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  1. Road noise - Tyres?

    Thanks for that, Kumho's are recommended by auto express, looks like I'll be having a look at them
  2. Road noise - Tyres?

    At the moment I have Pirelli P6000 tyres on, but they are all near their sell -by date so I shall be looking for a new set, I find these pirellis to be very good, except for one thing, NOISE ! especially on motorways, do any of you boys and gals have any suggestions for a quieter tyre ? thanks
  3. How to change the pollen filter

    Hi, I wonder it you can help me ? when you took the pollen filter cover off ( i.e. scuttle panel ) is there another cover that actually sits on or over the filter, there seems to be something missing on mine, because there's nothing holding the filter in situ, any advice would be welcome, Regards Baz
  4. How to change the pollen filter

    Hello , sorry to bring you back to this pollen filter thread, But, when my Focus had its recent service, (Its a 2000, 1600 saloon) the pollen filter was changed, and next time it rained, rainwater came inside the car, so I thought I'd try and sort it, off came the cover, and i found the seal to be knackered, but there was no other cover, (reading a back thread,) somebody said there was a cover over the actual filter element held down with clips, mine doesn't, it just sits there, and its a weird shape, down to getting water on it I suspect, So, can anyone please tell me, is there a cover that goes over the actual filter, other than the plastic scuttle panel cover thingy, and should there be a foam surround atop the filter, your advice would be soooooooo welcome, thanks in anticipation, Baz
  5. Newbie

    Hi Tim, I to, am a newbie, not new to fords but new to this site, I never knew it exsisted, I have a 2000 ford focus 1600 saloon, auto( I know ,somebody has to have one,) I've had it 6 years now. I think its a brilliant car, anyway, could you help me on a question, long story, but, I had the pollen filter changed when the car was serviced, but , you've uessed it, when it rained ,it pee'd in, well the filter is knackered, ( I thought I'd do it myself ) as is the seal. but what i wondered is, is there a cover over the actual filter, seen after removing the plastic scuttle panel ( cover) there seems to be summat missing ?? would apprieciate any advice, Regards Baz