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  1. Lift the car up at the back and place a chock or brick behind the other wheel and release the hand brake and spin the wheel and check for any issues/sounds. Also grab it 12 and 6 o'clock and shake it also 9 and 3 o'clock or get somebody else to do it and study behind.
  2. I usually put them under the control arm at the pivot point Then at the rear at just behind the jacking points
  3. The best one I have seen is This.
  4. See if this advice is any help.
  5. Still expensive but this should be it https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143989944509 Damn too late it got sold ☹️
  6. Was going to dechrome the car and received my roll of vinyl tape and found it was too narrow to cover the chrome on the side. I thought 20mm would be enough I should of measured it. So you need approx 25mm for the width probs best 30mm to cover for the bends. So I found the front chrome was narrow enough just to cover that up so I done that today and I like it.
  7. The are the dogs bol***** lol on serious note had volvo ones on my old mk2.
  8. Yep avoid at all costs. I made that mistake and had to strip, cut an polish my whole car to get rid of scratches.
  9. It will be badly soldered connections in the instrument cluster. Its a common problem and if you have good soldering skills you can do it yourself or there is plenty places around doing the job but require posting the cluster to them.
  10. That used to be the case but now they are more sophisticated and tried and tested. Most will not want to get a remap due to invalidating warranty or have a lease. A remap is permanent where as this when removed is untraceable.
  11. On ford's you can just change it but you will loose radio stations. When the new battery is installed you should go for a drive and it will go through a relearn procedure.
  12. Autogreen Super Sport Chaser SSC5. Not expensive and last very well
  13. It's quite had to determine by the noise but sound like a fan. Have you done any check for codes to see if there is any pointers?
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