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  1. F0CUE

    Focus sills

    If u mean in between the black sill cover the mk2 suffered from debri build up there but not stones the gap must be wider. They are easily removed with a few screws if you want to clear it and maybe you can figure a way make the gap smaller so stones can't enter can't be good for the painted parts.
  2. Very brave going diy hope it goes well.
  3. F0CUE

    Stripped bolt

    Think I'll have to get the local mechanic to weld a bolt on it or something would save the drilling do you think that would be strong enough to hold?
  4. F0CUE

    Stripped bolt

    No luck with spirals made it worse also tried filing edges still no. Got any suggestions as have one new strut and one old lol
  5. F0CUE

    Strange scraping sound

    Would also check rear upper arm bushes if the get worn they rub against the body in turns.
  6. F0CUE

    exhaust suggentions

    I get dirty looks from the other half when watching them lol
  7. F0CUE

    exhaust suggentions

    Watch some Videos gives you an idea of what sounds good also you get custom fabrications from most places a few on here have had the ST style made up so it works around the tyre well and looks really nice.
  8. Great idea my trolly jack is what bent mines find the scissor to be safer tbh.
  9. Do you slot the wood? I agree with the strength mines are buckled lol
  10. F0CUE

    Stripped bolt

    It's the head it slightly done it on first one too but managed to deal with it and use it for now. I have the spirals was just finding new ones I contacted ford they are £2.09 each so not too bad shame on my hands though lol cheers.
  11. Should around here.
  12. F0CUE

    Rubbish Aerial Reception Mk2 Ford Focus

    Wonder if one of these would help.. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Booster-Inline-FM-AM-Aerial-Radio-Signal-Antenna-Amplifier-Car-Stereo-/152960978004?_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l4275.c10&_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1
  13. F0CUE

    Stripped bolt

    Ok was changing struts and the bolts in the knuckle were not the best. Managed to get one off and the other is completely stripped. Does anyone know the parts numbers/price of these things? as searching only brings rear ones. Also noticed my sway bars are floppy at the bottom hence the popping noise.
  14. F0CUE

    Ebay Ad Fake?

    The listing has been removed lol
  15. F0CUE

    Rear footwell wet

    I would say leaking boot hinges as it's known to settle in the rear Footwells.