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  1. Integrated Child Seat

    Just bought a galaxy that came with an integrated child seat. Great idea, but can't get it to work properly. The spring loaded tightner seems to retract the harness quickly when I tested it but as soon as I sit my child in the seat it goes back really slowly and doesn't get tight at all. Bit worried about using it so loose. Anyone got any experience. Also whoever designed the harness release button under the headrest needs firing...what a stupid idea!
  2. crunch into reverse!

    Anyone else get a crunch noise when putting the car in reverse when going from neutral? It seems ok going into reverse when going from first but when strating the car up and going straight to reverse it makes a crunch noise. Car is a 2000 1.6 LX Estate
  3. Remote fob part numbers

    Hi, I have a 2000, X reg, 5 dr Ford Focus Estate 1.6 LX. I have two plain keys for it already (but have been told by ford dealership that it has the ability for remote locking) and was hoping to get a remote fob from ebay but looking into it it seems there are several different part numbers for what looks like the same fob. I'm assuming this is becasue the transponders in the fob for the immobiliser are slightly different, so can anyone help me out with which part number I need? From what I can see, the options are: 98AG15K601 AA 98AG15K601 AB 98AG15K601 AC 98AG15K601 AD Many Thanks