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  1. Further to this every one should have a driver appraisal every 5 years and a compulsory eye test. May I remind you that a ' proffessional Driver' recently killed a young girl whilst he was texting ! No excuse whatever mileage you drive.
  2. Sorry that some of you litte snowflakes have got upset but we have a compulsory Eye Test and Driver appraisal every 3 years and I have advanced driving on both 4 & 2 wheels. We are tought not to rely on electronic gadgets and drive to the Police Advanced Trainig hand book by ex police instructors. We are dumbing down driving relying on gadgets to get you out of the crap rather than advanced driving preventing the situation.
  3. You obviously dont drive on Motorways much in the dark in rush hour with it raining ! I avaerage 600 - 1000 miles a week in these conditions and it is a distracting stupid idea from Ford.
  4. The most annoying thing for me are those stupid red lights on the dash when you get close to another car ! But on the Motorway at night with the the CIA's BMW's and Berks in Mercs cutting into your safety space they are continually on blinding you. I have turned the sensitivity down low and applied black PVC tape over them problem solved FORD ARE YOU READING THIS ! REMOVE THOSE DAM LIGHTS NOW THEY ARE A STUPID IDEA.
  5. Just booked mine in for very loud rattle coming from passenger door and rear hatch sticking. Never had any warranty issues with the Kuga though but that was built in Europe the Edge was built over the pond and the amount of miles I have driven over there I didnt have one exceptable decent car. Always found build quality with American / Canadian vehicles dreadful.
  6. They are H15 dual fillament try using Osram Night Breakers quite expensive but better than the standard candles in jam jars that Ford fit. My Kuga had far better lights and I wish that I had gone for the LED Headlamps insted of the Sun Roof. Shame on you Ford for allowing such poor lighting on a car costing over £30K !
  7. You can't turn it off permanently you can only turn it off with the (A) button every time you start the car. I have a manual transmission and quite like the auto stop start however I have covered 6700 miles in three months so city driving is very rare for me. Incidently drove to my office today (50 miles) achieved 46 mpg with Motorway Driving. As for Pre Collision turned it right down and stuck some black tape over those stupid LED's on the Dash. Those LED's have got to be the most anoying stupid feature on the car especially in rain at night on the M25 with all of the idiots in Audi's BMW's and Mercs cutting into your safety space.
  8. Stuck black PVC Tape over the Red LED's problem solved its a stupid idea!
  9. Killer

    Heated Seats

    Audi we know them around here as CIA'S !
  10. Killer

    Heated Seats

    What ? A new Ford without faults ! That will be a 1st then. I have only gone back to Ford 3 years ago after some dreadfull cars in the 90's but after this Edge goes in 3 years I cant see me having another one.
  11. I have the glass roof and from the very beginning of ordering it I was informed roof bars will not be available but I am happy with that. I think that you will struggle to find anything due to the Edge being new to the UK I would take a look at the web in the USA as the edge has been available for some time.
  12. Turned mine off first day I had it and stuck black tape over the annoying red Leds that ruin your vision at night.Collision assist is one of the most stupid things on modern cars to get them through EU NCAP ratings. EU dumbing down driving abilities it beggars belief!
  13. I dont get it why fit a sharks fin aerial ( The british version of an antenna) then put onto in the glass as well
  14. Yes mine goes off where the previous Kuga didn't but if they want it a little red light is not going to stop them from taking it. Ford are getting like British Leyland became ! Sod the quality Let the end user do the testing and we might do a face lift in a couple of years to sort the ***** ups out.