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  1. Rear footwell wet

    I would say leaking boot hinges as it's known to settle in the rear Footwells.
  2. Low speed knocking

    When driving slow but only when wheel is slightly turned I hear a slight knock from the front could this be the start of the top mounts perishing? Most parts are newish arms and links unless the bad weather salt could destroy them quickly it's more annoying than anything else
  3. My New Focus.!

    My exact same thought when I seen the pic lol
  4. Not if you get it here http://www.cats2u.co.uk/Catalytic-Converters/FORD+FOCUS+1.8
  5. Mk2 gear selector leak

    Cheers hopefully you can get it sorted.
  6. Mk2 gear selector leak

    I currently have a leak in the seal too and hope it's not as bad as that how much did they charge to replace it?
  7. Grinding sound when losing traction

    I get the same especially in snow but apparently abs is noisy and if normal breaking is fine then there is nothing wrong but I hate it it's scary lol
  8. Tyre's appear to loose grip on full lock

    Check your drop/end links for play.
  9. Ford pass - android

    Must be a code error you can try a fresh.
  10. MK3 DIY windscreen washer jets Painted

    Nice match looks great 👍
  11. Mk3 NSR door not opening

    It sounds like the locking mechanism is stuck or damaged the door may need to be taken apart. You can try if there is any space to get some wd40 in there and leave it to soak a bit and try again.
  12. SPI Vision tint

    It does look cool go for it if the front causes issues it's easy removed will look stealth.
  13. Rubbing noise

    I have only noticed one side that does it and I'll check the liner for scuffs cheers and no tyres are hard and blown up to spec.
  14. Stainless steel exhaust

    Oh really thought rjm seemed to be good well now I know.
  15. Rubbing noise

    Springs are new after one broke last year and shocks no clue but will get them tested also thanks.