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  1. Mk3 Steering assist malfunction

    Hi, I believe I have the exact same issue as yourself although I've been having this problem from I bought my car roughly 1 year and 10 months ago, its a 2011 1.6TDCi 115 standard, When I turn the car on 3/4 seconds of pure nothing, super heavy steering followed by the steering becoming nice and light (you imagine thats the electrics kicking in) - In my experience of computing, this seems like a heavier issue than something mechanical, perhaps the very coding used to program the rack into the ECU. I could be wrong, I just cant imagine how my steering just arrives 3/4 seconds after the cars been started. - I also heard a lot of cars were recalled by Ford for this issue - Some people in America were losing power steering whilst driving - you can imagine how that went, Ford Rangers trampling over 3 cars at a time needing the left hand of Hercules to straighten out the wheel. I have a video I'd like to share, I say 3/4 seconds the steering arrives, although sometimes, its almost like a software glitch I receive the "Steering Assist..." Message which makes me believe this is an issue with software as opposed to hardware.. https://youtu.be/Zrgr0z7ucWY Theres the video of what's happening my car, generally, off and on fixes the issue.. Is it on its way out and am I tredding on thin ice?
  2. MK3 1.6TDCi Tuning? ADVICE?

    Is your car diesel? If so can you let me know what modifications you have done? Can't help but see according to your dyno you car was a 90hp standard? Was this the Mondeo ST Turbo?
  3. MK3 1.6TDCi Tuning? ADVICE?

    Hi, My car recently went back into TorqueTronix to have the map looked at etc find out why it was so far under power, turns out my DPF was choked with fumes, I'll upload a couple of dyno runs and show the positive. I'll not be removing the DPF simply because of the MOT Regulations, although I will be looking into the turbo and injectors being upgraded and a possible EGR blanking, I hear that is positive for power Power is still quite far off of from where I'd like it although ending out on: 133hp 256lb/ft Torque Thanks again!
  4. Haaaa! This is my issue at the same time! I have the 1.6TDCi MK3, Done a Stage 1 Remap, K&N Airfilter, 128Bhp 230Nm Torque. - I hear that the 2.2 Mondeo ST Turbo, Injectors and ECU might fit. I'm always doing stuff to mines follow me on Insta: @PaulMcCafferty97
  5. MK3 1.6TDCi Tuning? ADVICE?

    How's it going folks, I'm new here so be easy:) I've had my focus coming up 2 years now, I can't complain it does everything I need it to without any hassle, ever, honestly! She was remapped around 10000 miles ago to benefit the K&N Filter and its been alright, I was quoted 160hp on the remap although after bringing it to get dyno'd, topped out at 128. They may or may not take the car back to get a look at the map, I'll know more tomorrow (02/03). What I am looking to find out, Has many people gone further with tuning to the 1.6TDCi? I bought an ST Kit, with the exhaust and I'm thinking of a Stage 2 remap, removing the DPF, boxes and cat. Has anyone done this already and had success? Further on down the line, I'm eyeing up a Stage 3 Remap with the 2.2 Mondeo ST; Turbo, Injectors and ECU. - Again, has anyone done any sort of further tuning with their Focus except a Stage 1? I may swell attach a photo to show the motor at the same time!
  6. Mk3 Ford Focus 1.6TDCi Clutch Upgrade?

    Ahhh I'll be roaming into unknown territory, exciting, but anyway, ill have to have a look into Sach's clutch kit! Yeah well I left it in yesterday with the parts and he was able to have the front and rear fitted today no issues, the side skirt brackets may have to be trimmed ever so slightly, but yeah when it's finished ill be uploading lots of photos!
  7. How's it going folks, I've been a member on the FOC for a little while now, I've done more reading than I have writing, although now comes the time when I would love some advise and I found why not bring it to x amount of people that own Focus' themselves. Attached is a photo of my Mk3 Focus, just for fun, not really an up to date photo, its just cool Anyway! In a little while I am planning to Stage 3 various parts in my car, at the moment were at Stage 1 with a remap and a K&N Air Filter + Box. Its sitting at around 140bhp although I know that with power CAN come issues, has anyone been successful with making this type of Focus into a project. My question is though, has anyone upgraded their clutch? My car is 2011 with 61000 and I know its going to be clutch time soon so I want to upgrade the clutch so when I go for a new turbo, injectors etc theres a better chance of not burning the clutch in a week. @PaulMcCafferty97 on Instagram if anyone wants to follow the project:)