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  1. You can get a mk2.5 for that budget and most issues of the 2 series are fixed in that version. I had one on a 2008 plate for a few years and it didn't let me down apart from needing a new battery. The timing belt on the 1.6 is changed every 100, 000 miles or 8 years whatever comes first. The 1.6 is the sigma engine which is a bored out version and is now known as the duratec and is similar to what was in the Ford puma. I managed to get my timing belt done for £80 from a local mechanic due to the other parts running via the auxillery belt so that was all they needed to change. You might be lucky most is done before you get it. Oil and filter: https://www.opieoils.co.uk/f/2355/976/2008/engine-oil-filter.aspx Pollen filter: https://www.opieoils.co.uk/f/100263/976/2008/cabin-pollen-filter.aspx With budget brakes and tyres you should manage it. Maintenance is pretty similar to the mk1. Common problems: Happy motoring and good luck on passing!
  2. No the bottom bolt holds together the selector shaft parts.
  3. I would first of all check the air filter lid is secured.
  4. Yeh so according to JW above it's the same as my one on the 1.6 I had it can be accessed from the front plastic cover on the passenger side and the fill hole can be opened with and Allen key. You can get a tube down there and sook it all out. Do not remove the bottom bolt it is not a drain plug.
  5. What's the best method to clean marks from the headliner without leaving a dried in patch behind?
  6. Oil as long as its 5w 30 and fully synthetic it doesn't matter it just depends on your budget. Here is a guide on the exact engine.
  7. As you say you changed to an aftermarket stereo when doing that did you disconnect the minus battery terminal? If not do that then check it again. Was the connector compatible to work with the ford loom?
  8. Expensive but=> https://nbstyling.co.uk/product/hybrid-turbo-fiesta-1-6-tdci-90hpfocus-1-6-tdci-110hp-peugeot-1-6-hdi-mini-1-6d-volvo-1-6d/
  9. Is it easy enough to put the bumper back on yourself or does it require 2 people? I have noticed my wheel well is slightly wet.
  10. You profile has 2006 in it that's why 😂
  11. I had similar ones for brake lights in my old mk2 and you could see the brake lights lighting things up for miles 😂
  12. This should do the damage https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/351351287880
  13. Going by your profile I assume you are 1.8 petrol so its this one https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/crosland-oil-filter-501590288