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  1. Jethro_Tull

    Mk2 focus Speedo 10mph

    Either the servo is faulty or sticking, or the needle physically needs resetting on the spindle. Has the fault recently developed?
  2. Jethro_Tull

    Saw This In Omis Croatia Dumped - What a Waste!

    Looks pretty solid. Its the elegant coupe too, not the lesser hatchback. I can see why you liked it.
  3. Jethro_Tull

    Things you miss from the "GOOD OLD DAYS"

    Summer holidays without a drop of rain, as in 1976. Standpipes in the street. Thin Lizzy LPs. Snorkel parkas. Texan bars. Cathode ray TVs. BBC strikes that left us with only one TV channel for a month, ITV. Year old cars with rusty arches. Being allowed to smoke at your desk at work. Judges Rules. Listening to the police on a normal VHF radio. Man size chocolate bars, not the shrinking bars of today. Laughing at woos's with Grifters, because cool kids had Choppers. Road surfaces made from concrete. Motorways without speed limits. Taping music off the radio. Fiat Mirafiori's. Kawasaki Triples. Denim shirts. Pagan man aftershave. Medallions. Perms. Tight jeans. ELO on the radio. Casual sexism. Love Thy Neighbour on TV. A time without the evil mobile phone. Rover P6's. Bamk robbers with stockings over their heads. Young Burt Reynolds. The Liberal Party. Free school dinners. Free prescriptions. Drink driving being socially acceptable. Jason King. Skylab. The Cold War. James Hunt.
  4. I didn't realise it was some kind of mechnanical skills contest? My degree is in Automotive Science and Engineering, hence how I knew that McLaren use Pipercross filters (indeed, more than half the F1 grid do) and Lotus supply their cars with items from ITG. Hell, if you knew as much as me perhaps you could retire at 47 like I did ;) I would agree that in general an induction kit is a waste of time and likely to actually be injurious to engine performance. However, that's not a universal truth and there are some excellent performers out there, usually the expensive, highly developed ones for specific applications.
  5. Jethro_Tull

    Things you miss from the "GOOD OLD DAYS"

    Gary Glitter. Jim'll Fix It. Ford Fusions.
  6. The same McLaren that use Pipercross filters on their F1 cars?
  7. Jethro_Tull

    Improving handling?

    As an aside, how qualified are you to even judge a cars handling? Is this a subjective opinion you've formed, or do you actually have some expertise to evaluate that which you are experiencing? Sometimes there's nothing wrong at all and it simply comes down to taste or preference.
  8. Jethro_Tull

    Fiesta Advice

    Thrapping a small engine is no more injurious than thrapping a large one, provided you let it get to temperature first. I've no first hand experience, but reading around (a 125/140 seems likely to be my next car) it would seem the Bluefin isn't well regarded for several reasons. I'd be inclined to go to Mountune, or maybe Collins. The former are so trusted that some of their ST tunes dont invalidate the Ford warranty. People also say good things about Revo.
  9. Jethro_Tull

    Is There Anything Wrong In Race Red?

    Modern water based compounds don't fade like the reds of olde, and even they didn't fade if kept clean so dirt and UV didn't react together to attack the surface.
  10. Jethro_Tull

    Improving handling?

    Decent new tyres, and tinker with the pressures a bit. Don't even think about any other handling mods until that basic foundation is correct. Then get some driver training. It'll improve your cornering far more than any chassis mods. Then start looking at the suspension itself last of all
  11. Jethro_Tull

    Ecoboost overboost ?

    Its quite simple. There are normal levels of boost for general driving. Above that, overboost gives a higher boost pressure, extra ignition advance, and extra fuelling for a strictly controlled/limited period of time. It allows extra occasional performance without having to do an wholesale engine redesign. The diesel doesn't have a true overboost function, due to the different physics of compression ignition and lack of ignition advance. A Focus 109 diesel is 109 PS all day long.
  12. Jethro_Tull

    2 star safety rating

    More power than chassis, handle like a one legged cat burying a turrid on a frozen pond, and a two star safety rating. I want one!
  13. Jethro_Tull

    Complaining to Ford

    Why bother? Your contract is with the selling dealer, not the manufacturer.
  14. Jethro_Tull

    Fiesta Titanium ecoboost

    Ecoboost means its a petrol turbo. You can not switch the turbo on and off. Eco, Eco mode, Eco the Dolphin are nothing to do with the Ecoboost moniker.
  15. Jethro_Tull

    The horn

    The thread title is a touch misleading.