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  1. They will probs have a look at it to test its value as long as it has MOT and is reasonable it should be ok.
  2. Got to be better than the cars going about with pure yellow lights lately lol
  3. Yeh let somebody else figure it out good luck with the new one!
  4. Is the key original? The original key includes a chip that communicates with the immobilizer. If it's not present then it will be immobilized.
  5. I would imagine it's flaked off I see a lot of MK3 badges that are flaked.
  6. It does you disconnect the negative terminal for about 20 mins making sure you have your radio code first. Then reconnect and let the car idle until it's up to temperature no reving. Then turn it off and back on again and go for a drive and it will relearn slowly.
  7. Have you tried resetting it to relearn values? All the changes made and the ECU will still be running as it was.
  8. Nope but have used 7zip an alternative to winrar lol
  9. The ECU is maybe confused did you disconnect the battery before replacing it?
  10. I hit mines regularly cos it creaks and clicks too much.
  11. My kids were opening closing mines too much so guess one got loose and went to the land of road kill lol and mines is a style so manual windows.
  12. Did you run into any issues getting the caps of or anything?
  13. Did you check the earth from battery to body?