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  1. I've never heard one do that before haha, I got a whole headlight from motor hog for £20 if there's anything else wrong with it.
  2. I have found what seems to be some sort of air leak coming from the right hand side of the engine under the airbox now, I can't feel any air blowing but I can definitely hear it. Is there anything in particular I can check?
  3. I bought one like that because I had an abs light on and it wouldn't tell me which sensor it was, as far as I can gather the only thing it's good for is clearing codes! i ended up buying this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132034268924 it plugs into a laptop if you have one, download forscan. It shows you everything in great deal and you can even activate hidden features on your car. It told me it was the rear abs sensors aswell as historic codes when the handheld one couldn't even pick up the current faults. I would highly recommend! *edit* fixed the link
  4. Thanks for the help I have done as you said and it went down a little but and all the hoses are hot to the touch and it doesn't seem to be boiling over! Thanks!
  5. Hi there, last night I replaced the cam belts, water pump and alternator on my 04 zetec 1.6.. however, after filling the system with coolant I can't seem to be able to get air out of the system. The right hand side of the radiator is hot when the engine is run and the lower left is clock cold. Squeezing the hoses whilst it is running even till it is boiling over doesn't seem to be able to get the air out. also the expansion bottle is only a couple of months old, when the coolant starts boiling the cap is leaking and the bottle seems to be leaking from either the seams or around the feed in pipe.. have I fuckrd it letting it boil over? I'm guessing il need a new bottle? Will this leak be the reason why I can't seem to bleed the system? A little wisdom would help a lot, thanks in advance :)
  6. The problem with protecting the outside of the exhaust is that they don't rust from the outside in, it's the inside out due to condensation!
  7. Thanks for your help, I have figured it out now, you are right they are metal, but for some reason the Haynes manual said they are plastic? I have spoken to Gates and they said up to 2005 the tensioner is mounted on the bracket, after that it is the other design with the wheel on its own.
  8. Is it supposed to have a light? I was wondering this the other day when I was fumbling around in the dark for it haha.
  9. Yeah I have the sealey kit with the bar and keys. It says in the manual that you need to take one of the cam pulleys off, but these are plastic and require a Y-bar to hold it in place. Is this really necessary as once the tensioner is loosened the belt should come right off shouldn't it?
  10. Behind your throttlebody is a rubber hose, they have a common problem where they split because of the heat from the engine. Does it sound like there is an air leak? Mine was doing the exact same thing until I found out it was the Pcv hose. if it's not that it could be MAF sensor or idle control valve.
  11. On the focus 1.4 zetec se its directly behind the dipstick if that helps
  12. Did you take the whole Pcv hose off to check for splits? Does it sound like there is any air escaping anywhere? mine was the same and it was the Pcv hose was split. if it's not that it could be MAF sensor. Have you tried plugging it in for fault codes?
  13. I wish it was that simple, the actual belt itself is the same but there are 2 tensioner types, I have ordered both kits to make sure. Funnily enough the tensioner on its own is almost the same price as the whole kit. it doesn't look like the tensioner on its own will fit on the bracket if needs be. Thanks for your help guys.