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  1. F0CUE

    1.6 ecoboost engine malfunction

    I would read through here also relates to 1.6.
  2. F0CUE

    Newbie here

    Well most of us in this post must have an issue then otherwise something is not working for uz.
  3. F0CUE

    1.6 ecoboost engine malfunction

    If the coolant was below minimum I would check the piping where it meets a t shaped part and check for leaks as these are weak.
  4. F0CUE

    New owner

    eBay would be the best bet for updated card ford would charge an arm and leg.
  5. F0CUE

    Newbie here

    Yes that's the abs test once you surpass 10mph annoying but normal.
  6. F0CUE

    2012 mk3 titanium x drl wiring

    If you are using the battery route you can buy a drl controller. You tap the yellow to indicator wires and the white to low beam so the drl dims when the headlights are activated very simple setup. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153210516124
  7. F0CUE

    Rear shoes

    I'm working today unfortunately but I'm going to strip it all out tomorrow again and see what is wrong 😭
  8. F0CUE

    Very confussed

    According to diagrams looks to be R7. The fuel pumps seem to be a common occurrence in the MK1 maybe see if there was a revised one
  9. F0CUE

    Very confussed

    Yep correct.
  10. F0CUE

    Rear shoes

    They were proper scraping and a clip had broke so decided to renew it all. What do you mean both cables free?
  11. F0CUE

    Very confussed

    I would check the fuel pump relay in the engine and the fuse inside. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/fusesdiagram.com/ford/fuses-and-relay-ford-focus-mk1.html/amp
  12. F0CUE

    Rear door not opening

    Damn costly job 😗 I would be lubricating all the rest in OCD mode after that bill.
  13. F0CUE

    Rear shoes

    Done shoes today and they work well but found one side doesn't work with the handbrake only with the pedal is there something else I needed to do? I did have an issue with the annoying spring on the cable which part of it got stuck in the slot can this be what is stopping it operating? Im just dreading having to dismantle it all again lol the springs are so strong you need serious power to pull them.
  14. F0CUE

    Whining sound.

    Do you only hear it with the radio on?
  15. F0CUE

    Red bulbs

    I had the Phillips LED ones and they are so bright you could see signs light up miles back but they died so back to crusty red ones for me 😥