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  1. As far as I know it's in the steering wheel behind the air bag.
  2. No but something is wrong with your steering angle sensor module or it might need recalibrated.
  3. Looks great 😀 the rears speakers are a common issue you would need to check the wiring which means some dismantling. When I had mine the speakers would come on when they felt like it at the rear 🤣
  4. No only has options to save the current pressure.
  5. Anything that can produce 1.21 GW will be fine for example a bolt of lightning 😂
  6. On a serious note have seen others with issues like that but they say with trying it a few more times it eventually stays and is a glitch.
  7. The flux capacitor is broken. Should be covered under the warranty.
  8. Sometimes messing with batteries can make strange things happen. I know from experience when I used to get Halfords to do my mot they would always check the battery and my stereo would mess up but just taking off the negative lead for a bit then putting it back on would bring it back it's worth a try.
  9. You would have to ask around. It all depends if you want them to blend it in also cos if they just paint the wing alone it may have a slight mismatch to the rest and it also depends on the quality of work you want you get what you pay for. When my Mk2 passenger side got scraped by a dodgy parker the insurance got it done and it cost well over £1500 and he had to blend it in. He also fixed rear arch rust which didn't last long. Get some quotes from local body shops until you are happy.
  10. Randomly receiving the above message. How do you find out which sensor is at fault? Its quite annoying cos on the US focus you can train them to find out by pressing the hazards on and off so many times. Will I need to get one of the little training tools and use the brake sequence or is it easier to get a tire place to check?
  11. That happened to mines and getting the bracket welded held up for a long time. The rear silencer one goes too eventually.
  12. Are the petrol ones not green and the diesels ones black at your end? That's how I know the difference. If not then it would be easy to get mixed up. I hope you car will be ok with following the above advise. I would be worried myself good luck.
  13. Yes as long as they are canbus free I am not entirely sure the boot lights are canbus controlled but I always get them anyway to be sure. it's very easy to tap into the wiring to make a second light as on my older car I used an led strip and it was very effective or you can get an OEM one from eBay or the scrap yard.
  14. I would try to force regen it then clear the error and see if it returns and if so check the sensors. It might even be due to the others setting limp mode that the regen conditions are not set so fix the easy stuff first.
  15. Problem 1 if it keeps happening try a static regen if it still occurs after that then you need a new vapourizer but first check the sensors wiring is ok going into the exhaust just beneath the front seats. Problem 2 check the MAF wiring and if ok try to clean it. Problem 3 check for loose pipes by taking off the undercover rear part. Also check the boost solenoid is not blocked it can make a strange noise and can be found on the right side of the engine near the fuse box.
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