean tbh 🙂
  8. I've already changed both. The old PCV, housing and pipe looked fine, but I already had the parts so I swapped it.
  9. About half a dipstick each week. No more than 100 miles of driving
  10. Hello all, So I've got a 2008 MK2.5 1.8 Duratec HE engine which likes to burn oil (probably piston rings. Seems to be common with these engines) I've been told that using 10w-40 massively improves oil consumption, but I'm worried about swapping to something thicker. Has anyone else tried the thicker stuff? Thanks
  11. I don't think so. I went to Tescos and bought their 99 octane stuff and within 10 minutes the noise had stopped! He checked the spark plugs today and the gap was well out.. Hopefully I can go back to using normal petrol soon. Just happy it's all working! Thanks for all your help 🙂
  12. ** Update ** Just took it to the garage and drove it with them. They suggest checking the spark plug gaps and try using some premium fuel. I did change the sparks about 3 months ago so I suppose it could be, but it seems a little off to me.
  13. Also forgot to mention that it doesn't do both noises until I've been driving for around 10 minutes.