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  1. Scuzzie2k

    Key Nightmare

    Hi guys, got a new key fob and key from ebay for my 2013 Mondeo mk4.5 had the key cut by a company and programmed the immobiliser chip so it starts the car, but I cannot get the remote to program! followed the steps of ignition on and off 4 times then it beeps, press a button on the remote does nothing, but if I press it on my working one it makes a chirp! The key has been tested and is giving out signal. Any suggestions would be greatful!
  2. Hi Guys, changed to the convrse+ dashboard but it has a higher milage than was on the original, anyone know the best way to correct this, I have documented it! I bought a carprog from chine but didnt work as the function was disabled!
  3. Scuzzie2k


    will this one do?]
  4. Scuzzie2k


    This makes sense why it isn't very good! So you know where I can get one of these pads?
  5. Scuzzie2k


    My rain sensor is not stuck its got a metal click that holds it against the windscreen, do you think this could be the issue, does it not need like a gel pad to bond to the glass?
  6. Scuzzie2k


    I think it may of had a new winscreen at somepoint and it has GPS and the antenna goes there so guess the screen comes with the sensor. The auto wipers are rubbish so tempamental, lights work well tho!
  7. Scuzzie2k


    I assume this is intermediate position but will the stalks be the same just have the label auto on it?
  8. Scuzzie2k


    Had a rain sensor on my newly purchased mondeo mk4.5, found the wire so wired up, enabled auto lights and wipers, lights work great wipers are but hit and miss, do they use the same stalk or do i need to change this too?
  9. Scuzzie2k

    Is this a rain sensor?

    It was a rain sensor, took the lining apart and there was also the loom for it :)
  10. Scuzzie2k

    Is this a rain sensor?

    There is no wire connection from the round sensor but the other one looks like a gps/radio areal
  11. Got this on my mk4.5 2013 is it a rain sensor?
  12. Scuzzie2k

    Enabling Auto-wipers In Mk4.5 Mondeo

    Can you let me know what rain sensor you used as I have a mk4.5 fitted the switch but by the looks of where the sensor goes I have a GPS aerial
  13. Hi Guys, I have just purchased a mk4.5 2013 Mondeo Estate, finally got sat nav working, its go the 2013 V3 maps is that the latest i can use, I believe its the NX system? if not what do I need I have the 2015 SP installed. Also need to get a spare key, what do i need and I guess it can be programmed via IDS? Many Thanks in advance
  14. Hi Guys, Just got myself a mk4 2.0l estate, it come with the radio off and says it requires a Pin code, Ford have tried a few and cannot get it to work, anyone have any ideas how to get around this? I guess its something to do with the VIN really stuck and out of pocket as ford are not cheap.