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  1. Has it had wind deflectors on it before? Check for any clips inside the lip. Check clearance around the lip with an old credit card or something similar.
  2. Yes the rear upper arms if the bushes are worn or even the swaybar ones the sound travels and sounds like the front is doing it. Although the rear swaybar ones sound like tapping but the top bushes on the bananas sound like a loud tearing noise due to being close to the body.
  3. Maybe a screenshot would help as it can be anything.
  4. It's 75w 90 I used This stuff when my selector was leaking and decided to change the oil and what a difference.
  5. No probs there is some work involved doesn't seem to hard but alot of dismantling.
  6. I have mines as a keyring with my car keys will get use again at some point lol
  7. Make sure they are a 1.2 gap to save problems.
  8. The ESP/TC light on with a code of u2023 there was a bulletin that points to "an insufficient tube connection between the turbo charger and intercooler."
  9. The 2 numbers seem to cross reference the OEM fitment.
  10. Defo seems to be the most trusted part.
  11. There is mixed reviews on them apparently they used to be great until a Chinese company took them over. https://autoshite.com/topic/22115-borg-and-beck-clutches/
  12. I have the same issue and found the Luk kit is cheaper on Ebay.
  13. A bit of blue tack has held mines in for about a year now lol