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  1. It's a mission for me to sort something in the rear too especially at this time of year and with tints it's so dark in there.
  2. F0CUE

    That easy fuel system !

    It's called cack handed lol nah I know I was brought up with the old ones and when I got one of these was like wtf. You need to not hold the pump elevated like you would on the normal ones or it will click like f**k just straight as can be and will click when full. Definitely you need a full replacement that's destroyed.
  3. F0CUE

    Tunnel rats ELM Bluetooth help.

    Dying to try this let us know what u find 😀
  4. F0CUE

    K&N - Don't waste ya time folks

    Mine is extra loud to the point of annoying on a long drive lol
  5. F0CUE

    Nooo! Can't open bonnet!

    It will never work right again after its broke. I opened mines from inside the engine I had to remove the radiator bolts and drop the radiator to swivel in to get the bolts removed from the back of the lock then after thinking I had it repaired it happened again. Finally I just bought one of these and it work flawlessly and one pro about it is you can open the bonnet when the engine is running cos the key is different 😁
  6. F0CUE

    Snorkel Delete - Mk 2.5 with pics :)

    If anyone attempts this be careful not to break the bonnet lock mechanism.
  7. F0CUE


    Mines sort of went in that order too check the rear lamps for cracks/water as the brake light holder gets corroded had to replace mines not long ago.
  8. F0CUE

    Why won't radio light & odometer switch off?

    Can normally take upto an hour to go off then it assumes your no longer driving after monitoring apparently.
  9. Many strange things happen I'm now on 102051. Note the timing belt + accessory belts need done on yours if not already done as it's 8 years or 10000 miles which comes first.
  10. F0CUE

    Ford Focus ST2 mk3 sill lights

    You can always retrofit 😁 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183623605392
  11. F0CUE

    Newb here

    Hard to tell without real tests but in theory...
  12. F0CUE

    Rear swaybar link

    Does anyone know the correct torque for these?
  13. F0CUE

    Rear swaybar link

    Nothing I do ends up being straight forward something wrong is bound to happen lol
  14. F0CUE

    Rear swaybar link

    Happy days nice knocking sounds today and when I investigated the rear swaybar bush has sheared off at the bottom leaving a nice rusty looking flap hanging where it was. Are they easy enough to change out?
  15. F0CUE

    Noise from rear over bumps

    Make sure the swaybar links are still there they poke out at the bottom one of mines has sheared off tonight and you get the wee guy knocking in your boot sound lol