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  1. Please Help Coil Light

    I know this thread was started some time ago but I would dearly like to know if you managed to get to the bottom of this problem as I have just returned home from my caravan holiday with exactly the same problem when towing. I have since changed the fuel filter and cleaned out the egr valve but as I will not know if this will be sorted until I go out towing again. As I say I would be pleased if you can give me any answers. Thanks Brian
  2. Mk3 Wheel Bearing

    I can assure you you will not get a rear wheel bearing for a mk 3 mondeo for aroung £17. I paid for my daughters 02 registered car last week £68 but they are available on ebay for £50 but I wanted to do it that day. Pretty straight forward job as long as you can get the tork 50 bolts undo ok. I had one awkward one that I had to take the head off with an angle grinder and replace with a new bolt. Brian
  3. car locking

    This will happen if you unlock your car and don't open a door. the car is programmed to do this and is quite normal brian
  4. Excess oil when towing

    This is not unusual especially if you have done a high milage. I had a cortina many years ago that was sore on fuel when towing but for all the milage I done towing I just lived with it. Brian
  5. Mondeo

    It was the original tyres from new that I got the 31,000 miles from and they were michelin premacy and thats what I have replaced them with. Brian
  6. Mondeo

    Hi I have the very same car but an 2006 model and have just put new tyres on for the first time since new after 31,000 miles. The front ones were just on the limit and the back ones had quite a bit of run left on the but I decided to renew thm all as there were a special offer on at costco of £65 each if you bought 4 . Now I would'nt say that was excesive tyre wear!. but I drive carefully and am not a boy racer at 67 years old. I use the car for towing as I have a caravan and must say the car has been faultless and a joy to drive with great mpg. Brian
  7. Mondeo