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  1. If the driveshaft was going you would get vibrations, clunking, rattling and scraping noises whilst driving. I would check the outer tie rod ends or swaybar links first then the inner tie rod links.
  2. If its still the ib5 they use then its the same since mk2 and yes 2nd gear has its moments. I found it to be better when I done an oil change in the gearbox. But that shouldn't apply to a new car TBH.
  3. Ford dealers with never tell you cos they want the sale / job themselves.
  4. That does seem really weird but I'm sure there is some sort of explanation somebody on here may know @JW1982
  5. Do you get a torque mount compatible with these engines? All seems to come with with ST or RS.
  6. Yes but you have have to take it off every year for MOT and it's not easy.
  7. You would need to put it on jack stands and either try to locate the wire and pull it or remove the lock from underneath. Do you see any wire connected at the lever end?
  8. Unfortunately the cat is built into the manifold in the focus 1.6. The ti vct is the same but has a twin 🙀. If you want more air flow get a cat back or cheap out and get a resonator delete but be warned the res delete is noisy. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274373580083
  9. Was searching for drls and found the triangle ones you get only come with the slotted triangles. With having the Zetec s my thoughts were it's like a downgrade as the triangles are honeycomb. So my search to create my own came down to a pair of these Mercedes style L shaped drls. [ Pretty close apart from one bulb less plus black and silver so will look very close to OEM and you don't see much yellow or white like some. I taped around the triangles on car with electrical tape to save the paint and popped then off with a flat blunt butter knife as have no pry tools yet. Made a template of the drls to be bolted on and drilled the holes. Bolted the drls on with the supplied fittings. Then in the car I attached the drl controller black to minus, red to plus on the battery. This new drl controller requires you to add the blue wire to acc otherwise they don't come on so I tapped into ignition Live. Then I tapped the white wire to the side light wire yellow/blue. The outcome was not entirely perfect but it works and excuse the dirty car this wind is making lots of dust.
  10. Seems like a lot of hassle for more bass. I hope you get it sorted. You directly tapped the fuse wires? If so not good best to use a piggyback.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up m8. Yeh I guess they need to revise that design flaw 😂