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  1. As far as I was aware there is only a 110 in TDCI, The mk2 115 as TI-VCT and the MK3 105 and 125 is TI-VCT. They do both have the 100bhp basic.
  2. In this video the guy removes the pump which makes it look easier but a bit of dismantling first.
  3. No scrappy near you? Or ford parts store shouldn't cost very much.
  4. You just unscrew the Aerial then a small adapter screws into it's place then the shark fin sticks on top covering the hole area.
  5. Yes done it on my MK3 all went good and is still good 🙂
  6. Your head looks a bit blue was it a bad day 😂
  7. A Nismo drove past me earlier the noise was awesome.
  8. I know they are even heavier than the focus it must of been very gutless 😂
  9. It would only affect fuel economy and due to the hot climate the 5W 30 would be more of a benefit. Also make sure to select a low ash one for the dpf.
  10. One thing I will say about this splitter. I am not even lowered and due to how low the splitter goes with the big bit in the middle you have to watch when parking towards kerbs or when a road dips very low as I have had some very close calls.
  11. Great answer that makes sense 👍
  12. Why do focus's make a strange sound when reversing? This happened on my MK2 1.6 and also on my current car. It sounds like clutch woop. Does anyone else get this? It sounds like metal scraping together to the point that it gets a high pitched sound
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