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  1. I've got a 1.0 petrol manual, good engine and relatively good MPG considering, you'll easily get 40+mpg combined and the petrol will suit you much better if you're doing mostly town driving, but its still a very good option for mixed driving too. Diesels are much more suited to longer distance driving.
  2. Is it a brand new replacement engine or a second hand one?
  3. Interesting, thanks for the feedback all. It seems crazy that a low charge battery wouldn't allow the heated screens to work, you would've thought they'd go on the alternator, it's only going out once a week at the minute with covid for the shopping so I guess i'll probably take it for a good run now that restrictions are lifted and give it a good charge. Will the software update actually resolve this does anyone know? It's obviously not due for a service for another year (I do low milage so will be service every 2 years), and don't really want to have to take it in until then. Unless of course these software updates will fix the issue and will save me from potentially having these issues in the winter? Thanks!
  4. Has anyone had issues with heated screens not working on new MK4? Both front and rear windscreen heaters didn't seem to work at all today in the rain, front cleared as normal with fans but rear showed no signs of movement at all, the top of the front was left uncleared by fans and normally these would clear with the heated front windscreen but again, no sign of clearing on front either - They've both worked fine before although I noticed the rear window didn't seem to clear as fast as my old MK3 but it wasn't a major issue. Fuses seem to run off different ones so that probably rules them out but will probably check them at some point. Is there a relay that runs just the heated windscreens for example? Obviously with us getting in to summer its going to be hard to confirm if they are or aren't working, hopefully next time i'm out in it its raining and I can try again to see if they still aren't clearing. I'd rather try and see if I can confirm if theres an issue first (especially before winter when i'll need them) before booking it in with Ford. Anyone else had similar issues or know of similar issues?
  5. Might be better off doing a video with bonnet open, it seems to sound pretty normal to me as it goes.
  6. Not on a kuga specifically but: The simple answer would be no, its really not as simple as just changing out the control panels unfortunately.
  7. Just had a look at the service intervals on ETIS online for my new Focus, 2019 1.0 Ecoboost and noticed this: Outstanding field service actions: 19U08 - FOCUS 1.0L PETROL GPF REGENERATION Does anyone have any info on what this is for? Is it a recall etc? DVLA shows no outstanding recall. Thanks
  8. As above just buy the ST-Line model instead, it'll probably work out about the same cost in the end and you'll benefit from the better interior specs too.
  9. Mines a 1.0 125 EB 1 year old next month with just over 5k miles and 54% oil life left. Do Ford recommend an oil change at a year old? I understand service schedules are every 2 years or 18k miles, but should we be having a yearly check/oil change?
  10. Interesting! The problem seems to have gone away now but lasted for a few days so i’ll have to have a look into this if it happens again, thanks!
  11. Nope, the rear seat ones do however the front ones stay on constantly until you turn them off manually on the switch.
  12. I have a new 19 plate focus st-line X, i’ve noticed that the front interior lights stay on constantly when entering the car, however the rear ones go off as normal. Using the switch to turn them off works, and returning to normal position keeps them off, after that they then go off/on as normal when opening/closing doors, it literally only seems to happen the first time you unlock and get in the car has anyone else had this issue or know of a fix without having the hassle of taking it back to ford over something so minor?
  13. My old focus didn't really sound anything like what the new one does when moving, again it mostly just seems noticable in 1st gear. I've not really noticed any other signs that theres an engine issue however which makes me think it's relatively normal for the model. The exhaust being the cause has crossed my mind as well.
  14. I recently bought a new focus MK4 ST Line X 1.0 Ecoboost second hand from motorpoint - It's a 19 plate from motorpoint that was from motability. The car only has around 1400 miles on it currently. I previously owned a MK3.5 and have noticed that with this car the engine seems significantly more thrashy and noisy, mainly in 1st gear. For example moving along in slow traffic, the noise from the engine when accelerating slowly was horrible, to the extent that I was leaving massive gaps to try and keep the noise to as much of a minimum as possible. I am slightly concerned there may be an issue with the engine but don't know if it's just a characteristic of this new model. I've noticed no other issues, the engine pulls well in 2nd and 3rd gears and is eager to go. The only other slight issue i noticed was starting the engine yesterday, after idling for around 30 seconds straight after start the engine started reving up and down, only between around 1100 and 1200rpm though. Anyone got any input on this?
  15. Yeah just replace it completely - MK3 parts aren't hard to come by now and something like that will be relatively cheap on ebay etc.