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  1. If you want more sound a center silencer delete pipe would do it but would drone or the next part up of the Borla to the cat would sort it out.
  2. Could of been a build error or they sold it for some cash either way the ST one would do the same job and are pretty easy to source.
  3. The filter housing is the same size so the Ramair one will fit fine that's what I have in mines. Other options are K&n , Pipercross, Revo, Airtec, racingline, funk Motorsport and many more.
  4. Basic spoiler Zetec s spoiler The lower versions like the LX up to style had the basic spoiler and the zts shares a similar spoiler to the ST. Yours might be one where somebody has added zts body parts but not the spoiler. Check ford Etis for information.
  5. They are bad my old 2008 focus brakes were in better condition than that. It's like they were sitting in salt water for a year. I would get a brass wheel drill attachment and cover up your rubber parts on the caliper and go to town on that rust then some brake cleaner followed by degreaser and either some hammerite or brake caliper paint to sort them out. Because the springs are placed in at an angle if they rust they get stuck to remove them you litery have to keep spraying in some wd40 or gas plus in there and jiggle them until they release but carefully cos they can snap inside.
  6. The upgraded mount is stiffer to decrease engine movement but can cause more vibration. An OEM mount should be softer and dampen the vibrations better. The MK3 mounts are common for deteriorating. I would first try the rear mount underneath and if that doesn't solve it then the driver side one next then the harder to get to passenger side.
  7. What have you tried just radio or any other source?
  8. Not the correct forum but you should be able to disconnect the sensor from the lock mechanism it should be just plugged into the back of the lock. Also the mechanism may just be jammed with dirt so may not need replaced clean it up and lubricate it.
  9. This is not an st just the basic 2.0 tdci and MK2 but shows you can get a nice sound with just a custom exhaust 😂
  10. The mod not going to start a MK3 one or decided not to do them anymore?
  11. If you go to the main categories at the bottom there is some forums for that purpose -> https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/
  12. Ok weird went back out and the error is gone and back to full power now wtf?
  13. Changed my fuel filter last year about July 13th have I waited too long? The car was fine earlier there then went into limp mode with engine malfunction service now.
  14. My thoughts too my old MK2 done that whilst breaking if it hit a pot hole.
  15. The 1.6 ecoboost would be the best as the 1.0 125 is gutless in the focus but fun in a fiesta. If you want to match 125 the MK3 1.6 non turbo is 125. I would avoid auto in that year range as it uses power shift with a dual clutch and runs into problems. The MK3 suffers from engine mounts wearing out fast, the famous boot leak (pinned post) and washer pump can leak and track down the wires into the bcm.
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