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  1. A list of alternative sizes to the 205x55x16
  2. Mines was a total pain to change you need child hands to get in there. There is a mod for easier access but looks awkward. https://youtu.be/5fIqehWKJzY
  3. Has nobody got any idea?
  4. What is the stock diameter of the 2.0 TDCi rear ARB? I have searched everywhere and get different results all over the most is 20mm.
  5. I de-badged my MK2 and thought it looked much better.
  6. JW1982 Posted August 6, 2017 Most original Ford wheels do not have a Ford paint code. Ford buys the different types of alloy wheels from several different wheel manufacturers which all use their own paint and color. Within the Ford wheel range there is not 1 type of silver. However in practise the Ford Moondust Silver and Ford Stratos silver colors are often used to touch up the original wheels. In most cases these colors are not a perfect match but very close. Some Ebay sellers do also sell paint for original Ford alloy wheels but my experience is that these are also no perfect match. If you want a perfect color match you will have to get the paint color of the wheels scanned by a specialist. Based on the scan a specialist can mix exactly the same color of paint
  7. The control arms are everything in one piece.
  8. Thanks just never bought one before so best to check first 😃
  9. Are the focus Mk3 number plates standard size? I want to get either 3d or 4d.and no clue on the size.
  10. The maximum map for a DW10c is 230 bhp. Let me know how you get on as I have the same engine.
  11. TBH the 1.0 litre is nippy but in the focus the focus is heavy so it's no to as good as in a fiesta. The 1.6 however is a different kettle of fish and a stage 1 remap would make it fun. But however the 1.0 is cheaper to run and can be mapped for more power too. Also there is the diesels which are nice if you like torque and good mpg.
  12. That happened to mines once what to try first is remove the minus battery terminal for about 10 minutes or so then try again.
  13. They would be fine but you would have to get the car corner weighted after that. Lowering springs the most popular is Eibach it lowers 30mm but with zetec s they are originally lowered 15mm already so you would gain an extra 15mm drop with eibach also there is Whiteline which are cheaper but still progressive springs so pretty much the same.
  14. If on a budget a set of Sachs or KYB shocks will do with lowering springs. The shocks are simple to remove 2 bolts at top inside the wheel arch and one bolt at the bottom behind it. I would also check the condition of the mount when swapping it over.
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