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  1. With the build up in the case the oil leaking out scatters everywhere.
  2. They are intended to just get you home not for daily use. I kept my old 16s and use one of them after getting home with a space saver. it's like driving along with plastic wheels like you used to get on the old kid bikes 😂
  3. Same as mines recently. You need to do this guide exactly... https://workshop-manuals.com/ford/focus_1999_08.1998-12.2004/mechanical_repairs/3_powertrain/308_manual_transmission-transaxle_clutch_and_transfer_case/308-03a_manual_transmission-transaxle_vehicles_with_5-speed_manual_transmission_(ib5)/description_and_operation/diagnosis_and_testing/general_procedures/in-vehicle_repair/gearshift_control_shaft_seal/ The seal => Here It's very easy once you figure it out need any help let me know. It says for older version but very same setup. Some oil=> Here
  4. The focus has reduced torque in 1st and second gear it's a matter of getting up to 3rd as quick as possible to start gaining speed even in my under powered 1.6 boat.
  5. If you remove the stereo you should be able to see better up there to get an idea where to do it safely. Here is Lenny chopping away at his dash
  6. Nice job let me know how hard the heater controls are.
  7. I also like the blue as mines are orange and don't match the blue of the stereo I have the dials blue (aftermarket). Are the heating control bulbs very small to change too?
  8. Would be a soldering job I'm afraid.
  9. Is the clunking more frequent when going slow over bumps?
  10. Helicopter tape is a clear protective tape that peeps seem to use for that very purpose. The surface would need to be cleaned and alcohol wiped to remove any wax so it will bond properly.
  11. Is it definitely from the front? When my rear upper arm bushes went it would transfer the noise through and would seem like it was the front.
  12. Do you have a picture? I'm not sure how they are attached on that year but on the MK2 it is with a metal clip that is just shy of the width to hold it all in place and grips together the plastic part to the edge of the arch and underneath in the sill is a screw.
  13. Received today many thanks very much appreciated 👍😁
  14. I have a couple on mines as soon as I have all the materials, I have all apart from the top coat I'll do a before an after.